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depoeI of the CONIJIXIOif OP The First National Bank of Ann Arbor, At Ann Arlor, in the Stiitoof Michigan, at tho close üi business oa the 27 th day of Fcbruury, 1872 : BBSOtTBCBS: Toans nnrt discounts, - $155, AIO 47 Ovcidnift, ...... 627 42 T'. 6. lionrts to secure rirculation, - 150,000 00 Other stock, boiids and mortages, (as per Kliwlulf), ...... 18,000 00 Duo fiom rtídeeming and reserve agents (as beduls), ----- 36,126 49 Due from National Banks, [asper Bchcrtule) BtM7 37 Duu fiom Stute Banks, (ua xer schedule), 15,SÖ0 70 Ü.'uikiiiK llonnc, - - . $1G,1U5 75 Fiiiuilunj vin! l-'ixturon, - - 3,115 15 19,310 90 Currcnt Expenses, .... 686 83 Cheokfl nitd ot.iicr eiwh items, including HeviMiuy Slumps, as per schedule), 1,124 'J5 Bills of National liauiii), .... 4,470 00 Fractional (,'urrency, (including Nk-kels), 1,11G 40 Lata] Tendar Notes, 23,237 00 Uills In transit, . - , . . 1 ,209 50 $434,048 17 LIABTLITIE9. Capital Stock paid in, $150,000 00 Burplun Funda. ..... 19,000 00 Interest and Kxchanjje, - - $4,035 82 i'roiit and Loas, ... 8,'JUI 38 13,027 20 Circulatinir Notes received froi Comptroller, ... 135,000 00 Animmt on hand, - 5,125 00 AtiM'iint witli L'omptrollt-r for buruing, - 1,000 00 6,125 00 Amount outstanding, 128,75 00 Dividends Unpaid, ... - ru,:, on Individual Dcimits, .... m,;W VI $■1118 17 I, Johnson W. Kniiflit, Cashier of the Ftrst N'ntion al lliink of Ann Arbor, do solemnly nwear that the above statement id true, to the best ol' my knowied$jc and belief. JOnNSON W. KNlülIT, Cashier. Con eet. -Attest, D. DENXINO, E. WELLS, Directora. rHII.Il KACH, ) STATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Wuahtenaw: Sworn to an'l yubscribed tufore ine tilia i'ourth day of Miirci), i-;j. WIl.LIAM A. TOLCUAHD, Kotary Public. Wanted Agents ! For our Beautiful and Striking Novelty, THE PIOTORIáL Family kegister. Will foU at sig-ht in almost every furnily. Combines tin entiroly ncw and elegant Family Photograpfi Album, with a completo Fumily Ilistory. Sold by subscription exclusive. Four different slyles and prices, but ennnot be fully de.scribed in an advcrtieineut. Bend for circular. Address, B. IIANNAFO11D & CA)., I'ubliahers, 218 West Madison Streut, Chicago, 1 llittOW. Estato of Wüliáni C. Clmrch. STATE OP U 1 1 U KiAN, County of Vahtcnaw, a. Ata BoaiOD of the l'rubute Court for the Countjr of WashteoaWi hoMcn ut the Probate office, in the City "i :n, Arbor, on Tuesday, the Ufth day of alaron, in the yeur onc thousand eijrht Imndred aiid sevonty-two. Preaeirt EUrnra J. Beakw, Jadge of Probate. ín the matter of the estáte oi IViüiam C. Chnreh, decen On reading and iilin:? the petition, duly yenflod, of Charles '. tïiiurch, prayin tbat ;i oertaiD Instrument now on ttle in this Court, pur port ing to bc th: ki: will nul tEstaiadiit o sai i doe Hwed, muy Ikj udmittod ftte, aud that hc may bc nppointwl üe Kxtcutor thereof. Thereupoo it is ordered, that Tu-sd;iy, the oecund . ni i'i i-co !i ui loiuuooii, ■r.i'd for