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Rea] I. ,1 ite ür Sale. STATE O] Uicníü .N, uotintyof V luí ,i ïincJlau-, p, tu. i lLUsabotli ii.visi-r, minora: Notioe of an order : to thi . ! . uantian "--t tlie fht: tweittli il.iy ol Febn r ■ ti door oí i íic i :■■■: Hou '■. ín the i Arbor, in the county of 'ahin Baid fcvtate, od VVednesdav, thctenthday of April. A. 1). 8?2, ok in tho I of iiiii' dny, [subject to nll eDcumbrances t-y nv or othei wiso ■ :■ . i be ík 1 1 !i'M-; sixtceu I ut tliirlyeis lot i iüM, and ■ i wtí Eeet wii ■ thirtylong ui in r. i v, [n Brown ; t ilion tO t he t:iíy Of Aini Áxbor, in i, Febrtiary I9th, A. D. l;2. FBK ■■- LBEB, GuarómiJ Real Estete for Salo. CTATEOF '■: CCHIOAN, whlennw, rs. o5f Daniel B , t ].;l! iii pUTBUtUlCC ctiin ntdat pía ndministraton ■ i, 1 he Son. J Probate for the Cotroty of W"ahtenawonthenlnelary, A. D. :7l. there wil) ■ ..■.-!■■ fo the hí Ing house on tho pi describté. in Uw county of Washtenaw, in Raid otate, on fcwturdaj the nxtfhday of April, A. 1. 1872. tone o'clock in tbe afternoon of that day (suojed to a.i encumbrnnces by morrapeoi o1 hei wiae eansting it of i lm deetth ■ ■ d), the lo] I ate, to wit : The wenl nuarterof se I bU oj the y ol scetion ven nnd ti v-,t h:iií oi thfl norfheast qniirtcr of tho aouthwe?' qiiaitoroí' sectiop twenty, i Vi'" south oí i ontuiúintf one hun■ Dated, Februury 10th( A., i. . i;T )'. KA!:; 136S Adjninúl rato. Real Est ato for Saíe. STATE OF M10HIGAH, eounty of Wasfatenaw, re In the m i'. ■ i of ti. i e pie. de ! : Notice is hereby gxven, rhatinpursi an order grtwted to the undersifirned, admi ,,■ nonwiththcT tJn Bun. Jncl i:i.v. on tho twenty-ftftíi day of.hily A. D. 1871 thbre i i rendne, to toe higí on tbe pnnn inty of AVuohtonaw, ín ■ ■ ■- oarj S in the i'.fternuon oj i (subject to nll pncumbí once 1-y moi tgage oí othorwl . uí tbe deul I folios b tate, to wit : of the sontheast qnartex ol section ten, in to ■ more or lesa And alw aQ thal ■ ■ ■ n thi'i'f am i . ■ outlet o Colombia I.;i4íc, (exeept tliat pait lormerly BOld t John Arin' i íj h'. RCV60 oí' Jan'! a iluch, and on tba wftt b a pond of water. Dated, Jamiuiy Stli. 1872. JA 'OB BATJEB lior 13.rifï lie boni r.m with the wiil jiiin-xf:1 above Pulo is thotwelfth layo! Murch, A. B. 1SJ2, ni one o'eloc placo above flxed thetefar. truary ïïtb, i S7 i . .i.' OD BATTEn ' ■ itov d boni's ntm with wflí a ot Jaoob ÏCaehrle, i Estato of Lewis Moore, Son. STATE OF ilICHIüAK, County oi' At asawdoaol tlie Probate ( omrt tbx tnci ■ eñaw, uní'). . Of Am ■.'■ ' v.'u; y-íjr-t day i ii ;, . in the ;■ eaü ou sevent] -tr. In íhe iuuttor oí I ■ W iUiam i ■■ i ointed admii . Tbei íupon i, ordered, mat Tuesday, the ninr b d.iy of Marob next, at teno'olock in the fon noon. ■: M luw of s-iid decearad, and nlfotl erpenonsini ■! ( Btaté, are requiri ti to a] ponr -'t i a ■- ion oj : ben to Ge bolden, the f City oi Inn .'■ i i r, un i'showoause, if Miy I ('y thc jatiyi petit i ■ : Ajad it ís í'urtíi . r íive no! ice tot] ■ ■ .:ím1 i ii aid (■-■ .s: ■ , ot the pendency of aoiü pet i.ioii, and i ín1 hewi i pj oí I b arder to be publishedlin the Afíc . b m-v. paper prínted and cirenliiting ín Raid coauty, tii]- Bnoív - (Atrueoopy.) 