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Mortj DEF ATTLT hoving boon mode ra tbe i ft ui" ..ii'! tfartha ' Ken1 n. Dourlam, Admiiúntrntor ol' tiw ■ - y W. Welles, deO ;i- i!. t ■ (went ■ ■ A . I I . ! ■u'liií-h dofnult tbc I in sm.l mortgage hu I thers ï-1 olaimed t ■ Aate1 iip aran of two hundred umi forty-seven Soltara and rixty cmts, and f twenty-flve dollars aa au Attorney f ■: as jirovidcrd in ai'J lii" ■ :■ :ii, laW ÜT ilt chancery nai ing b i },■■ ,:■ ,-_ seeured by sid m . { theifof Notioe -; t j . . Iriuo of 111" p.v. ■ the sta! i iil mortlay, tli? eleventh Hny n't., ui 1 e -i fc o'.'uM-k tu the CorenoojLpf that day, nl of Arm Arbor, Lu said eounty oí Washtenair (ftmd Cuurt House being the piuco of holh. ourt for said County öf washtenawj,ïy sale at ptïbtion tn tfao in. soribod in said moi tirade, whicfc i.stj-t an ii All i)tiatsd ju tbc conni y oí' Wnshtéliow, in i fbUoVB, vi : -i ftnd forty-BÍx hnndredl li Of tM northi ■:! quarter of wtion minibar jour, :iül (uu acres of land intben of aebtfon nmnber live, lyina, befrrt-eon the millpond and ihe ection line, all being in tOWnsbjp numb-'i1 r■■■■ aouth i ■: -■.'. numl i ihree easi ; nlsu the righi Miiiln'ivii.i'r of flowing o mueh of fcb easi qnartet of nection number five afbresaid be orcrflowed by rai er it tho (am nn the i puarcel.tliirteen fcet ; nio the enul part ol lotnumber fonr (4) in block numhei thirWen i. . in thevillsgeof Sylvanin theoounty of TOuihtendw, and State of U salgan, oocordinfl to tbe ■ ■ of said village, boundcd and aescri i bonsdsd on the eastby thfl I taid lot] run■ik..1 wim' on the north line of unid lot iiftynfcne fert; thenneioothto Apointon the wuthlineof said Int lifiy-si fei I wmá trom tbe aoathei of ai! lot, 1 1 ii ï i. ■ ■ easj to tbe eoutheaai bonter of Raid lt, Huid lastdein'ribrW barcel bmm? thesnme land edto Baid Daniel Keni by Hacker I'rattancl wiWby deed, rch 5th, A. 1). 1863, Ann' Arbor, Mioh. Ptob. lïtb, 1872. RILAS IX. jüOUQIjABS, Uminiatrator of tlic Ksta!.' (t' Henry V, Felch & &BAÑT, cd, Murtgngee. Attorneys lor Mórtgngee. Moitgago Sale. DFjFATtIjT having bden made in 1 1;1 rondiiion of n moi est and Maliann icl?'orost to Ptrilin B&eh, ■ ■ iJicwilt (l:iy ut' Xmi'iul'cr, A f'. LS67i and rocordofl. i.;i (lit office of I he B county, Micbitrnn, on tlie 2id day of November, A. D. IB87, in libcr 3(i of mortgages, on pHgQ ■ ::, anddtúyaesigued Itj wtid I'liilijj Bacb i lan, by aèsignmeni beariog date tje third daj i . ■ . K. ], .,. the Hice ol i Deeosfor VVnahtenaw county, on tlue 7thdayof May, A. i). 1S70, in Uber 2 ut a 11, by wbicb (lofflult the imvfrof;ilecimtint-d in said murtgrte has b inortgaK th aum of tliree thocrsand flve hi] iiftyflve doliara, and flfty dollars o an Attitrnay fee as provided '.■' uit provcding :I law or in chancerv nnvjbg licen i o rucuver tho debt srcru'c] by saxd mortfwfío, o óny part thcre(it ; Kotice i-; thei I i ven, that 1 of tbc power of sale (Antaïn n in -of the Kt :ii in ■ ï t i siidi r is.' made and provj U be forecli sed u Hatiu-dfny, t ! e twftntyseventh '■ y of Ai ril . er oc1ock in Ji nooit f Uul day, at soutb dooi r í Souse, ín the city of Ann Arbor, in saïd eounty of Wasbrenaw, (said Oonri Soase being the boldintr the Circuil Coart foj saidcounti of v,';i-v-nnw], by eftlo ut public Kttotion, to thr highest bidder, of ihe premuttfl described in f o, whieh s:i'l naortgnged preniisee are di Eicribe i I i snid moi ts (oUow, 'iz : All tbe tollo piecos of land, pit uut ed in the dty of Ann Arbor, washtenaw oonnty, Michigan, vla: oo the intersection of the eouth line of Nor! ba theeast line of División slrectj in nül d j Albor, and running east on tbe ■ 'Ul Btreet ahout twohundred feel lo íhp rntholir Öinrdï lot, t henee soutb flve rods. thwi wel pornllel to Xorth stref-t to División Kreet, thenee north to the place of beginning. Ann Arbor, Miob. Jan, SOth, 1S78. BTLA9 e. DOÜGLASR, Assignee. FSLTH & 8BAXT, Atrnvnc; Uit ■ . 