tho hearing uf Boid petition. mï that the d li'-ii ;itiaw of said aeceafled, m.d i p'1-M.nis interested ia aaid eatote, are required toapvciu1 it n BOfwifm of sakl cettit, then tj bc holUtu, at the Vnb;o OtfieSf i" the City of Auto Axbm, maa Bltow cause if any Uien W, vhy the prayur of the petitioner aoonld not be graátedí And it is fortkvr -. that .lid petitaoner give notiw to tïic persons Interoftted In taid oatate, of the ]cndeucy of said wtítíon, and the bearins thereof, by cuu&ing a COpy of thiï order to be DUbUshed in the Michiyan Arguy& m-wapaper printotl ud twcnlatfng in said countf three .succcdive wecka n-eriutis to aaid ú;iy oí hcünriK(A true copy.) HIRAM J. BEAKKS, .3G4 Juil'-eof Frobatc. Estáte of Jacob Beutier. QTAT1S OF MÍCHKJAX, County of Waabtenaw, bs Cj At b aessiou o! the i'robato Court lor the Coun:v oi Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate üiüce, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Thonday, the heventh duy oí .M;..v'. in the ycur une thousmiJ ciyiii iwudivd uad eventy-tvo. lrc!nt 1 1 iraiu J. lïciikcs, Judge ot" Probate. In tho matter of the u&Ute of Jucob litalltr, deceaseda On ï-cadiny und Hliui? tlie petition, duly verificd, of Mich;u'ï Uonz, pniyiüii that John Oeorj, Andrés, or ome other Buftable prson, ni;ty be ujiiKïinteil administrafeor vt ttwescate ot KidTdecettod Thureupon it in orvïercü, that Tuesduy, the second day of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoun. bc assigned for the hearing of said petition, and that the heirs at law of said deoeaaed, and all otbcr [pEtraona Intereated in mÚ ettate, aro required to appear a1 i sesstoo of sald Court, then to be hoidt-n ut the Probate Olüoo, in the City ni Aun Atbor, aud show cïium.', it' iny there be, why the prnyer of the petitioner should not be gin&ted : And it is furthei ordered, that suirl petíaoner jive notíee to the penene intereated in said estnte, ol the pendeney of siiid ieiition, and tlio hearing thereof, by oautiBg a copy ot this ordêx to benbli&hed in the Mfchigún drmut n dowbpaper pzlnted and cironlating in siid t.'ouuty, thrce -ivo weeks previous to suid dav of hcuring, Atruecopy.) H1UAM J. 1S1ÍAKIÍ3, 13ü4 JudReof Probate. Estáte of John Brewer. CTATBOP MTCniOAX, connty of Wx&tonaw, ait. At a süosiön of tJie Oourt for eounty ! WashteñaWi holden at the Probate orticc, in tm eity of Ann Arboï, on Saturday, tlie twcn'.y-iourth day o Pebruary, In the yeur one thousaud idght hundreü and seventy two. Present, lliium J. IlCühc Judgo of Probate. Iu tho matter oi the estáte Of John Brewer, Aeoeaeodi On roadüur and flling the pptition, duly Teriffel, of Wiliiaui l. Haz.ird, praying that the Ëxeoutomi ot the Uut wü mó teatament of wiid duceased may be :iuIhorizcd1 ;nid directwd to convey to him OflrtainnMt estáte thervin desoribed, irs j'uruaucu of a contract iu wntiug made boiwoen tiio said duceased and said petiioner. Thereupon it is orricrol, that Moudny, the eihtb day of April nest, t ten o'clock in the forenoon, bc awincd lor ÜMhearing of suid