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Judge David Davis

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At tho National Iieform Conventioii hold at Columbus, O., on tho 22d, Ilon David Davis, ot' Illinois, was nonniiatet for President, an.l Joel Parker, of New Jersey, for Vico President. Both of these gentlcmon intend torun. GoviTnor Prker is expocted to announce his ftooeptance of the noinination by a gpeeou a a ratification meeting to be held in New York, and J.udgfe Davia has written a lotter to the chai rman of the convention thanking it for tho " uuexpected honor ' oonferrea upon hini, and stating that "Uu Chiftf Magistraoy of this Républic shouli neitherbe sought nor declinacTby an Am erican citizen. ' The indications are tha 'the Labor Keformers are in eaniest, an that they mean business. David Davis whoin they have selected as thoir staivd ard-bearer, was born in Cecil County td., on March 9, 1S1Ó. He-graduated a Kenyon Collego, Ojío, in 1832, and subsequently studied law in Massachusetts and also at the Law School in New Ha ven, Connecticut. Reraoving to Illinois in 1835, he -was adinitted to tho bar, ant soon after settled at Bloomington in tlu practico of his profession. In 1844 ht, was clected to the Stato Legislature, in 184" served asa member of tho State Constitutional t!onvention of that year and in 1848 was electod Judgo of tho Eighth Judicial District of tho State. Ii 1855, and again in 1801, he was re-electea to this position. He had long been an intimate personal friend of Mr. Lincoln and as a delégate to the Chicago Convention of 1860 had a largo share in securing his Bomination for the Prcsidoncy. The tv.-o h, ui been thrown much together by the jiractico of thcir profcssion in a thin ly populated country, and tho intimaci between them was of the closest and mes confidentiul chiiractcr. Just as Mr. Davis was entering upon his third term as Circuit Judge in lUinoisi ho was, in 1SG.Í, ftp pointed by Mr. Lincoln to the position o Associate Judgo of the Supremo Court o the Unitcd Öfcites, which position ho stil. liulJá. Mr. Lincoln also appointed hini his cxecutor, and tho estáte of the inurdered President was wound up by Judgo Davis. At the timo of his appomtmon to the Supreme Bench ho was an avowec Kepublican, but of lato ycars his tendón cies havo been dccidedly conservativo and thoro was considerable talk of his being an availablfi candidato tor tho Preidency on the Dcmocratio ticket. Ui course on tho legal-tendercase?, howevcr - he voted with tho majority in May o last year, holding the Lngal-tcndcr act to he oonstitrationai - has served to ostrange him from the Democracy ; altbough ho has frequently beon mentioned during the past few months as a possiblo Eepub lican candidato who would rcoeivo the support of the"passive policy" Domocrat against General Grant. Judge Davis i a raau of larg fortuno, aud personally is abovo roproftfli.


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