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_If tiiis is Marcli, muren on ou, siy YiflYithcr a little milder: but don't. „lisper It. _Th oldcst inhabitnnt confesses to not feocnibtrlng such a Muren- so far. Mercury at zero Wodm-sday monilnr, pjonly 11 above yesterday moralDg. _- Jui1?;t' Campbeix has been selected by tkelw cla?s lo deliver "ie flual lecture In tbecourse. - President Anqei.l is to deliver the Kldress at the coming Law Commence„ent, March 27th. Couldn't that Geneva astroiwmer hur[T op bis cornet a little and have it come on eKoiirth of July, so that the expense of jre-mrks woultt be obviated ? _,lons TAPMJt, only sou of Dr. Tap , riS, former President of the Mlchigau Bllwrflty, died at Cologne, (iermany, JanMry 29tlt, oí congestión of the brain. _ lhere wlll bea douallon visit at the üiion School Hall, Siline. nest Tliursday ertuiiif,', Marcli 14t'i, for the benefit of Hev J.Hohton, pastor of tUe M. E. Ciiurch at tiat pluce. _i3eing Inquiied of the olher day as to ïht had bicoineof the water-works or'linince whieli the Comraou Council hal un (iercousideration some time since, wu haJ lo"(ub it lip." -Tlicpupils of St. Thomas' (Oatholic) gcbool are to celébrate St. Patrick's day ultli tu exliibition, tu be glvea on Jlonday, the I8th, t 2 o'clock p. il., iu thu Opera Uoosf. - Proi. M. C. Tyi.iïh gave an Intcrestiug Itciure ou Weducsday erenlng tbr the beneItuf the' Ucnevolvnt Society of the JLE Cliurch. Subject: "The Old Enfr U Bailad.' -The closing lecture In Hev. Mr. BitioBiïscoarse on the " Ancient Rellglons" ill be glven in the Uiillarian (Jlmrch ou ■ItSuud y cveiiin. Subject ;" The Sym pi'.tiy ol IU'Iííííoiis." - J u ■ I K i 1 1 y froni the am-junt of building Biterial niiicli is belng deposited la our ttreets, in différent portions of the city, Mthouii'l suy tliat there is to be a uml deal of building tbe coming seasou. - Hishop McCoskky visUetl the County Pooi House o Salurduy uftcrnoou, nccoinpiuicd by the Be?. Dr. QillbüPIS of St. Autlrew's Cliurcli, held service and admiu Islead the Coiumunion sacrament. - l)r. A. B. CitosBY, forruerly Professor of Surgcry iu the Uuiverelty, has been in riteü by the Füculty to deliver tUe ann nul tddress at the coming Medical Commenceotiit, and hes accepted the iiivilation. - R:v. J. M. Aunold, oí Detroit, will g vea (liscoiirsoin tlie M. E. Cliurcli, ou Sunday eveuing next, c " Ancieut Kuins and luscrlplions as conflrniing the Bible." Mr. Ahnoi.d has made this subject oae of ixtemled research. - The Detroit Tribune of Monday publUhed In fuil Dr. Havkn's discourse or lecture of Sunday cvenin lust, befor; the Chriatlao Assouiation of the Uuiversity. Tbe subject was " The rclatiou of DarwiiiItnisni tuChristianlty." - Dexter went Hepnblican at her chaiter election on Monday, the Demócrata Mcurlng but oue truU;e and one assessor. A. W. GLEA8ON was elected President, and Johk Cünningham, Recorder. Gua.m's fe election is now sure. - A re-unlon of the law alumni of the Cnlvcrsity Is to take place on the 27th lost. This is the first occasion of the kind nda large attendance is looked for. DinSer, oratlon, Rpeechcs, loaets, etc. will be Incluied iu the proceedings. - Two weeks ago we " broke the back of winter " - in a smal! paragraph, - but the vigorous oíd fellow has recuperated wondcrfully, witness the weather of Monöy and Monday night last. Mercury reported 5 to 12 below lero Tuesday momlg, March 5th. Xvff eed. - The varlous classes of the Grammar od High School Departmeuts, in the een'rl building, are now rerluwing the work f the present term, and in the High School the classes are belng cxamlnerl dally. Patfons and friends are cordially lnvlted to tt