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Beecher On Death

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Mr. Beecher said that he rlid not think it an eviilrnee of special Christian graos to be willing to die. Ho didn't tiiiuk it natural for the young or for those full of the activeneaa oí Ufe todcn sire to die. It íh better to be willing to Uve and to do the duties of lifc. Wbei l'ftul said that it was beteer to depart, lio wits an oíd man in priaon. M an October pippÍD says ii 8 roaiiy to drop, is it any reasou a little groen Èrpple in Junu shouM bo roady ? It is the business of green appled to got ripo. All the representations of the New Testament about death are f'ull ui' cheer and hope. For Paal to die was to go to Christ. Dying is not giowiiig short oíbreath and pulse : it is flyingup to the AU-loving soul of the universo. It is joing to sweot companionship- We Btrnggleon tbrough tlio world, finding little i-uinpaniotihip, but we go to the spirits of just meu mado perfect; wo go where all the conditiona lift us up to a roalm of nobil. Thero all is concord. Ihere is no selfishncss, nö hardnoss or crudene? s or revengo ; all are WOlking op with ene sw. et impu's wiili tho gruat genial creative forco i.i Diviui! loyo. ,.Thi-M.' tlioujrlits ring in my soul ike tho b lis of afai-ff et, dniwing me tliuüerwiird. l'ying is tiio easieat tliing men do. TJio Bidknng isin life. Uut as a rule men die ;in oatjly as a door turus opon its hinget. Dyiug is going home, not to Biipinaneas, not to Oriental luxury, but to suprame activene&s, whero evory part is developed ad culturad in tho reahn of love. Bless God tl'.c privilcp'e of dying! My brotlur Charles, who was alwajra in i dying tnoodi oaoe oongiaiulated iny&thw on the faot that ho couldn't livo mueh longor. "Umph,"suid Iheold man, "l don 't thank any of niy boys to talk to nio in tlmt way. I don't want to die. If I had my choico and it was liplit to chootir, t would fighfc the battle over." "Father," continued Boecher, ■was a war horse, and aftel be was turned out to pasture, whenevor he heard tlie sound of a trumpet, ha wanted the saddlo and bridle,"


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