1369 Mortgage Sale. DEPATJXt lütvin'.r been mnde In ihe condftion of n certain moi tgage executed by Cati urine Wall, of Northfleld, ii ■'■ ashtmafp wvm Michigan, on the Ï7th day (-■ April, .. . iv-;;, to BaUy Ann Pray.oi Snperior, in sain ■ onnty un i Btiite, airi reeorded in tïu tho county 'i' Woabtennw, tbe third qay of Hay, A U. 1867, ni V-', oV!wk a. m., in bber 'i o wliii-h sAÏd mortgage wae diuy awigned by Gtïorgo S. IvTieeler, Adrainwtratoi :" '.' Rally Ann Pray lateof 8nperior, Wa h :. in Nsith.'in J[. J p).iy. on lie 17th day of Janu;iiy , a. i. 1871, and rocon ■ -1'amiury a. ï. 1871, ín i - 93, thni i here ia claii u ■! to I ■i note at i Wp date, ho su dred and fprty-two dpUan juni i ,■ bo n wasonnble Bolicitor'ft ör Attorney's i'--, bnould any nro1 ikon to foreoloeo táii mortgage, wid furtherin in. prbceedii ■ v havrtg bc recover ' he same tw auy Ni' !■ ■!■:■-! ■ -■' ■■;■.,-'.■' il I ■, -. : ■■ of tl1 pow-v ■ oed in suid niortpio, I b! lir nnctitui, to tbe hii . '. day nf ■■ ■ . ;■' 2 01 House, in tbe city of Ann Arbor, in naii coun nldiniv tb'1 ' Coun.1 nf l. ■ d Èrnet or par cel of bind keown. and described : followu. to wit : Thf northeast onari fï ol ' " - [11 . '.T tOTnubip 1H3ID aouth iu range uumber six .':■■, lyintr iu No In the i iunt of Waahtenuw.ïn of Mic..igan. DccombcrTth, 1871. rTATH V IT. PRAT. John X. ' ;iu'co. Attornvy for Aesigncj of lortgagec. BHeriff'fl ; ÓTATE OF MICHIGAN, couaty of Wasbtfnnw, m. O By virtué of otic execution ; derthe wal of the Circuit í'rrrí for tbc county of w : ■ ■ ■■ ■- ■ ■ ■ iteot Slicliiffan dated the of ( Nïtober, A. I. 1871, and to mg directcd and rteUvered, n ote, chati les lemcnts rthant H.Goo I on the rixtsei I Noveiob '■, A . i . ! ■ of goodi and levy upon all theríttht, t;'! ■ nnd ntorel that Merchant il. Goodrich has n the following dpwn I e-tute towit: Lota 1. 2, 3,4. &, 6. 7 and 8. in btock onc liorth of Qturoo in the city of Ann Arbor, county of Washxenaw, Rtiiteof Michigan, whifti Land l anall exposé foT unie :i! public ancd'ni, i' the bighest bid ' 'n;ir: ■■ dty of Ann i diy of March, A. I). 1S72, tvt 10 ocltcfc a. m. of paid ay. iMted, Jan. 22d, A. D. 1872. MYKON" "U'ERB, Sheriff. 1358 ByJOKlb? foREF.s, Uinb'i--Shrirf. Real Estato fov Salo. CiTATS or BaeHXlG V.W eountrVrf Wa ihtennw, ss. 7 In the inntler of the estáte of l'olly deoertsed : Notict is htut-by given, tiutt in funUHUteol an ordei ) iic undersisrncd, - ■ the estáte ol Baid dèeeused, by fiu i .i Probate for Che ei milt y of Washteriaw, (iii the welf! li daV Ol ' ■l.r-rjuy. Á. D. 1W2, tliCVC VÜÏ D6 public vendue to the highesi bidder, ai thedweUing noi ■■ ra tho prentises beremaftei described, In che eimnty of Waahtenaw, in sai i State, on Batm tbirtieth day of March A. 1. 17'-', al oneo'clCM k in tlie afternoon of thnt day subject to uil encambrancee by raortgftge or otherwiee exiBtinR it the time ol the death oí aaid deoeaeed), tho following described real . towit: The easi half of the eonthmisi quarter and tbe northwt si ounrter ol aectton twenty-tnree, contninintr tno hnnilred and forty ocres more or loss; the 4Mt part ut the vost. half of aouthw6s1 ojDarter of sj ud reotion t wen -i Imv, oontaining thirty acres; the eaat balf of the nortbwest tion (jwentyteix, oontaïning ■ ighty aeree more or lew ■ nnd nlso the wovt halt of tbe northwestojuarttrof neet ion twenty-uino. oontajning eigbXy. acarea i lees, al] in township thrvc south of rango thi in smh) State. Dntnl, FebnarxlitíL A. T. 1872. JOHM -I. ROBISON, 13fil Administriitor. Real Estáte for Salo. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of "Wjisoteiin-W, se. O tn tiie matter of the estáte ol Satnuel B. Twrn, EmeUne Ji. Thorn, LafTia Tinirn, UbOflii r 1-. Thontj 'fiir.rn, Kupliemitt rJhorn, -ti' and Frank ( ". Tiiorn, minors i Notice is hereb] that ra imrsnañoe ofaa order gcanted totheunderUnnrdian of tíie estáte oí aaid minara by ihe BloiJ Judgeol Probate for the oounty of aabtenaw, on the elevenffa i;. of December, A.. ö. 1871, thére wil] besold ;it public vor.iJiic, totbe bighest bidder, at the dvelling i ome o tbe preu ifter deacribed, in i Ko county of Washffnaw, in suid tí Turafïny, thr BtJCOnd day of April, A. 1. R72, at ten oVlork In the torenooo of that day, [sul uil onoumbrancea by mortgHge orotóerwise -m ing at the time ol sale, and olso subject to the right vi dower ot' the underaigned na inöow ol Charlen Thorn, deceascfl), the describe i to wit : The undirided cieht-ninths (8-9) of eaehof thcfollowing describí d paro Ü of Land, ïz.: Pari of lol A or veel subdivisión of tbe Boutnwest fractioual qvartra1 of section neven, bcjiisiïinp' at tito rKTthfNst corner of aaid lt A, vumuBg rree and iiiiri minuteet thörteen chaina and two Unka tü a theeost line of snid lot A, thence BOntï) eighty-nine i and thirty minutes weet twenty obama and thirty-eiifht links to a stake on the west line of said sed ion Reven, thence along said line north one degree wcft, thirteen chaina and t vo links to ft quavter section oorner, thonoe nlon the qoarter line mui beighty-nins nnd thirty mniutea east twenty onarofl and thirty-one links to the plnce of beginning, contHining twenty-six and 60-WO aoxea Alaolot A, división rf the nortbwest fractionul QQflftet of said aection sevcn, contuiiiiug cighty-oue and 66-11 Anl :ilso of the eouth purt of the west. part of the aouthwesi fraotional qnarter of nection six, oontaining fortyaores; all in townshipfouraouth of range threé ra--' , iïi süi'l State. Dated, February I5thA. 1. 11 18 ' 9ABAH O.THOEN, GnardJan. Chancery Xotico. OTATE OF MICHIOAN, The Circuit Conrt fur the üounty of Wiishtonaw ; In Chancery. MAÜY E. COVTXL, Complajnant, ) VS. HBNBT E.COVi:i,i„ Daftodani ) It ■nfrijfiamtnrllj appearina to tbia ('ourt by niïidavit, thnt the defendant, Henry i'. CovfUia not a reaideni of tliis Btáte, but residen in the 8tUe of towa, on i of iti;i P, Kinir, Solieitor for compSafi i-i oninvil tliitt tht' defendant cause bis ■ be i Til red vitbin Dure montha trom the date of this order, and thai In case of kis nppearunce be cause hia nnswer to thfrCOTOplainanffl biü to ba Bied. and a bopy hereoJ to be erved on the oojnplnlnant'a Solieitor within tweoty 'l tya after nervice uf acopy of said biU of complnint and notice of tbia óvder, and in defaull 1 1 ■ ui thai the said lul be taln b aaoonfessed 'y tl ■■ aaid defendant : And ttisfurtherordered thai twenty days the said oomplainani c m - a i opy of tbia order to be publish il ín the Michigan h paper prlnted in said county of VKashtenikw, and that the nui. lioatirn continue at least onoe a week for =ix weoks in suocesaion, or that she cause a copy of this ordei tè bc personauy semed on the said defendant acenrding to i he rules nnA prootioe oi" this Cumt. Dated, Fobruary 20th, 1872, R. l'.KAn.VX. Circuit Conrt ionunássioner, Zina I'. Kmtts Vanhtenaw County Michigan. ( 'oinpUinunt's Polic.itor. 1362 wG Finest Assortment of Toilet 1 Goods in the City,by


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