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J. Waucsb. Pnoprtilor. it. H. HcDoftiLO A Co., Lfruvbu A Q. AireiiU, Siii, („!., n,„l 34 Coimiwr stri, N. V. niUiLIONS licnr TvHltmony to ihcM iiiiih 1I11 [ Clll'ntivu 1 .IIiM-i v. They aro iiot avile Fimey Dríult Alado of Poor Itinn, WliUUcy, l'roof Spirit mul KcI'iim Iiiciuors doctorod, Kpieed and s wet: tened to picase tho taste, cnllctl "Tonica," "Appetizers,11 "Kt.'sturers'&c., that le;id tlir t ippler 011 to drunkenness Mid ruin, hut aro atrue Medicine, made fromtlur.Native Koot umi Nerbn of California, freo ÍYoni all Alcoholic SiimuInntH. U'lioyarothoUltKAT Hl. OOM l'l] A LIPB UITING lMtINCIPLE, n perfect Konovntur aml InvÏKorntor of tho System, carrjrinfï ofT nll poisonous matter and restoring theblood tu a hoalthy condition. No porson can tke these liitters iiccordinK to dlrcctions ut ui reniain Iouk iimvclt, provided their boncs aro not destroyed by mineral polaon or othcr n:enn.s, and tlio vilul urciuis wasted bojfoml tbfl poïnt uf icpnir. Tlicy nro a Cacnlle I'urantive na well nu a Toiilc, pOtnewlllfFi nlso, the peculiar inrrit of ncrtiiig ns a power fut ngent in rclieviiiK Congestión or Infianiination of tho LÍ ver. niul all the Visconti OlflBna. FOK PEMALE CO.IU'IjA I NTS, Injottnffor oll, murriod or single, at tlic dawti o F wutnunhooU or at llic turn of Üfe, Uicru Tonla Bitten have no equal. For I nfiuintiintory nml Chrotilc lMicntna lism nml (-out, Dynpcpnla 01 Iiullvealiou ItilintiK, Kviiiiticut aml IntcnnittcMit IVv f is, DIhciibcm of til o Itl immI , liii r, IvirfDuyi mul Bladder thcaa BUtdW have hun mort tmcccBüful. Hlich lÍMt:nneK are caiiscd 1)' Vilinleil ISloud, wliicli Isgttnontf); proiluccd ly dcraiip;coicnt of the I)l(i-stivr Orgnn. DYHPKl'ïSIA OR INDIGESTIÓN, Deadacbe, Fain hi thcShotilriers, Coiifrhs Tiglitncp.q of tho Clicst. Di.ziiiosH, Huur Kniotations of the Stouiftch, Bad Taste In the Mouth, BllioiU Attacks, Paipltatlonol the Heart, Inn&mmatioii of the Langt l'nin in tho reCtons of tho Ridneys. nu! a hundred othcr pmuful synilomtt, aro the oflsprin of Dysiiepsia. Thcy invisorato tho Siom.ncli nmiKtimnlutc tho torptd Livcr and Bonels, which remier tlieru of UDOQAlltU efBcucy in clcansinff the blood of all fmpurities, and ioipartiair now life aml vigor to the wholosystem. FOR SKIN DISEASES, Eruptlons,Tetter, Balt Rheum, ïïlotcbea, Spots, Pimples, i'uxtutcs, Boila, Corbuucles, lUnjr-Worms. ScakI lira 1, Sore fiyfts, JCrysipoIm, Itcli.Scurfs, DtscolonUion of the Skin, Hutnonant Discasex of lb Skin, of whatfvvr name or nature, am literalty dng up and carried out of the syttem in a ahort timo br the une ol these Bittpra. bottle in nuclt cafie.s will couvinco tbo most increduloua of thelr curativo effect. CleanRo the Titiated Blood whencviT yott finl its iinpnrities burstiug throuchtbo Bkin in Plmpltf, Kru;tions or Sores; clcanao it wben you find itobstructed and slucjjish in tho veins; cK-ansc It wlien it Is foul; and your foeünga wiil teil you when. Kpep tho blood pure, and tho health of the STStcni wilt follow. Pin, Tupe and ollicr Worm, lurkín; in tho system of so many thousand, are ciïectually destroyed and removed. Sayii a ditlncuished pIiBiotoffist, thero Ís scarcoly an individual upon the face of the earth whone body Is exempt from tho preaunep of wormn. It is not upon the hoalthy olemenU of tho body that wornn exist, but upon the diseasM humors and slimy depoGits tbat breed these living monsters of disease. No System of Medicine, no vermifuíreii, no antht'tmintica will freo the systcm froui wuntia liko thesc líittt-rs. J. WALKER, Proprletor. R.n. McDONALD & CO., Druggi&té and Uen. Aients. San Francisco. California, and 38 and 34 Commerce Street, New York, B3S0U BY ALL DBUUGIST3 AND 0EALÜR3. Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICIIKíAN, county of Washtcnnw, as. The undaniguod. having been ippointcd by thí Probate ('ourt for snid county, ('ommumionerfi to receive, examine and udiust ull cluini and domands ol ull persona against tne estáte of Valentino K. Bott, Inte of tmid couuty (lcccael, her?by alvo notice that nlx montha front date toe aQovod, iy otóet of snid Probate Court, for creditors to pittHjnt thvir elaimí ugainst the estáte of snid deccascu. and Ümt Lhcy will meet at the residence of W. K. Wowolla, in Lyndon, in HaidciJimty, on Stitunlay, tho ninth dny of Mtirch, and on Fritluy, tho twenty-eighth day of Juno noxt, at ten o'clock a. m. of each of suid days, to rcocive, i:xuijün', imd adjust ñtii claims. Datcd, lec. 28td, A. 1). 1H71. AAHOXT. GORTON, 1357w4 HOKACK LEEK, CummLwioncrs. Keal Estáte for Sal. :. STATE OF M1CHIÜAN, county of Washtenaw, m, In the matter of the estáte of Caroline Kcttner, deceoscd : Notice is hereby given, that in pursuniir e oí tm order trinnted to the unai rsiened. Administratorol estáte of Mid deae&Md, by the Hou. Jndge of Probate for the county of Waabtenav, on the twentysixlh dny of Decenïbcr, A. I. 1M71, ilioro will bo sold at public venduti, to tho highost blader, at the soutlt door of the Oom-t House, in the city of Ann Arbor, iu the county of Washtcnuw, in aald State, on TueadüV, the thirteenth day of Fcbruaw, A. 1. 1872, at U:n o'clock in the foreaoon of that day (subject to uil encumbrances by mortgage or otherwi?e cxistiiij; at thi1 timo of thedenthof said deceasttl), the foOowinj deHcnlKxi ïx'al estáte, tovit: A pnrcel of land in the eity of Anu Arbor, county and Stato afnrcBaid, deBOTWod us commeneinir sevt-nty Uit east the aorth west oornor of lot chm in buxik two soutfa of Hu ron strtíct, rang-e flve iaat, Utencs easl on the nortb line of fjiiiit lot twenty-six feet, thencu bouth sixty-siz foet, thenct' wust twiniy-six ('eet, tlicncc nurth HixtfHix feet to the place of boginnintf. Datod, December 20th, A. 1. Í871. üOTTLIKÜ P. HATTBER 1354 Administrut' r. Keal Estáte for Salo. CÍTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Washtcn;iw, js. In the muttor of tho ustate of Jrtoob Haehrle, decettsed : Notice is hci-eby given, that in nonaanoo of in order granted to the anderafcrned, admioistrator .; bottti non wlth the will annexedof soid deceased, by the iiun. Judge ot' Probate for the county of V u.shtenaw, on tho twenty-tlfth duy of July. A. I. 1871, there will Iw sold at public vendue, to the hi#1iest bidder, at tho dwelling house on the pxemises bereinafter doRcribed, in the county of "Wnshtenaw, in aald State, on Tofláday, the twentv-seventh day of Februiiry. A. T). 1872, ut one o'clock in the ntVrnomiof that duy (subject to all enenmbranee ly BUKtBffB or Ottwrwfae t-xisting at the time of tlie death of said deceascd), the followintr dasoribed real estáte, to wit: The west half of thesoiithoastitutirtor of section ;n, in township foursouthof range four east oontaxning cighty acres more or leas And also ill that purt of tho Routheast qufirter of the son th west quurtrr of section threo. same towiwhip and range, lying south of the outlt't of Oolnrabta l;ke, (except that part formerly sold to John Annbrust), containing eight acres of lam!, bouuded on tbc south by a diteh, and ou the went by ii pond of water, lïated, January 8th, 1872. JACOB 11AUER, Administrjitr.r 1356 de twnis non with the will annexcd. Chancery Salo Notice. IN PVRSl'ANCE nnl by virtue of the decree of the Circuit (,'ourt for the County of