petition, and chat the leiratec, devisera umi hein at law of said deoeased, and all other persone interatedfai siiid estáte, lired to appear at a Beasion ofsnirt Coort, tbn , to be holdun at the Probale Omco, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show canse, if nny there be, why ilie prayex L the petitionerahonJd not be granted : And it is rurthar oraeowdi that suid petítíoncí give not ice to bhe persona interested id said eitate, of the pendency a said ):titiuiL and the hearing Uiereof, by oauemg a kop) of this otdar tobe publiahed m the Midiigan Arfut, a newapAper print4il and circulating in suid eoun-, ftur BuooosdTe weeki prevfHBB to bom day oí hcar mLí trne copy.) H1BAM J. BEAKKS. 13fii Judíje tíi l'xobatc. Estáte of Luther Boyden. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, Cttonty of Washtenaw, ss. Ñotiooiahereby iven, that byan order of the late Court for tho Cbonty of Uaahtenaw. iuatl o l :he flfth day of Uaroh, A. D. I8TS, suc nionths 'rom thut date were allowcd for excditors to present :he&r obtima aaüist the estáte of Luther lïoyden, rite of sniri county, deceased, and that all creditors of lald deceoaed art: required to present their elauBB to l suid i'robute Court, at the Probate OHico, in the City of Ann Arbor, for examination and allowunce, on or before the flfth day of September next, und that such 'laiins will be heard beforo said Probate Court, on toturday, the twenty-flfth day of May, and on rhuraday, th fitth day of eptomber next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of each of those days. Dated, Aun Albor, Slarch 5th, A. 1. ll HIKAM J. BKAKK9, 1364w4# Judge of Probate. Commissioners' Notice. STATE OF MICniOAN, Cotwity of "Washtenaw, ss. The undersigned, hnving been apponrted by th Probate Court fot suid county, Oomraissioners to reccive, examine and aojust ailchiims aud demanda of all per&ons againat the estáte of Edward ö. Boothj ' late of Raid eounty deceased, hereby pive notice that ix luunths from date are allowed, by order of said l'robatc Court, for creditors to present their claims ngainst the estáte oí uid deeeased, aud that thc-y will meet at tbe office of (ioorge 0. Page, iu the village of Dextert in said county, on Saturday, the eighteenth i duy of Muy, and on Thonday, the tiith day of September next, at ten o'clock a. m. of eadi of wiid days, to ir-i,, txitinine, and adjust said claims. Dated, Marchöth, A. l. L8T3. GEORiJEC. PAGE, 1364w4 ALKXANDEK U. CRANE, 0t Commissioners. Sheriff 's Sale. LÍTATE OF MICIHüAN'. county of Washtenaw, ss. Bi virtuo of one exieution, Usued out of and un ier the soal of the Cireuit Oourt for the county of Washtenav, State of Michigan, dated tbo flrst day f Mftrchj A. J). uM, and to me dirceted und deliveivd, iiffainstthe goods, ehaltlcs, landfl and . ments of JMvid Ij. (iates, I did, on the lirst day of Muren, A. 187:2, seize and levy upon all the riglit, Litle and Interest that David L. Gateo has mthefoltowïnfl dtíawibed real estáte, to wit : The eist twontySOTen rods in width of the sowth