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How The Hon. S. S. Cox Came By The Name Of "suuset."

How The Hon. S. S. Cox Came By The Name Of "suuset." image
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At thtïrnquest of many readers wo ropublisb fröm tlio Ohio Ütatetman of May 18, IS".:;, tho briliiunt piece of descriptiva writing, which won for Mr. Cox tho immortal name of " Sunset:" A ÜREAT OLD SUNSET, What a storniful Bunset was thatof last nipht I How glorióos tho storm, and how gpiendid the setting of the sun. Wo do not reuiomber evwr to have seen the liko on our round globe. ïhe sceno opened in the Wust, with a whole horizon full of goldtn, intcrpenotrating lustre which, eovercd the i'o.iago and brighttmed every object in its owu rich dyos. ïho colora gruw deopnr and richer until the golden lustro Was transferred ili a storm cloud full of fineet lightning, which leaped in daazling zip-zags all orotmd and over tho city. TIn. wind arose with fury, theslender shrubs and giant trees made obei sanco to its majesty. Some even snapped bctoro its foico. The strawburry bcds and grass plats " turncd up thflir whitea' to sce Zepijyrus march by. As the rain lame, nul tiie pools fortned, and the guttera hurrid iway, thunder roared grandlyt and tho tire bella raught tho exciteni. ii i and rung with liearty chorus. ïhe rioutli and E;ifct received tho oopious öhowcrs, and tho West all at once brightoned up in a long, polished belt of azure, worthy of a SiJ ician sky. Preaentlj a cloud appeared in thoazuro belt,. in tho form of a ciistollatcd city. It became inore vivid, rovoaling strango forma of peorloBS fancs and alabaster tomplus, und glories rare and grand in this mundano sphoro. It rexninds us of AVonlsworth's splendid verse in his Excursion : " Tlio appfiaranc instantnneoiisly disdosed AVas ot a migbty city. boldly say A wiMornesiH of buiklinga, sinking far A u. i fcelÍMlravh nto a wondrous depth, Par Bi.iKiiifj nuu bplgndor without cud." But the city vanished only to give place to aaother isle, whero the most beautiful forms of foliage appearod, imaging a Par-idiso in tlio distaiit and purified air. The Hun, wearied with the elemental commotiön, sank bchind the groen plaina of the West. ïhe " greajt oyo inheaven," bowerer, went not down without a dark Irow hnnging over its departiug light. '1 'Lu: rica íiusu of tho unoarthly light had passed and tho ruin ha.dceased ; when the fcolciDM church bcüs pealed, the laughter ot' children out and juyous af tor tho storm is heard with tho carolof bird3 ; while the forked and purplo woapon of the skics still dartod illuinination around the Starling Cullege, trying to rival its angela and leap iuto its diirk windows. Candios aro Ughtc-d. The piano strikes up. Wo feel it is guod to havo a home ; good to bo on the earth wjuro such revela tions of beauty and power inay be made. And as we cannot refrain froin remind ing our readers of cvorytlling wonderful in our city, we have begun and endedour feoble etching of a sunset which comes so rarely that its glory should be committed


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