present at any time. - The Superintendents of the Poor of Jicksou County,- Mr. Tuumbuli-, a brothf ol Senator Tbumbüll of Illinois, Mr. Wzblehe,- ncl the keeper of tluir poor house, Mr. Tati.or, visited our County House on Tuesday last, our Superiuteud Dtó belng ia sesslon, and were shown over the premisos. Jackson Couuty has a house to biild, and they were seekiug light. They expressed therasclves rauch pleased toth with the arrangemeuts of the house nd wlth the manner In which they fouud 't kejjt. At the recent ninth aunual opening of the Buffilo Fine Arts Academy, February 25th, a letter was reaJ from our new fellow eitlzen, Hf.nky W. Koüehs, Esq., cxpress-. 'og regrets for hls necessary absence,- used, we believe, by suelden lllness, - and Presenting to the Academy " for lts abso Inte use and bencflt forever " thlrtceu flne 11 paintiugs, Imported by him from Italy In 1809, and at the time of nis removal We left hanging upon the walls the Academy. Ueferring to the letter, the Commerwi Adoerliter of the next day sald : " The 'iberality of the writer in donating valuaWe palutings to the Academy is fully appreUted. It would have given all picasure 1' suca a true friend to the institution oald have been present on so happy an occasion." We Invite uttentloa U ttic card of Mr?. Dajirow In anotber column. Mrs. D. is so ell knowD to our citlzene, botU as a stngcr nd teacher, that lt is uDneces?ary to eay vrord In her prahe. We hear that measures are beiug takeu to put a " Lnw and Order Ticket " In the Held far the coming charter clectlon. Leadliig citizen of both parties, cltizens who liave the best Interests of our city at hcart, are en;aged in the move, and the nunibers tliat cheerfully endone the step givc prom'e of a vigorous campaicn. In view f this fuct it is time lor the Coinmittecs of two parties to consider the matter, and decide, if wilhin their province, wliuther to cali conventions or aüopt ihe "passne policy." It is probable, ho wever, that uo committee wlll take the responslbility of " tln'owing np the sponde," but that the in stiuctlous of their coustituents wil! be wanted. - We are free to say that if the Democratie party is to be run this spriug as a tender to the " saloon ring,"' - as is thrtteued,- and if Democrats are to be o-.u-.-i [ seJ for favoi'ing the regulation of an ille&l traille, " Luw and Order " will be for once the motto of ni.iiiy Deniocrats who have ahvays pulled true in tlie traces. Like the old Quaker who lald off hls coat for a little flght with the bully wlio tread on hls corus, they will coucludo that tlieir Deniocracy will keep until the fall campaigii, and go in now for protectlng our city agaiust those wou'd be rulcrs tvho should flrst learn to obey luw beforc tlicy seek to be lts makers or executors. Tlie j;ood of our city is o posed to Hiiy bai kwarj step, aud the presen: autlio.ii.ks who have done ínueh to exUnd our {;uod ïidine ahroad must be su:! lained rogardloBS Of mere partisan schem. in wlio n'oulil conliol parties in their own Interest. If Demotms or Kcpnb'.lcaus miy enxiueer coucuses or cut aud carve tic íets o i election day iu the interest of iroe-trade in liquor and unrcsir.i'ned row(lyism, tlie better clans of both paeties wil! b.' f jrceil to ignore party for a time. Let t ie waruiug be heeded iu time. The Circuli is still iu sesslan, but "makes hastc slowly." We note the disposition of ilie following cases slnce our lust week's report : Clenients vs. Brown and Brown. Judgmcn' lor plaiutifl", ou default, $223.40. Geo. A. Peters vs. Cornelius C. Crawford. Trial coiicluded. Verdict not guilty. F:nal judgineat entercd. Uenry Foelber adm'ttcd to citizcnsliip. Hooton