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J .i,.t, l'r,,,:.l.,r. K. II. McUoMr.r fV, irugx ,u 4 RIII.MONS Beur Tcthnony ia thelt Woiiilei-rul Cuintivu Kllvcta. Thcyarc not a vilo Fniicy Dliiilc, Made üf Poor Rum, Whlskej, I'iuof Spirits nnd Kcflm I.iqiiom (iot-toreil, npiced and fiwretcnerlto rílense Lbo ttc,rail!cd Tonlcs," ■Appotilers," "Rostorcrs,"J:c., that lead the tlppler on to drimkennesa nnd ruin, hut aro a truc Mrdlcino.inado fromlhaNiilivc ltoots nmlHorba of (Julifoniin. Treo from nll Alcohnlic stlmuInnl. ThcjiuothtiJKEAT 111, OOI) l'l.'RIFIEKand A I.IKK GIVIXí; 1'UIXCIl'l.E, ñ jterfect HcnovaUir and Invlfrorator of the System, carrying off all polfoaoDi m.ittor ftnd restoring tboblood to a hcaltliy conUition. No pflnon can taka tln-sc Bitters nccortliiif; to directions and remnin long unwel!, provided tlieir bunes aro not destroycd by mineral polsonor otlior mcans, and the vital orgaua wastod beyoiid tho point of repair. Tliry ulo n Ccnlle l'iirirntivc na wnll nu a Tonic, posRCssinR, also, the peculiar merit of nctiiijr as a powerful agent in relievinj? GuDReatiotl or Inflommation of the I.ivcr, nnd all tho Visceral Organi. FOR FEMAI.E COMl'I.AIXTS, in yoniiR or ol'.l. morricd or Single, at the dawn of wnnianhood or ak Uio turn of lifc. Uicsc Tonio Bitters have 110 equal. For Inflnimniuory nnd hronic Rhcumallum nnd (out, Dj sptnsiu or I nriisollon, Jillloua, lleiiiïttrnt and Tntcrmiftcnt J'c▼era, l)ieno ..l the Uloori, I.ivcr, K idneyi nnd lilndtlcr, theso Bittvrs have been molt auccesnful. Much Ulaeascs are canscd by Vilinted Blooil, which iRRenerally produccd by dvrangemeat ot the Oiscallve Ortani, DYSPEPSIA OR INDIGESTIÓN, Beadacbe, Piiln iu tbcShoulders, Uouchs, Tigbtnesa of tbO Cht, Diztiness, Sour Bn;etatIoD8 of the Stnnmch. Bid Taste In the Mouth. Bilious Attacks, Palpitatlon ot the Heart. IcOnmmatlon of tho Lungs, Pain in the roclom of tho Ridncy s, and a bffbdrcd other pamful ñrmplom, are tho oQsprines of DxpepBia. Ther inyieorato tho Stomach and ntlmultte tho torpld Lnr aod Bowell. which rendcr them of unequalled flicacr in clcanslnc the blood oí all impurltie, and impartiDg nw ilfo and vítor to the wholc syatem. FOR SKIN DISEASES, Eruptions.Tetter, Salt Rheum, Blolcbea, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Bolla. Carbnnclcs, Bioe-Worms. Scald Head, Sore Byes Emliin. lM,Itch.8curfa, Uiacoloration of the Skin' fluiíír?ana ?,'.'""!?'?' th0 ■'' whatwer name or nature Vri 1 terallr due up and oarried out of the yntem ín a short timo bv the use 01 these Bitters. One bottle In mei oaaca will cunviuce the most increduloua of thelr curaCleanse tho Vitlated Blood whonever yofflnd Ita lmpurlties buratlne through the ekin In Pimples, Eruptloos or Sores ; clcanse It when rou find it obstructel and luegiih In tho Teln ; cleanse it when it ia fooi. and rour fociines wil] teliyouwhen. Keep th hlood pure, and tho healtu of the ystem wiil follow. Pin, Tape, nnl otlior Worm, lurkimi In iba ayitem oí 50 many thousands, ara eQectually destroyej and removed. Says a diatinguished physloloeist, there ia scarcelr an individual upon the face or th cartn whoso body is exempt frora the preRence of worm. It is not upon the healtby elementa of the uoijy that wcütos