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New York, March 6th. "Wíthin a few day an activ demand tot coffee bas sprung up. Largo amounts are changing hands on ho expectation of tho duty being taken off, that crent being generally deemed a forogoneconclusion The declino in Kin in about %c gold, (prime solling at 20:glLOVL) and were it certain that the law is to go into immediate effect, the full amount of the tax would undoubtodly bo diacounted. This new state of things ïowever, places the raarket just about wherc it was xrfore the duty-off hubub coramenced. Tea aro not much affected in actual figures, but the trade ia pnralyzed, and the alraost universal wiah ia that Congreas would come to uome decisión on the subject. Buyers tiold back tenaciously, and itisccrtaiu that nothing tut a discount on prices nearly equal to the amount of tho duty will restore activity in the market. Soft refinedsugar is dull at 11&&12. Cotton has advanced to 22JÍ. Cotton good have made few advanecs. The market is very firin, but almost entircly controlled by sppculation. Values are ocknowlcdged to bc influted, and the fact that jobbers are anxious ecllers on extraordinary long time, betrays their want of ponfldeuce. Flour is dull. White western wheat, 1.721.75. Corn 71&71,. OdX&liHy. CÍMMM 18. Gold 109J. Detroit, March Cth, 1872. A more steady week than this up U the present we have had scldom to record . Even in dry goods there has hardly been a change. The raovoment in that line haa been; if anythiug, better. Except tho decline of AcoffeO sugar to 12l@12Í4t grocory quotations are unchanged. Hardware is flrm and unchnngod; while to cap all, wo havu had a sspell of weather bteady and flrm to a fault. In painte we uotice a growing activity, but no chango in prices Linseed oils aro held flrm, but lards are down 3c per gallon. Kerosene grows dull a the dayn lengthen : 5 bbl. lots might be shaded at 25c. Crockery, particularly white ware" of Engliah import, has, like hardware, taken a hightil pneO beeause of the lubor troubles and scaicity of coííI Ín England. The ad vanee already is 20 per cent. Flour is unchanged but weak in price. Fancy white is held at 7.75, few sales, howeyer, are made at over 7.50. Holders are gttting nnxious to sell, and unless a better feeling takes placo in wheat.prices are likuly to decline. Wlieat shows no changè in valuó kíqco last week. The movement hiw boon steady. Speculatoia are very cautious. The stock in store has again increased, abuut 230,000 buöhels boing now in elevator. A week or two longer will decide whether thoso who have carricd their loads so long are going to lose or gain by tbc opcration. The reccipU show a stcudy increase, and 80 far as present appearances go, it ia probably good policy fui ürst hands to lot go. Corn is dull at 48a(t$49. OaU ore heavy and : No. 1 State, 39c. Barley stcftdy at l.G0@1.65. Applos wanted at 3.25 per bbl. Dried do. flrin and higher, 9i being store rate. Lggs, qtiict at 20c. Butter, higher lor choioo grades, namely, 22@23c. Clover sced, dull at 5.55@5.60. dull- chicltcns, 12@13c; turkeys, 14:3,1 Jo, drnatied. Putatoes, lirin at,bö@90. As Annon, Tiiuhsdat, March 7th, 23. Applib- 5O@6Oc per bu. BEKF-Brings 7@8c. Bolxed Meal- $2.00. Butteb - Prices remain at 18(20c. Buckwheat- Prices have declined to 80c por bu Beans- $1.75 per bu. is paid for good quality. Cors- Brings SCSCOc perbu. Chigkenb- Dressed 10c Eggs- Are vcry scarce, and oommand 20c. Fioük- xxx. $3.75 per cwt. Il a v - Wmin per ton, according to quality. Hoseï- lncap, 1820c. Lakd- Tho markot stands at 7@8o. OlTM lWIMtl Potatoeí- 95e. Pobk- In Drcsscd hogs the market is playcd out. TüBKEYS - 121 -jO. ■VHEATThe market i quiet. White we fjuote at $1.40(31.45 ; amber, IMQIM; red )1.33$1.3H.


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