Washtenaw, in Chancory, in the OBM whrn-in Eliza Chandler is complHiniint nud Charles D. Cutting is defendant, the unrlersifined, one of tlie Oireuit ('oiut Commisfioner for the Ctonnty of Washtenaw, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, at the front door of tho Court House, in tho city of Ann Arbor, in suid couniy, on tlie tenth day of Febraary next, at noon, the followingdescribeí land and premife8, viz: All that tract or parcel of land sitiat(? and bfing in the town of lïriagowater, in the county of W-whtennw, anti State Of MVhigan, and more parliculnrly known and dcscribed as tbllowti Befng tba soutiMast quartcr of sevtion thirty-three (33), in township number four aouth of range number four cast, eonlatning ono hundred and sixty acres, bo the same more or les. Dated, Aun Arbor, December S6th, 1871. KICHARD IÏKA1TAX, One of the Circuit Court CommissionerH for the County of Washtcnaw, Michigan. IIlBA J. BEAKKH, Solicitorfor Complainant. 1354td Sheriff s Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN1 , county of Washtenaw, es. Í5 By virtue of one extcution, ismicd out of and under the seal of the Circuit Court for the county of Washtonaw, State of Michigan, dn tod the lith day of September, A. 1). 1871, and to me directed and delivered, afrainst tho froods, chattlea, lands and tenements of Daniel L. Oates, I dld, on the sixth day of Novembrr, A. D. 1871, for want of froods nndohattles, levy upon all the ripht, title and interest that Daniel Ij. Gates has in the following deambed real estáte, to wit: The eaat twenty-seven rods in width of the south sixty-one rods in lenprth of the west half of the Bouthwest quarter of aoction number two, in township No. two south in range six eastt eontaininp ten arres uf land, bo the same more or less,t all of the aboTO doflcrlbed land belng in the township of Ann Arbor, county of Washtenaw, and fltate of lüohigan, whicli lamí I shall exposé for sale, at public auction, to the hijihest bidder, at tho south door of the Court House, in tho rity of Ann Arhor, on the 13th day of March, A. D. 172, at U o'clock a. m. of said day. Daurd, Aun Axbor, Janmtry 17th. A. ÏX 1872. MYKON WEBB, Sb. riff. 1357 By Jobtin Fübbes, Under-Sheriff. SliorifF's Sale. STATE OVMTCTIKiAN", county of "Washtennw, ss By virtoe of one execution issucd out of and nnder the fteal of tht Cirruit Court for the county of WaBhtonaw and State of Michigan, datcd the 5th aay nf October, A. D. H71, and to diroctod and d.livered, agalnal toe goods, ohottlee, lands and t moment of Merchant H. Goodrioh, I didonthopixtcentli day of NTovember, A. D. 1871, for want of i?xls anl dhattlefl, levy upon all the riifht, titlc am Interest that Merohani Goodrich naa in the followint? dewrUl real catate to wit : Lota 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8. Tand 8, in block one north of Huron strcot, ranprefive, in the city of Ann Arïr, county of Washtenaw, State of MichiL'au, whioh liiml T sïiall xpoBe for sale at public auction, to the highest bidder, at tho south door of the Court Houao, In the dty of Ann Arbor, on the 13th day of March, A. D. 1872, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said MYKON WKBB. SherifT. 135S By Jortin FoitBKS, Under-Sheriff. nK)LED0, ANN AR11OK AND NOBTHKF N RAILROAD. PBOPOSALS. PrtposnH uro invitwl for tho constfnotion of the above rund from thsStstoUna to Ann Arbor Plana est imntos and s;i. -riüiMtions cun bt! consulttHl ut tlic ottico uf tliu oompany. in Ann Axbor. . il. D0UGLA88, President. Jimuary. 8th, 1872. 13J7tf Finest Assortment of Toilet Goods in tho City, by


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