Mixty-oue rods in [ength of the west half of Che southireet quaxter of ïection number two, ín township No. two south in raage six east, oontáinlng ton acres of lund, bo ( samo more or laas, which altove described land being j ñtuato and lying in the township of Ann Arbor, i sounty of 'Washtena'w, and State of Michigan, whieli land 1 Mhitll exposé for mie, t public nuction. to tbe nig-hest bidder, at the south door of the Court Houw, in the city of Ann Arbor, on the 16th day of April, i A. D. 1872, at 11 o'clock a. U. of said day. Uated, Ann Arbor, Mroh, 6th, Al). Wi. MTRON WEBB, Bberifl. 13G4 By JoitTiN Fobdes, Sheriff. T IVE Q'EESE FEATHiilRS FIRST GiT7-A.IjIT"5r , ODBtactlyonband and for huí by BACHk ABEL, POK SALE CIIEAP ! HOUSE and LOT sTo. 3i South InguUs Street, Ann Arbor. Inquireor N. EA8TRr00D. )363w3 DEOPLE'S DRUG STOxiüi R, W.ELLIS& CO. NEW GÖOLÉT FOB BARLT SPRING TRABI WE HAVE JUST RECEITïd TWO HUNMtED PiFn JíEW STYLE PRI A Few Pieces Handsome n. Goods. Twenty-Five Pieces Cotto: adcs. AND DAVK ON H.VND, BOLGHT BBFÖRE THE LATÍ VAXCE Ten Bales Sheetinge, Three Cases Blcached Goods Stnpe Shirtings, ïiekings, Battings, A full ötock of Dom6tic Drj Ö And as usual offer them for MONEY MDEK THE WARKLT. JOHN II. MAYNARD Estáte of Philip KdingT"" STATE OP MICHIGAN, ContyotWtAt(M. Notioe Í3 hereby given, that br an OnWJ Probate Courl for the County of Waahtenawï' the Ktxth rtay of Mmcb, A. D. jï"1 inonths' froni tbat iluto w&r nIJowed forendiJ Braamt their elaiim againtit the ettnte oM? Biding, late of h-Mii oounty, decensed, ud tW ereditors of smd deceased are reqmred tOttüL their claim to said Probate ourt, at Uk flï Ofriw, in the City of Aun Arbor, for exuaimtiiÊ allowanco, on or before the sixth Ahj ofSnu next, and that BOrfr cltórmi ttiTï be heanl beftín I'robitte Courf, on Sirturday, the twity-Uv! Mat, snd on Friday, Uwsfxtb duy of StestntrH. ni 10 oislock in tTie forenoon of each of úm i Uated, Aftn Abr, Mnrch 6th, A. D js;f HIBAM J. BEAKEfl Estáte of William A. Nowland, OTATE OF MïiUIGAN', County ofWhtm, Kotice is hereby ffiven, thntby Hnoideroftkfi l its rouit for the I'nonty ofWnuteaw mmW fourth day of March, a. ]j. 1S;l,' x froiutïiiit dato were Howcd for crt.'ditörs to n thedr claima agahnt tbc rvtau-ut Sü.iïbA .StS kitu of wrkf o'Kiiity, dtve-it-sr;, and that aüóiijton unid íT(irotKCl aro n-quired to présent Xbtft dm to s.-iil Ftobate ('omt, al the Trolute (HEn,)! CSty of Ann Arbor, foi exarainatfon and illtnratiet or before tbefourthdny of Septembernnt,! mil'!i claims nill be heard boforend PnWteCni O flaturday. tho twciity-tifth of Muy "Wê, nTedneadV thofoartb ? fffeptemboToext.ut o'dotk in thr fffrenacaï of eaoh of thone iíhtl ITutetf, Aim Arbor, Murcli 4th, A, D ]ü;j BIUAMJ.BgÁm 13GÍW4 JadgwfWta Cbancery Notice. STAVK-GV MICHIGAN, Fourth JudHsIOw Ift-Cbwr?ery. Snit pendinjr ia the Cfmkftl tfiecoanf j-tTf Wnritttts-cr, in chnncrr;, tbm N;ith;m tl. wbeeler is eonrpWnant a3 Küe Wbeelcr ís drfendant, at Ann Arbor, thü inciir Maioh. 