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Decay Of Our Navy

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Tho New York Commercial Aihertiner has beea investigating the mournful con'dition of the Brooklyn Xavy Yard, and is compelled to chronicle a sorry state of aftairs. The new Kalamazoo, or, as she has been rechristened, tho Colossus, belies her name by lying idlo on the stocks and rotting as tast as tho olements will per,mit. Nov and thon the gound of a hammer is heard, just to keep up appearances, but tho offieer in attendance was obligod to confess that the vessel could not bo launched on acoount of her decayed condition, and would not bo able to bear the weight of her armor even if launched. Other investigations proved no moro satisfactory ; for inst;mco, it was sfcitüd that ene Tentie'ssoc - whiali is also a complete failure - is to bo equipped with engincs rojected by tho Britiah navy, at an expense of $1,200,000. The Java and Ontario are also rotting on tho way., .in liurublo iinitation of tho Colossus, and the much-vaunted torpedo boats are as far from oonijjletion as ever. Hcditating on theso unparalloied preparations fur tlie defense of X:v York, tho reporter tookhis louvo with a heavy heart. An Anti-Secrect Society convention met in IIowcll on the 20th, and was orgunized by ohoosing Royal 0. Rumsey of Green Oak, for President, and L. Reed, for Becrotary. Tho principal speakers wero Reve. Joim Levington, of Biightou, and J. lt. Beard, of Pennsylvania. The attor claims to have taken seventeen de?rees in Masonry, and to have taken tlie nitiatory degroo in a lodge at which Sir Allen McXab, of Canada, was the pretiding oflicer. Before the adjournment of tho convention, which took place on he 22d, a perraanont county organization vas effected, with F. Monroo as President, md a Vice President in eaeh town in tho ounty. Tho ineoting was largely attendd throughout. " I caught her soitly by tho arm, my gentle, blue-eyod Kate ;" she cricd, "Lat ;o, you fooi, you hurt my vaccinate !


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