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Estáte of Albert 8onnewM" MICHIGAN, County ofw, ' i Wa htenaw, I.. lu at the pXtett.Sh City ...1 Aun A,!-u, on Thunrfy,ttot(JS5S2 of Jamuiy, in theyeátouc tíwuSfc-ttC .uní soventy-lwo. gl'"'iCJ , Hirum J. Beilkcs, of p i . In the matter of the State S Allif, !ltcminor, '"net i ( :hrM iu Mack, Guardian of eaid wi.i. k . bis faal aèèboht Öj such (iuurdinn IMIcaoiiv Thereupon it Is ijn1:vI, thut Mi,.„l . teenth day oí Fetóiar, uSt, „ L&, i, be asaigned i„i exührfnii S l0)t Uw snob. aooouut, nnd taal t)„. „;." Ik,. ud minor, and uil Bther penoj? '' ,. Iu aal.l estáte, ure r. ,:;r,rd f „„,,,,. ""rf ion of fltiid Court, Uren, to béhbldenit ? " i bnt )I!m, , i„ the Citf óf Ara, V r aaid account should nol beaUowiiJ: „ ■ "; .'■ II orderithatnid ( rivl kiL tí, Ü"! interwtod in snid estáte, of Uiu i-iui,.„V!. , Kn oount. and the hearing thereof I.t tíSLíL" of this order to be pnulished in the If, anewspuoer printed i.hd circuluting in-SÍr three suecensivo week i ivi iou tn , Mil .! rfi ' Eutate of Jumes MoowScn """" i day of J.lrMary, in the year one thoual eSrS died and si'M'iity-twil. 't!l%, Presen! Hirain .1. Bcnkes, Jnnge of Pmm In the matter of the enlate of Janin Mu ' L eeaaed. "'"t.,4. On reading und flling the pctltion, luiy xniti Jane tl. Uooky. pruying tluit Wfflitu ffl : Bomo Other suitahlc nerson ni:iy bc timxiintori V I trator of Uu Mitste ui wid dccenJtaT I Thcrcnpon it ia ordered, tlmt Mondar tlu. day uf February next, at ten o'clock iïi tw 7 I noou, be oMitrned for the hcuriutr of saiil r,,n! I tlmt the he ir at luw of said deccaied, Ja :ïr-"i 1 IKT.Mins iutcrestcd in unid e-state, are rciiuinS ,"' I pear at n scmíoh of sm'l Conrt, Uien tu be vj1 ' the Probate Offieo, in the cit of Ana ArW ïïv" I muse, il any therebu, whythepriiyerof ililV;- I eraliouldnol begranted: And it is furthSmi I thataaid petitionerKivenotice to the Wm,-!''i [ eated m said -t;ilc, of the pendency of suiSHL"1! I nndthe hearing tnereof, by cniming a ntVf!?1 I order tobe pubBahed in the Michigan ÁnS!í i paper printed and circulatinR in said cuimtt iJÜ I ■neennive .-.k.i pnviana to mid day of kmriL' I (A tiuecopy.) HIRAM i. IIKaS' '■Jir Judgo of txêat, I Estáte of Daniel I!. Greoiü " STATE OF MICHIGAN, („„„ij, f M Ai iisesmonof tho l'robate Court for the of Wanhtenaw, holden at the Probate m„ '""!' City of Ann Albor, ou Mondny, the flttmií'í1 1 of Jannary, in thn ycar oue thousand cwht lmüS I and erenty-two. hJ Preaeni flirain J. lïeakes, Judireof ProUntj In the matter of the Estáte of Dank'l r' r deeeosed. "'"i On reading nnd fllin(r the petition, JuIt tertw Egbcrt 1'. llartjor, Adrainutrator, prying (ï?1 i muy K lioeiuea to s-ll eertain real estáte wfimof deeeosed died aeized, tor the punjuw of disiiiilúr the prooeel8 of such sale ntnong lus hdo t Uw TheTruponitisordered.thM XIi'iiihiy.thuoiiA-,, day of Febnniry next, at ten o'clock in tlie (ovï he aisigned for the hearing of d rütj that the neirs aft law of said deoeosod, nnd mjíL persons intcreated in said estáte, are requiredtoj?!! at a xension of iaid Conrt, then to I holde,ua Probate Otiiee, in the City of Ann Arbor mit jZ I cause, if any thero be, why the prayer of the' pttiL itliimld not liegranted : And it is tiirtbrioU,. .,': said petitioiH-r ive notice to xi-.ins jti-nv . said estnte, of the pendency of naiil petition L f bearing thereof, by cnninr n copy of thi. „niet il ' publiSed ín the Hichigan Argos, a TiewspiipCT J t and circulatinf; in said oounty, four suaewnS pxerious to said day of bearing. (A truc copy.) ' 1UKAM J. BEAKES. 1357 JudgcofPnlii, Estutc of Caroline D. Frcer. OTATK OF MICHIGAN , r.onntyof Washttm ,. 