1303 JmJjfcof Proba tete of Electo Mwason - minor. STATE '.KMICIIT(;AN.ConntyofV;ijlit ion Ol 1 i " ubatc (;ourt for tlie Oou! ifihtenaw b.o e ProbateOffi e.ln 1 1 City of Aun Arbdr, on S: turdjiy, tlio twcnly nr d:iy in ! In the yea; une tliousiind élg hnnúred Snd s!-vcnlyv Present, Hirani J.lieal(efr, Pudgcof Probate I ii the matter of the Estáte f Klrcta miisor. üoreadiDpaDdiiliug the pctitioD, dnlyvt Hcbron Huí ■ t. ■ - tbat he inay b ■ belongiog t Bald minor. Thercñpon lt ís ordered thni Monáay, ih tweuty-flun daj ol Maren next, ai ten o'clook ín uforeuoon , be Aslgned !"ir Lhe h 8Íd peí. tion, and that tfie nxt of íhí of aitl miuoi and nll other poreont lntofeited In eali qulred o appear at ;i - aW Cour tnen to be holden ai thc I i Aun Arbor, and BhowcftUBei lf anj thwe be.wl j tb abüiild uot be :- ■ . iii;ii s;ti(i petulon i y v Dotlce lo tbe dcxI of kiii oi Baid minor, ano :tl otlitT persona tntereated la KVid etot, of tfe pendoTic oí md thehooring tnereofb caobi] ü acopy oí ti mí, a nowspaper prlnteci and clrcnlatfn in -shícI Connty. thmesu ■ vlotw i ofbearlugH1RAM .t.IiEAKKs, A r ruV'ïopy, o odate t l Pro'jfttf Estafa of Leander LcBaron. QTAT1 [OAW1OonntTAfWaí!htTiíí-w, ■-? O Al :l H-.--ioii (he J'ruliiíii i r Wa-h cenan , holdeu i e Pro ba tí office i; th city oí Aun Albor, on Prlclay, thfl twimy thlrd u: n[;iry, in ihe year one thoqsand I{ bi hun l and sel ■■■- - -two. t'n-i''nt . HfriNpa J . Boakes.Judgc of Prt)latP. In tüc matui of 'bu estáte ol Leaiidor LeBaron docoft ed, Qptee A Cobb, Admlnlstraíor of cornet ulo Conri and representa that he Ifl nov pri pared to rencei u;? final account as euch Adruin .-i rator. Therenprn it is OrVcod, that TnefdftT, thí .i aay cf April, nwii, :;f ten oMnck in t h foroiioon peajlod for exaniining and allowlnf suco accoinü, and tita heire atlawbY saidde perscnnliiterested In said estáte are reqtdrcd toappeui ul He?ionofflflidConrt,.thej t" be bolden m the ProbateOí thé Cítyof Am Arbof insaidCininty andshuwcaosfifany tbere be whj tneeald account shonld not be al lo wed : And i t i: fnnher ordered, thal Bnld AdminietratorffHeBötloi to theperioneintere&tcdln Baid estáte, ol the pen dei ■ j ol b Lid aceónnt, and the hearing thereof, b] causiug n oopj ofhií Qrder to b pobllafaed Ín tlu Michigan a rv. ■ . - newsp&yer prtnteá andclrcnlattnj in said (.'ounty, r.liri-e sncceselTe weekí previous t( Bal íi-iy oí bttarfng. (A truc COpy.) H1IÏAM J.BEAKES, iaö Jadue of Probate. Eitate of Iloraco Welch. QTATBÓFiHOmöAN.Ooontj DfWaslitennv.M o At aseealon of the Probate Coart for theCount) of ':ls1h'-ii::w holden a t the ProbatO Office lo thc Oítyof Ani Arl-or. on Mondfiy, Ae tWnty-txll i!i oí Fbraary. in the year one thoosaud cihi ■ i and p iventy t . Prepent.H Iraní ) Bea!wpJndaeof Probate In thfl matter of thc estáte of Horac Welch, de ea - ñ Thomas Ninde, AflmlnlitratbT of pnid estille, .niíK.'oürt nnd reyretenl thnt ho U now pre p iuil to reiider bis flnftl acoonotas such AdmlnUtrftThcreupon it la Ordered, that Monda v, theíwentyílfth day o f Maren néxt aiten