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On The 29th Ult The Senate, By A Vote

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of 52 to 5, passcd tho Sumner Frcnch anuí) investig t'.ng resolution, as ainended on motion of Mr. HABLAN, and, by a unanimous voto, Senator Eumi'xbs exceptod, tablud tho prtamble. The comïnittee, whcn appointcd, will bo a whitewashing affajr. - Since the nbovo paragraph wixs pul in type the committej ha? boon clccted. It isas follows: Messrs. Hamlix, C.vrpentbr, Sawyek, Logan, Ames, Haklan, and Stkvk.vsin-. Tho lnst named is a Democrat and is the only mombor supposed to favor a fair investigation. Schurz roceivod 23 votes ; TrüSCBXFLL, 19; TirTON, 12; and Blair, 12. Mr. Stevexsox asked to be excusod from serving on the comraittoe, assigning as a roason that ho was now serving on n. rory laborions conmiitteo, and suggosted that that Mr. Scuuuz, who knew uil about the matter, bo subatitutod in his piace. Tho Senatc, by a voto of 23 to 20, refused to excuse Mr. Stevüxsox, fivemorabera of the paokod cominittee voting no, and Mr. LOGAN dodging. A motion to reconsider was tben made by Mr. VlCKEllS and lost, yeaa, 24 ; nay, 32. Thoso procecdings f ully show that tho committeo is not expocted to aeek for or got any information looking to a confirmation of the charges made in the original prearable offerod by Mr. SuilN'ER, the investigation having been placed in tho hands of its enemios. Thoro is ovidontly something undcr the meal-tub that the sponsors of tho adminïstratiou propose to keep hiddan. In obedienoe to the cali of Gov. Baldwin tlio Legisiature will convone in ext raordinary session, at Lansing, on Wednosday next, March l.'itU. The only object recited in the cali is to redistrict tho 8 tato undor the late Congressional apportionmont bill, and no other subject can be logislated upon unloss tho Governor presents tho samo in his messagj at tho opening of the session or in a special mossage-. Tho menibors oan draw piy for twonty days, and no longor. - It is understood tho Governor ■will advise that some amendment be m'ido to the law of tho last session making au appropriation for a now C:ipitol, in ordsr that the work miy be proceedod with more rapidly than was oricjinally intanded. Weao no objection to suoh actioii. - Tho R.;geuts of tho University havo also instrufltod a committee to ask legislation onabling thom to anticii)ate tho appropriation for tb e new hall, macle at the last sos ion and unneoos.iarily tied up ; and also to ask an ad Itional appropriation of 15,00!), which should bc $25,000. Mr. HABLAN proeured the resolution of Senator Sumn'er- concorning the salo of arms to the French government or its agenta - to be so amended as to próvido for an inquiry whother any persoa or persons had been in corre.?pondence or conference with the agenta of any foroign governmeiit, and Mr. CONICLIXO threatenod Senators BmonSB and Schurz with imprisoumont, undor an old statute enacted ia " alien and sedition " timos, he assuming that the resolution of Scmxkr was basod on inforination front Froncli agents or officials. The first man to be fcrapped is Secretary of War BXLENAP, who tostifiod on the 29th uit., before the House investigating committeo - a com mitteo raised while BTTKNXB'B resolution was undor discussion - that he had had a conference with Marqnis DkCiiambkuit, ;he official Schurz wns charged as getting iis facts from in roference to the sale of arms in dispute. Are Senators any moro amenable to tho old and obsolete law ihan a Cabinet officer? Ai e they not just as mueb an integral part of " the government?" Conkunq should shake his shackles in tlio face of Belknap. In the telegraphetl proceedings of the United States Senato for Friday last the tollowing paragraplis appearod : Mr. Chaudlor rising to malse a personal explanation, read n letter from a gcutle man in Jackson, Michigan, statint that soinobody had sent him certain Reform inovement and Liberal Republican documents under his (Chandlor's) frank and that of Mr. Morton. The writer expressed his astonishment thcreat, and asked Mr. Chandlor to send him no more docuraents unless tbey had tho true ring. Mr. Chandler said hïs frank was a forgery, uut os tho whole Liboral Republirein movcment was a fraud ho was not surprised that those engaged therein resorted to forgory. Mr. Morton pronounced his frank tbereto a forgery. Mr. Tipto.n, in a personal explanaron, said he had been almost as uufortunate as Mr. Chandler. IIo had sent one of thdt Sonator's speechos to a constituent, and had had it indignantly returned. He would never send his frank to that constituent again. [Laughter.] " Old Tip " was a littlo too much for the blood-letting ZacK that time, and Michigan's loyal Senator will bo apt to vrait untü the seat of tho "gentleman from Nebraska " is temporarily vacant before he risos to explain again. On tho afternoon of the 29th uit. a vory foolish attempt was made by a fanatical or crazy young man, nanod Artiitr O'CONTfOB, to assassinato Queen VlOTOEIA. She was riding in the court-yard of ]?uckingham Palaoe when yonng O' Connhii scaled the wall, rushed frantically to tho carriage, flourished a pistol in the Queen's fico, - -one report says striking lier on the bronst, - and commanded her to sign certain papers ho held in his hand. Tho papers woro, ono pardoning all the condomned Feniaus, aiid tho other himself. O'Coxxor was iramcdiatoly ssizrod by Joiin Browx and Princo Leoi-old, and is yot under arrest. The pistol was unloívded- O'G'oxxon is a grandaen of Fearoüs O'Conxor, of the famous Chartist movement or rebellion of 1838. At tho Bay County Republican Convention, held on Friday last, Isaac Marston - and not N. B. Bradley, tho committce's candidate - was nomir.ated for Representativo, gotting 24 out of tho 30 votes. Marston' lod bolters against Drigos in 1870, and is now endorsod by 'üs party. - Tho convention also' roconstructcd the County Couftinitteo, and passod a resolution prohibiting said committee nominating eandidutesi exewpt fill vacancicsin a ticket aftas regular conveittions shall Bave beea fceld'. A Kvtïy tin is reported, with considerable bad blood.


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