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J Q. A, SESSIOJNS' INSURANCE AGERCY. II Is Companics Are Sound. pHOiNIX INSURANCE CO., 1IARTFOKD, CONN. C APIT A L AND ASSETS, JulY 1, 1871 . . . . 1,IS1 ,OO( CHICAGO LOSSES 76U,(KW tiii; piio:niv ís Ukabest comiu. .i lufiirnucc Compuny in tlic i;nllod State. AIwuj-n prudent mul sound ■ik! ulwuj n prompt in i-n uu 111 of losses. INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE CO., NEW YORK CITY. The flrpt Compnny to paes the ordcnl of the New York I usura nee CommipBionern elucc the Chicago Flrc, coming out Trom the aove re test TRIUMPHANT ! Associated Pres Dlspatoh, November 2.1S71, THE INTKKS.VTIONAL INSURANCE OOMPANT. The Superintendent of the New York State In snr.ince l)epartmeut, who ii nuiking ticareful oflldnl ixniniii.tioii of the New York City Ccmpanirito-itjiy, certillcB that the International Company'n nsscU "f O,TO000 re socurely Inventad, and it capital of i$00,A"i, lifter providiiïjï for all li.ibilities incltidiiiK the Chicago Üre, is wholly nnimp.-iirt-d. Tliis OoupASJ in payiu all in Chicu.uo loeucs nnd is sound nnd reliablc. Polldes isfucdot fnir rutes at my oftlco. No. 11 Kast llurou Itrmt, Ana Arlior. J. Q. A. SKSSIONS, Agent. I347tf. nELIABLB INSURANCE! North Bri tih and Mercantile Insurance Co. OF LONDON AND EDINBURGH. ' 1800. Capital $10,000,000 in Gold! The American Managers of the ahove Compnny bm recelved the followiiij; tulcyram from the Loudon Board : "HubNC.rlbc Fivc 'I'IioiiniiikI lli.llnrs for'lii-atro snfïrrs- M'lllr uil Iosmcn promptly- lraw ut Iliri tiiuricun ussetd will not b toucbud." Sprlngfleld Fire Ins. Co., OF SIMiLXGFlELD, MASS. Capital SSOO.OOO. TliplosesofthisCompany,by the ChioaKO flre, will be )rimptly Bctllcl lj cash paymeuts made by the stnckholders. leaviu the Company with their capital nnlmpaired, lar(;c aesete, and an unintorrupted buNines8. Tlieaei'ompnnicB are eound and reliable beyond an1 donbt. liisks takou in the above Companlcs al adequate II. I). HENWETT, Agent. 1346tf PLliliTirTiSuï S. T. - 1860 - X. Tbis wondorful vegetable restorative. is the shecn-anclor of the feeble and debilítated. As a tonic and cordial for the aged and languid it lias no equal among stomachics. As a remedy for the nervous weakness to wliich women are especially suhjected, it is superseding every other stimulant. In all climates, tropical, températe or frigid, it acts as a specificin every species of disorder which undennines the bodily strength and breaks down tho animal spirits. 1365-yl. LYON'S KATHA1K0N. For Preserving and Benutifyinjr tne 1 1 n man Unir. To l'revent it I il 1 ■ ik Out and I u riiinii Gray. A well-preserved nead of Hair, in a person of mlddle ago , at once bonpeaks reflnement, legance, health and beauty. It may truly bo called woman'B crown ing glory, whilemon are not insensible to lts adïantages and charms. Few thlnge are more dlsgnstlng than thln.frixzly, harsb, nntamed halr, wlth hoad and coatoovoredwlthdandruff. Visit a barberandyon feel and look llko a new man. Thtsiswhat I,yon' Kutltairun will do all the time. The charm which liei In well placed Ilair, Glossy CnrU, LaxariaDtTroMs, and Clean Hed, ís notioebl and irresistible; Sold by all Dracirists and Ooantrj Stores. 135e3wly FAINTS PiLINTS FAINTS OilsJ Oils Oils Varnish Varnish Varnish Brushes Brushcs Brushes MINERAL PA1JNTS, &c, LOOK TO YOUR INTEREST AND CALL ON It. W. ELLIS & CO., BEFOKE PURCIIA8ING T IVE ÖEESE FEATHJÍRS PERST aTTA.t,IT"Sr , ÏODfltantlyon hand and foraaleby BACnfr ABEL, Go to R.W.ELLIS & CO'b for choice Wines and Liquor e for Medical Purposes .


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