o'cIockIú the forcuoon, be ftsslgned for exammlng and aUowing eoob account, and (n Lhe helreatlawof said deceased, and all othei persons IntereBtedln sald estáte, are reqalred i uunear al n ioIl of astd Coort, ti en to be holdep afino Probate Office. In the dtj o f .muí Ar!or. in íiidUonníy, and slmw (■;;■■-■. ifany tbuv the Baid accoant shoald not be alto wed1 A.nd lt la further ordered that eaid Admlnltrator ottee to tho persona, Iite?a8ted in Baid estáte, ofthe pendenev ofsald accoant, and the hearing thercof. by cantinera copy of tbis order to be pub Itehedlaue MicStgan 4r&ns, a oawapaper prtñted and clrcolatlng In snid Connty, three Hitccessive werikspreviou&to Sí ■ arlng. CA U-aecopy.) HÏKAMJ. BEAKEP, i;; 3 Jndgeof Probóle, Estato of George E. Gooding. STATE OP MI'"!IIIO AX, Connty ofVTashtnnftw.M AtaaesBlon ofthe Probate CanrtfbrtheConBty of Waehtenawt holden ut the Pvobate Office, lo tb City of Aun Arbor, on Saiurday, the tenth day of Foornarr, in thc year one thousfind etgbt hnodred ana wventy two. Present, Hiram J. Beakee, Judge of Probate. i ii ihe matter of the estáte of Georgo E. Goodín, deceased. Onrcfidingnnd fitinpthepetition, dnly veriflerlof An&is S. LLQnodlng. praylns that a certain instrument now on ííle in thiaConrt, pnrportlng to be the last wlll and testament of sald deceaaed, m.iy be ftdmilted to Probate, and thítt she may be ajjpüiuted solé EExecntriz thereof. Therenpon it is ordered, that Mondar, the eifrhteentb day of Ifarch niti at ten oAoek Jhe forenoon he.issiL'iicd for theheartncrofsaldpetltioiHand tiiat the lefiateeSi devlMeaand hotn t law of sala déceáeed, and all other persons Iñteréttéd in Raid entata, sre reaotred tu appear atae#aion ol unid Conrt, then to be holden, at theProbftte Office, in thc City Qf Ann Arbor, and thvw rase, it any there be, why prayer oí tbe petltloner&hpQld eran tea: And ií is farther ordered, that sald petit'onergive notlce to the persona Interested Fn solé estáte, ofthe pendency ni snid petition ami th i' hearing thereofi by car -t thfa ordtr to be pnbllsbed In the Mi , r newspaper nrlntedandclFcnlatinglTi said Connty,three itccessve weeki previoas to saSd Hay of hearing. CAtrnecopyO HIBAM -i. BBA] 13fr Jndge oi jobatc. Estáte of Leonard Fejl. QTATBOI MICBTJOAN, Cotraty of Waante&ar, sb. o Notíoe is herby friren, thal byan order ofthe Prort for I Ij'1 i 'u:hí( i on the twi'liili ilay of Febraary, -■. D. 1873, sis montha íroin tliiit ií:iti wi'f.';ill(jvt.-(l ior czediton to a ítos agaúast the estáte of feona l-Vll. ■ iti" ft' :ii.i cnurii y, deceaocd, and thal ;i!l credttors of ■Tit tbeir el ■ said Prob Court, a the EwtteOfficet in the City of rm Arbbr, foi examination and allowunoe, on or betore thetwelfth day of Angnst nekt, and that snch o miiH wüJ bo heaitl befor. Court on jatvurda , the tven ■ of pril, . Sfonday, tb rwt-lftli d;ty óf August tnxt, ut ton o'clockin the iorenoon ofeuch of thOMdays Dftted. Ann Arbor, gqbruary 12th, A. 3 . JA72. miïAM -J reakeb. 1301 wi Judge of Probftita, GotoR.W.ELLISft CO's forstrictly Pure Drugs and MedicinFiPainte.Oils.&c.


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