oxist. but upon the diseascd humor and sllmy dopoíits that bretl theBc living monsters of diaeue. No System of Medicine, no vermifuees, no anthelmintics will tree the eystem froin wonns llke these Bitters. i. WALKEB, Proprietor. R. H. MoDONALD & CO, Drnsgfets and en. Agenta, Sn Francisco. California. and 3S and U Commerce Street, New York, ■3-SULU BY ALL BRUUÖI8T3 AKD OEAUSSS. To any person producing any Medicine able to showonevthirdas many livinsr, permanent cnre aa Dr.FiTLEK'a Vkofttarlk Khkumatio Rf.mept ; and a further rtvard of $100 fur any case ofChronic or Infininmatory Rheumatísm, Neuralgia, Rheumatic A;ue, Sciatlca. and Rheumatism of the Kidueyeit will ivd cure. This Khimmatic Syrtip tl naad tmMrohj on', pleasantto the taste, and cuaranteed freo from injurio Droes. It is not n Qu:ck Medicina butthcscientiflcprcscrlptlon of Jos. P. Pltler, M. D., ProreBsnr ol Toxicology and Chcmistry, gradúate of the celebratcd Universlty of IVnnsylvauia, A. D.ISGS, whose entire profestionallife bas been devotcd tpcclally to thi disease. This preparation ander aolemn oatli ia coDscientiouply believed to be the only :positivc, reliable, iufalliblc apecific ever disi;ovefi'd. The proof that no other specific eiists is found in evcry coramunily iu persons afflicted for many ycars past and etill snffvring. Jf physiciant could cure il, it a sptcillc did exlit, tlii' u-mild not be so,- a fact that must be nulversally admittcd. Tho oftdcccivedsuffercrmay wUely ask, what eecurity or ovidence has he that fr. Fitler's Rhcumatic Syrup will euro hls case. The protection offered to patientsagain&t imposiLion is in a 'egally eigncd contract which will bc forwarded without charge to any suffercrBendinKby letter a description of afflictlon; this guarantee will state the exact number f bottles wurranted to cure, and in case of failure the moncy paid will be returned to the patiënt. No other remedy has ever been offeredon anch liberal and honorable terms. Medical advice, with certificatee from prominent Vii siciam, Clcruymen, etc. , who have been cnred after all other treatmenta havefailed, sent by letter, gratis. Afllicted cordially invitedto writefoi advlce to the piincipal office, 46SonthPourthStreot,Philadelphia, Pa. Br. Fltler's RhenmaticSyrup ia sold by Drugglstg. R. W. Ellis&Co,,Sole Agenta, Ann Arbor, Micn. TJEAR YE! E. J. JOHNSON HAS A FULL STOCK OF HATS & CAPS I FALL AND WINTER. Alo a large atock of Ladies' and Gents' Furs! Hl STYLES A.S.E THE X-A-TEST. H1S GOOÜS THE BEST! AND IIIS PRICES THE Alo a full line ol Gents' Fnrnlshlng Gooda 7 South Main St., Ann Arbor. füMBER YARD. C. KRAPF, Ha a large and well stockcd Lnmber Tardor JeffersonStrcot, In thesnuth part of the City, and will kcepconatantly on hund an excellentvariety o( LUMBER,SHINGLES,LATH&C whlcb willbesoldaslowascar be afforded tnjthii market. Qualityandpricessnch thnt NO ONE NEED GO TO DETROITC. KBAPF. AnnArbor,January20th, 1871 . 996 ■QR, C. A. LEITEK CONTINTJK6 TO PUT tTP AND FILL Physicians Prescriptions, At all hours, at No. 1 Gresory Block. C. A.LEITER CO. Ann Arbor, Doe. 2Ld 1871. 1354 GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's for 3trictly Pure Drugs and ,Paint s ,0ile,&c.


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