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The General Order Business At New York

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QoTt. Arthur, Collector of the Post of New York, has written a letter to Secrotary Boutwcll, in which ho expresses the opinión that the complete rcorgamzalion of the general order business cannot be t'ffected without additional legislation, and suggests that no steamship should be allowed to disehargo her cargo under general order within loss than two full bu-iness days after arrival. The collector also says : " It seeins to mo tho following changos in the existing systein may be properly made : I propose to divide the laco front of tho city into districts, makingfuuror inore vipon North River, atd iive on East River in New York, and to resígnate oni warehouso of class thrce in cach district, to which all goods, removed undor general ordfir from vessels landing within the district shall be sent. I propose, also, to desígnate six or more similar Tvarehouses in Biooklyn, and onoat Hun ter's Point. In addition to this, I prepose to permit the sevoral steamship companies to select any class 3 storo located in the district for the storago of unclaimed goods arriving by their vessels respectively, subject, howevor, to the single condition that neither steamship company nor any person connected with it shall have any interest in or control over the warehouse so designated. It seems to me that any systcm which contiivatxl the control of tho carrier over ituported goods, after they leavo the ship affords an undue facility for tho frauds on tho government and increased difficulty in .de tention. To this letter Bout well replies as folio ws : Treasuky Dekahtment, 1 Wasuixüton, Feb. Gth. J Sir- I laid your letter of the 23d before tho President, and I am authorized to say that. he approves of the main features of your plan for the storago of general order goods. The chango should bo mado with as littlo dolay as the nature of the caso will peimit. In tho reorganization of the goneral order business political influence and personal interests should be Kt aside. Ha ving first made the rights of tho govemment secure, it is the Presidcnt'8 wish that the work shall be so arranged as to give the largost facilillos to merchants, with the least possible cost. The dotails of organization must be left to your judgemont.


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