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'T Q. A, M2SSIOJNS' IRSIÜNCE AGENCY. His Companios Are Sound. pHOÍNIX INSURANCE CO. HAJITFOKD, CONN.1 CAPITA L AND AS=MTTS, Jl.'t t 1, 18T1 . . . . $1 ,TS1 ,000 CHICAGO LOSSES I0,0M fUT. vtfF.yiX i tlicbmt ëtantaaetd Si Innmnce Voinpnny En tlic i'niicd State. Alvrnys prndfnt uil nwiiniir ntul n]ua) prompt in juij mem of losINTERNATIONAL INURANCE CO., NEW YORK CIT5T. THe (Irit Coimnnv to pnntlie ordeal of thn New Vork Insuranco Commlfsioncrs plncc the Chicago Firc, cgraing out from thesevore tost TRIUMPHANT ! Atsociatod Press Dipatch, November 2, 1S71, TUE ISTKRUATIONAI, ISSIRASOE COMPANT. The Snperintendent of tlio New York ÍUnte Insarance Dcpartniont, who is niakin a carefu! oftlcial examinntion of the New York City Compnnies to-day, oerll&M thatthe International Company's assels f Í1. 50,000 are securely inycetcd, and k capital of $500,000, Rfter proTiding for au Ifibflltfcs, inclndinï the ChK-ago firc, is wholly nnimpaired. This Company is paying all it8 Chicago losfiee and is sound aud relUh'c. Polides lssuod at fair rntes at my office. No. 11 East Huron etreet, Ann Arbor, J. Q. A. SESSIOXS, Ageut. ïttnr. "THE FARMERS' STORE WILL COMMKNCE THEIR CREAT CLOSBNG OUT SALE ON AND ATKKTXIIS DATE FOR TWO MONTHS. Onr Sales to the present time liaving been moro than we anticipated for the year, we propose to scll for two months JT COST SAVE YOUR MONEÏ Büï TOR (iOODS OF h WE HOUSE, Where the Stock is always complete, and Prices tlie Lowest in the City of Ann Arbor. Don't fail to cali before making your purchases elaewnere, as WE ARE BOÜND TOSELL Ann Arbor, Jan. 25th, 1872. G. W HAYS, Sup't. 135Smï yym. wacner IS NOW BEADY FOR THE FALL TRADE ning Receivod a Large.Stock of FALL AND WINTER GOODS, INCLUDING CLonis, CASSIMERE8, VESTINGS, &C of the BEST STYLES and dUALITIES WHICH HE W1LI. MANUFACTURE on terms to suit: Also-a full line of BEADY-MADE GLOTHINö AND Gents' FÜRNISHIM Goods BEST STYLEi ALSO I.ADIES' AND GENTS1 MOROCCO SATCHELS No.21 Sonth Main Street,- EastSide: CALL AND SEE THEM. "Xll.I.IAJl WACNEa. Ann Arbor, ge?' . 18T1. QRAND INVESTMENT. SCIÖ FLOUR MILLS AKE NOWOFFEEED FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, And on rensonable terms. Partios wtehing to buy vill pply at once to N. W. URIGGS, Scio. 1302W4 "PHYSICIAfiS' PBESCRIPTIONS" AOCURA". ELY AND C AREFTXLL Y PRBPABED JBT r. w.BLLie & vo.,iRuaami..


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