0 At a sesoiou of the l'robate Uourt for the (w ' of Wanhtenaw, holden at he Prohpip Offl!,7mT ; City of Adu Arbor, on Moi dy. tfcfift',,!';' of Janaary, iu the year „nt L,,!MI,a,J.J dredandaeventy-two. '""uuiiuid. i Present. IlirnmJ. enkes,.Ind2eof Pro!! decea' d raattcr uf the Jiatal: ' ' uroUue D. Pr, On L-oading and lili njjthe petition, dnlvverürfrf Georgy A. Freer. prayiug tiiat he or',SÏ oltattle perron, may be appolnted Kimm of the e.-taie of j-aUl deceawd. TlwriMipon t is ordereel, thatTuedi tbtlki. I teenth day of Febrnary uext, at ten o'cloik i, Z Í asüigued for the hearing of rd w tion, and that the heire at law of"M ceased, and all other uerfoneinterestediDsaiiiauii 1 arerequired to appear at a sessiun ofsHCoir f tlicn to be holden at the Probate Ofiice iiiiï City ol Ann Arbor, :itiiI shiiw cause ir niiv tb'er!b wliy tho prayer of the petltiouer ühonld uM ijrauted : Andit ururther ordcred, üiai uiiari tioner give notice to the persons interested n( catate. of ilu: pendene; of said petition. uil l!. hearinir thereof, Dvciiusing a copy of Uil! ordrta bepnblished in the Nichign jrius,t newipii! i prluted and circnlating in aid Counlj.thrftü I ccssiïe weeks previous to said dav o.'henrinc CAtrnecopy.) HIRAM .1. BEAKES, 1;i5' Judu-eofProlMi. J Estato of Ilausers - minors. OTATE OF MIC'HIOAN, OonntyofWsshietiw.ii, U At a scKsion of the Probate Coiirtfor IbcCom!? 1 01 Washtenaw, holden at thel'robBtcUfflce.itilii C'ity of Ann Arbor, on Frlday, tlie nrrinh I day of Jamiary, in the yeai onc thoiujoii eiïtt I nnndred ancl sevenU-lwo. Preeent, fllram J.Beakct, .TiidgcotPiokilp Iu the matter of the Barate of Ji'tí , j Carolint Haaserand Bliaabetli rJauier, laiimTfi Onreadineaudnllnetht petition, dulyiiW.l I Frcdcrick All)er. Guardian, praylnR that be mij be I liccnued to sell certain real "estáte Iwlonsiii; lo said miiKirn. TherenpoD it is ordered that Womiir. tb twelflh day of February uext, at ten oVlucklt ik foreuoon.benssiKncd for the hearing of Mid peition, and that the next of kin of snid min and all othcr persons iuterestrd iu said vstiu. are required to appear at a sesston ol then to be holden at the Probate tbffittil Alm Arbor, and show cause, ifany there be.whj'tlt prayer of the petltiouer shonld uot be fitiWiAmi il Uurtker ordered, thatsaid petiliott r rhi ! notice tn tbc next of kin of paid minora, aiti' olhpr persons interested in said estato, of ll pendency of said petition, and the hearinp therro(.ij cansing acopy of this order to be publUhed in t ètiekiaan A r-u., a newppaper printed and circnlalsc In said Oonnty three successive week? pretiow sal' dnyofoenrlBj. 11IRAM J. BEAKBS, Atnicoopy. Judseof PtotiUi lS5Ttd Estato o f John Shaughness. STATE OF MICHIGAN, eounty of Waihtenai. . At a session of the Probnte Conrt for thecoisrf of Washteuaw, holden at the Vrobnte Offifc.á city of Ann Arbor, on Thuriiday, the eighteeiitbdJ(i January, In tho year oue thousand eight huAlJ and -venty two. Present, i lir.iiTi J. Beakes, Jndfre of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of John ijlwugtaw, deeeased. Ou reading nnd flling the petition. duly Teri4d. Miehael (Wan, praying that a certiiin iowi' ment now on rile in this court, piirportiug to be Ü last will and testament of said deeeased, maf bt ad" mitted to probate nnd that he muy be appointeil Ei' ecutor thereof. Thereupon it is ordered, that Tuesdny, the thiitttitl day of February next, at ten o'clock in the forenwt, tx: a9signel for the hearing of said petition. and uat the lecrateea, devisees and neirs at lawof saiddt and all other persons interest cd in said estáte, art quiixxl to appear at a session of faid conrt, then WW holden, at the Probate Office, in the city of Ana'1' bor, and show cause, if any Uiere be, why tbo pniö , of the petitioner sbopld not be pranted: Aaártii ; further ordered that said petitioner jnve notii tow perwons interested in itid estato, of the peniieKT01 I said petition, nnd the hearing thereof, by wösik copy of this order to be publLslieil in the, Jdr l)vfí.f, a newspaper prir-tc'tï nnd circulal eounty, three successive weeks previous to adaiV" hearing. (A true eopy.) HIRAM J. PKAKt--. 