18TJ. On n-itilii: ■; and ïilinfr dut proof ly affiriarit tkat i! above Timfd dtffendant itmow ont oí thísRti,i miden in the State of Nebnuko, and on motín i Nindft & rnne. Solidto for complainanl, it vv dercd that s;iid defendunt cuune lier nppfnu lol enten-d in sni 1 caxisp within tbromoiKhifroc1] date of thi Ofdr, nd in defanli tluieof that tti!: of comp!:tmt in tnil cauwbe tik"h mmnitmil aid dofcr(i:Tit ; and it is further ordered that tüii tri_-nty dys b:ií1 canse a eopjr of th ordir to br publisheI in the Michigaw Arpu, t wt pMp. r prinfc-l and pnbli-;hed in the city of AaaArk in wrt'l tfMinty of AVashtemiw. and that snchpnUo tion bc nutzmied onee m ewch wk for sii mxtttf Dated, March lst, 1872. J. WILLAKD BABBITT, Circuit CüUlt ('oniioiciir. NntDK ft Coane, WaaliteDiiwCouníf.líiíh tíoVn. for Compl't. UHirt flilfllp The Great_Bi.ood Pijrihe VKGBTINEla mide cxdusively hom the je (f c;irefu)ly st'.ccted barks. TWoti and herb(D!i: stronjrly coucenirti-tJ that it vrül rfffcttullt #ti' car.u Ironi tlie svstem t-very ttiiut of k1 ubus Humor, Ta-n i s, Cacr nnertns He: Krysipelas, S.ltEheum. Svphilitic Diwekto er. F.intoes at ;híM)mÁcliriiJl;illruB ari fr r Import bloort Sciatica, Inte;-'; ■'■ui Chronic Eheunxitim. Nenrateia, & & Spinal cnnVint8, on onty be odcetoilly nr tnrongt tliebloml. For Ulce s rt Fniptive Dismie "ftli 4Ü. Pa-tulcs, Pimples. Blitche Boíl Tetter. W heart nnd Ringjionn VBOETINE hu mttt n i-üVcVa prmrtUf-nt curp. I-r Iia? in the Back, Kidnry Cooil'C Dropsv, Female Weainesi. ■■( froüi intcmnl nlccntfon, aod nterine dtipiMiiiGeneral Debility. VEQBTINB et lireciij ipa theciitme of the-e conplintR It iuïtüonttf " etreniittuTis Ihe whole Byvieiii, acts opon tbtiw tfrc orjrnu, nllftyi Infbnnati 'fl cores nlanüoioJ rceuliits the bowels. Por C.ITAItHII. DYSPKPSIA, IIAMKALP" TirRitSSS, l'nlpi'tti of He Iltart, I1,K. tim WMM Kirl 7irtrijJ rf.-tr:iUoTi of th 'i .vy.Vï . no nivdiciTiö iins ttrcY tfiven sach pti "]' Isfnctlon as the V3GETINE. Il pnriíeítbe cle:iiiíes ui] of the orjjans. nnd poiwe9 iil injr power am the Nervout Svstera. . The ri'murkable cures eflVctcd by VEGETO' have indneed muny phjrelclaot and apotbi.i whom we know vj proaci ibe and nsc it in wif tfi families. In fad. VEGETINE is the best n-rawlj J erf I ror the al 'e dipeiwes. and is tfce od!j böw tlluacl rnrifti-r vet pluced before He [Kt PVepared br H. II. stevens, Hoato3. Trice SI.27Ï. Suld 6y all UrnggbM UWImS pXJENITURBI 1873. PRISON PDRNITBI SÁLESR 241 ANI) 243 MA1X STRLtf JACKSON, WICH. Our StoV i Tnuitunlly ! " Complete, umi Knibracei erT Varicty of FUKNITÜKE! ESPEfl AI. l.Dlf EWE.VTS AKE FF5' Iuspect Our tJoods and learnt Prices before Purcbasisfr vHx&Ssüb, birï ciuuiaa J OSWLTÏ-A LABE JSSöST G0OD8 DeLIVEBED TO B. " ASD PACKED BT OUR8EI Fkek of Cuabub. RANSOM & KlUfp' 1303ra3 S ]y o h e y. The nbscrlbera are at mout all t1 Ion to furnlsh partlc wlth monej i" nI1" lundred to Five Thouaaud Dolían COLMAN. KOOT Ann Arbor. Jan. Ist-18T2. ■ - Finest Assortment of Toil' Goodsinthe City,by


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