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Pugnacity Of Henry Clay

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Some of the most conspicuous Whigs in Congross, beconiing. disconten tod with Mr. Clay's bearing and hU determination to push extreme measures [during the Adinimstration of John Tyler] agreed to moet at General Scott's rooms at the Hope Club tor consultation. Mr. Clay was not invited to attcnd, nor ■was he apprised that the meeting was to be held ; but late in tho ovening the fací eame to his knowledge. Returning from a whist party at Bodisco's, he knookod al Scott's quartcrs, and: wasushered into the room wherc the gentlemen wero sitting A hawk in adovo-cot could nothaye created greater constornation. He rcmained standing, dcclining a proftered chair. Glancing from onc part of tho room to the other, aud glowering at overybody, he exclaimed in a loud voice : "Treason! treason! and in the middle of the night. Playfair, Scott, play fair." And he stalked away, pnying nojittention to tho attempts at explanation 01 the denials that anything seoret or unfsiir was intendod. Subsequently he was persuaded that ho only object of the meeting was to consult upon tho situation, and see if anythiug could be decided upon to promoto hariuony in the party and avert the peril impending. Mr. Clay never forgavo the gentlemen who were instrumental in procuring the nemination of Harrison. He was confident that he could have been clocted by a largo majorityi and always distrustec th fidelity of suoh friends as had acquiesced ii#the selection of his 'rival. He was sore towards Scott, and ofton expressed himself in terras of contempt and derision when the Genoral's name was mentionod. A. eard ; givon . by General Máoomb was largely attended by the mos' distinguished gontlemen in Washington Mr. Clay came in at a late hour, leaning on the arm of Senator Mangum. As he entered his attention was attracted to a ■whist table that happened to be made up of politieians understoood to be f spec ially friendly to Webstor and Scott Among thora wore Edward Curtis, George Kvans, and Ogdon Hoffman. Mr.. Clay had been dining with a party of friends, and was not. in the mosi placid frame of mind. Approaching the entlemon, ho broke out upon them as iollows : "You mannfacturers of public opinión youinakers of Presidents, who assume to oontrol all mankind, what niischief are you now hatching f " He spoke in a loud tone and was hoarc all over the room. General Scott came up at tho moment and Mr. Clay turned pon him, acco3ting him in a gnearing and iusnlting tone : " And hero is the redoubtablo Genera Hmsclf ! Ho was fooi enough to suppose that he could be mudo President of the United States," at the same time putting his hand not in tho most gentío mimiui on Scott's shouldcr. The General, quite perturbed, shranl from the contact, remarking: " You forget that is my wounded arm. " You are rotten all over," was tho re ply. Mr. Mangum led Mr. Clay from tb. room, and there tho affair cndod for th time. Some correspondence ensuod, aiu gerious consequences wero apprehended But friends interposed, and Mr. Clay who wrj oaimblo of magnanimous conces son avilen conscious of being in th wronsr, made a satisfactory apolojrv. -


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