13Í7 Judge oí ft Estáte of Leonard Feil. OTATE OF MICHIOAN, County of Waht(Mi J l At a session of the Probate Court for the Co"1!" I Washtenaw, holden at the l'robat OinV. of Ann Arbor, on Saturdny, the thirtcenth " Jl ( January, iu the year one thousand cight huuor1" scventy-two. ; Prebünt Hirnin J. Benkes, Judgc of Proi:. i. In the matter of the estute of Lconard FeU, "■ ceased. ,, j Onreailing and flling the petition, duly ten" IsiilK.Ha Feil, praying thnt Müo Crai, or omt"3 suitablo person, mny be appointed ftuiiiiniitra the estáte of said deeeased. _ ih Thereupon it is oniered, that Monday, the ! day of February next, at ten o'clock in } "j nobn, .be assigned for the hearing of said pttiw" r' that tho heirs at law of snid deeeased, and all i"J persona interested in said estáte, are '"ïï appear at a session of said Court, then to '' n at tho Probate Office, in the' City of Ann ■',,'L show cause, if any there be, why the ffliyel w i"e titionor should not be granted : And it is I'1" dered, that eaid petitioner givc notice .to the ptwj interefited in síúd estáte, of the pendtney of ilaaJ tion, and the htallnfc thereof, by causing a copy "' oriler to be published in the Michigan Aran', " " paper printed and circulating in snid l .ounty. w" Buceessive weeks previous to snid day of bearinK. (Atniecopy.) HIBAI J.BEAJ.; 1357 Judge of ?■ Estáte of Cora A. CumiiigsOTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of W"'01!!!} O At a seenion of the Probate Court for the 1J of Washtenaw, holden at the l'robate Oftoe, , ": City of Anu Arbor, on Wednesday, the ten' of Jannary, in the yeur one thousand eigi' dreil and wventy-two. . Present, Ilirani J. Ueukes, ' Judgc of Proliatf. In the matter of Ulo estáte of tora A.l" minor. , , L t!Í On nadisg and flling tba petiüon, duly v,errVj' Alletta i. Btedman, (Mmnïjan.prayin tli be lireuscd tu sell eertttin real wtate 1'clungmS minor. . wiiftThereupon it is ordered, that Monday, ' "" w day of Febrnary neit, at ten o'doci '" """ , ,w tt ass'igued lor the hearing of said petition, and t , next of kin of said minor, and dl otWF, ' interested inh-aid estáte, are required to ippP1' " ion of said Court, then to bë holden nt tlie rw r Office, in the City of Anu Arbor, and íhorr tWj any tbere be, why the ptayer of the petittcnCT "j not be (,'ranted : And it is furtlier ordered, t li" "H-titioner rive uotice to the persons intcrciiftf1 bfir estáte, of the uuudency of kM petitin, " '"' ,0 H ng thereof, Vy cusiug a copy eí tlil '"-MÍ. published in ihc .Vir;i Jrfut, a m-m-pvij1' ey and oJrouUting nfaaideóanty, three previous to said day of hcariïif?. _„ , vva (A true copy.) IlIiÚM . 1SS6 Judge 01 1""" , Estáte of Priscilla Shcrwood. OTATE OF MI0HIOAN, Connty "f WjlsllXV Ö Notice wherebygiven, thnt by unurdei i bate Conrt (or the ( 'onnty f ashtena, "''" ,„„ils dghteenthdaTBf Januaijr, Á. I. IM. Ï3 from that (teté were allowwi f.r rrcdilori "Pjl khv ■ aprninst the cstute of VriMill" ■ '... ,i ate of anid eounty, deceaeed, nd thul 11 en . Baid ikBe.Bscd are reiinired to present "'".".ÍVciHf .aidPTBoate Court, al the Probate omeo, mwwö ,m Artior, forexariilnationand aUown.on a righteenth day of July next, ;""''..,„,(, d1 neard beforc baid Pn! Bahiríay, the Uiirtieth ly t í11 Ú '■ ■'■ Thifnday, the eighteenth day l 7lll "JÍV o'cloekin Ihe fórpnoon of ejch of thMf, Dated, Ann Arbw, J.inuiirr Iftl), i . , .


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