es. Snyder. Jadraent for pluintiH' ni rtelanlt, $2315 60. Pred'fc. Filoer, bv liis next frend, vs. Aaron Fe'dkarap. Verdict for defendant, mx cent d;iinages. T;iue granted to move a new trial. Jacob April vs. J. G. Albrecht. Judgment for plaintiff, on de;nult, $1,039.10. Ralph VV. Van Fossen vs. Thomas T. Hodson. New trial granted. Mnry Pevey vs. Martin L. Peavey. Divorce decreed. In the niitterol the appeal of E. D. Büss Irom tlie decisiuu of CommlssU ü rs on eAtate ol Charles Stuck. Judgn.e it lor clalmant for umuunt allowej, and aainst claiinani for costs lo be taxed. The Detroit, lllllsíale nd Indiana 1{. R. Co. es. Spencer Hogers. Judguieut for plaintiff, on default, $197 70. The game plaintiff W. James VVhaley. Judgment Tor j;ulntlfl", on deiault, $337 80. The People r Philip Johus. Information for burninj; insurod property (two thresh log machines, in September, 1S60) with intent to defr.did the insurer, The Gertnan Farmers' Firc Insurance Company. Jury impanneled Monrluy afternoon. Trial not yet (Tlmrsday P. M )concludtd Tliis case Is prosecutcd bv Prosecuting Attorncy Dhl, assistod by Messrs. Hawk ius, Beakcs, and Frazer ; and Jolins is defended by Icssrs. I). Cranier and C. Joslln. Sundry persons, passengers landing at New York, importers and olhers, t slilled befure iheCustom house investigatiugcominittee 10 uavlng quietly and with never a word allpped greenbacks, etc, into the hands - perbapa we should write "Itcblng paluis" - of odlclals of vurious grades, in MQBlderutloa of vvlilcli a very sliglit ximnationl?) of baggagejor some Otber favor was of course expected. Now, we have reason to suspect that somebody with a tiatchet to griuil has been playing tliesame little gaine on us Our suspicion is Ibunded ou fliiding a lew days ago, ou our table, nlmost under our nose, autographs of ■sriNNKK- report say they are SpiHHER'b, we can't read theru - aiiiouiiting to some thing less tha.ii $50. Neither the owner nor the "hatclwt" liavlng yet appeared we ire " waitiug for sometbing to turu up." If any reader of the Akous Is wishiog to purchase a fine larra in one of the best farmiug towus in the couuty - Ia fact one jf the best farms in the couuty - he is referred to un advertlsement in aaother columu, signed by Johm J Kobison, Administfator, and offering, at auction, the farm of the late I'ollv Goüld, of Sharon. Tliis farm contuins 4:50 acres, Is within about ' miles of Manchester, is of excellent soil and in good conclition. It will be sold as a who'.e or in parts to suit purchasers. Previuus to the day of sale, March 30th, terms fcc, may be learned by addressiug Mr. Kobison at Ann Arbor. At the Manrhester charter clection, on Monday last, two tickets were in the üeld, a Oemacratic and Citizens' - ho called. The Democratie candldates wcre all elected by au average majority of 40. TUe followlng are the oftlcers elect : Prenidaii - Airrnua Case. Jieorder - Münson Goodyear. 7rutees- Wra. 8. Carr, David O. Rose, Fred.Kurfess. Marshal- Elijah Carr. Treaturer - A. T. Breugle. Assessor - A. Polhtmus, J. D. Corey. Last ycar the Democrats were caught napping by the "Citizens" game, but It wouldu't work this time. The Good Templars will give a Festival and üysler Slipper on Thursday evening next, at 7 o'clock, at their Hall in Paul's B!ock,No. 50 Main street. Supperfrom halfpas teight toten o'clock. Priceof admission, 50 cents per coup!e. The public are lovited to altend. Both the dally and weekly editions of the Detroit Union have been materiallv cnlarged and put uto a new dress, greatly improving them both in appearance and valuc. It a handsome and lively paper.


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