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A State Dinner At The White House

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In this wise ït 13 dono by Gen. Grant at his dinners of stato in the White House : The number invitad is usually about thirty. The names of those to be invited are given to the invitation clerk, and he filis up the engraved card whereon spanes for names and dates have been left blank. The full number of guests having accepted; tho dork proceeds to page theiu cff and prepare the carda, which, enclosed in e, small envelope, are given to cacb gentleman in the cloak-room. Those cards have on one the name of the lady tho gentleman is to escort to the table, and on the other a diagram of the table, with the name of the gentleman nd tho lady placed under bis care opposite the numbors indicating their respective soats. Confusión is thus avoidcd. Tho state dining-room is in the west wing of tho White House, and the tablo is set with due regard to tho points of the compass. The President sits in th central seat and Mrs. Grant sits exactly opposite. Tho places of honor for ladies aro on the right and left of the President, and on tho right nnd left of Mra. Grant for gentlemen. Soma eighteen or twenty courses baro been known to be served at theso I dinners, and at evory plato are eiglit glassoí for different kinds of wine.


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