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The Denver And Rio Grande Railway

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JJkxvki!, Alarch 5. - Tho pioneer narrow gauge, tlic Denver & Rio Grande Railway, has finished grading and bridging its secend división of forty-two miles froin Colorado Springs to Puebla, Col. Track laying ivül be commenced immediately. By the middlo of April regular trains will be running frora Denver to Puebla, 118 miles The earnings over the lirst división of seventy six müev for the woek onding Febmary 2!th, excliiBv of aná transportiitionv wtre $411,87-.'!, whieb cqstvl tu tlw 4pmiig8 of uutny oí tbe Western broad gsigo roads costing m.-arly twice as mucb. Dit) our coteinporary of the Grand Iiapids Demoirat over hear the story of the man who attemptod to adjust a littlo difficulty betwcen a man and his wife, and got soundly thrashed for his pains ? Tl; story has ita application in move than one yta.y, and Wo would suggest that activo Democratie intervention jnst now might havo a similar effect upon the two willes ot' tho Republican party which seem to have ench othfir by the throat. Lot them got a little shortor of wind, noighbor, beforo we drive them together. It is a long while to November, and the Doinocracy eau afford to look quietly on for some time yet. Each ' field day " in Congress does more for ua thun a Democratie convention could possibly do. In one of his last reported speeches preceding the passage of tho French arms investigating resolution, Senator Mouton is credited with saying: . " If I thought there was renson to believc that through tho Chiftf of Ordninco or onybody else my government had done wrong I should not voto for this resolution, becauso I do not believo that there is any moral or patriotic obligittion rc3ting on me to go forward and mako out a cause of action against my country." For "governmunt1' and "country" substituto "administration" and "party" and Mortox's full meaning will bu understood. That is tho exact polipy of tho snlf-constituted guardian3 of Gbant in the Sonate : covtr up all fraud likoly to rofleot upon any otEceholder from the Prosidunt down.


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