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A Confession Of Guilt

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The frequent propositions which are bemg introduced into Congress in order to enahlo certain business interests to avoid tho reaotion of the ruinous protoction policy, is a confession, on the part of thofriendsof that policy, that its maintenance is destructivo to the prosperity of tho country. The propositions to aid ship building by the payment of a per ton bonus to tho builders, isan admission that the protection policy is a destruction of the foroign carrying trado of the country. It is a plea in favor of robbery, in direct terms, of the taxpayors for the promotion of individual intcïests. The bill for the relief of Chicago, now pending in Congress, is anothor confession of tho destructivo tendencio of the protective policy. It propose to admit all articlos used for the rcbuilding of Chicago duty free. If it is ncce8sary to tho prosperity of Chicago that such material as is used in rebuilding it shall be adraitted duty free, t is equally essential that all material used for tho building of towns and cities in every part of the country shall be adrmtted in the same marnier. "We insist that if it is right, as applied to that city, it is equölly right as applied to the whole country. A policy of government in this whiuh is essential to the prospority of Chicago cannot fail to bo essontial to the prosperity of overy ether town and city. The principio must be general in its applleirtion. If a protective policy advanoes titer remunerativa interests of labor, why sliould thero be a proposition before Congress to depross that intorest in Chicago, as a mesas oí aiding in its being rebuilt ? Is there not a manifest absurdity in the proposition ? Is it true that tho tariff protects labor ? Again, if the tariff protects labor, is not tho proposition for tho relief of Chicago simply ono to depress labor for the benefit of capital ? The wholo fact is that this Chicago proposition is a oonfession of guilt on tho part of the advocates of the nrotoctivn tkHov m Congress. It is a confession that tho assumption that a protectivo policy enhancos tho material interest of tho country is a sbnm and a falgehood. That it is, on the contrary, a burden of labor nd millstono about tho necks of tho peoplo. They are to dodgo by spoeific enactments a pretended principio which sliould, if truo, Ik; universal in ito application.- Free Preu. Anaa Dickinson will, at no distant day, make bcr debut on the dramatic stage possibly m Chicago. Rhe has faith in hor trape iowernd ig btudying towards this end.


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