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Good On Butler

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An amusing story is in circulation at he uxpenso of tbc eminent gentleman 'rom Mutisachusctts, comraonly called 1 üld Strabismus." At tho President's ".ir tlie uthcr oight, whioh was dcnsoly cfowded, uu old lady f rom tho interior omewbete, in afainting tondition, asked ïer husband to got her an ice. " Cau't be did," responded the "hub, " n some irritation ; " there ain't 110 rereshments hero." " Didn't we get plenty at Belknap's the otlur night ? " the good woman inquired angrily ; "now go and got me an ice and ome lemonade. " I teil you, now, don't be a fooi; tboro ain't no refreshments; everybody gaya o," grunted the lord and mastcr. "You are quite mistaken sir, " said tho Ion. S. S. Cox, who happened to be near, and who never loses an opportunity to ut in a joke. " Tho President alwaye jroyidos substan,tially. Therc is his buter, whoso business it is to show ladics to ;he supper room," and the Hon. little jesicr pointed to General Butler. " You'll ind him a little stuck up and cross, but ron musfcn't ïn'.nd that ; teil liiui to get 'on terrapins." ïhis was said so gr.ively that the two itruggliid throygh the crowd to where Jen. Butler stood talking to some la lie-s. " I say, Mister, I atn told you are the mtler," said tho man. "I'in General Butler,'' replied oldi.tstra)ismus ploasantly, thinking tho two some Dim try people ülled with admiration of lis grèatuess. " I don't care whother you aro a gonral butler or not, but my wii'o wants ome terrapins and lcmonadi'." " Sir 'i " snortud old B., in amazement and clisgust. "Oh, don't tako on airs, old cock. Como ow, hurry up t-hem terrupins. "You must be drunk, sir! you must )e drunk ! " No he ain't," soreamed his wifo. "He's Kniírht Templar ; ho ain't drunk, but I uess you are." Boais of laughter grooted this, in vhich S S. Cox was forced to join. Gen. Í. roddmied in tho faco aud began puffng his cheeks out in thu most violent ianner. " I don't undnrstand this oxtraordinay conduct. What do you want, sir - wliat do you want ? " " Terrapins, I teil you." ." What do you take mo for, you cussed bol i1 " roared Benjamin. " You cali me a cussed fooi and 111 hit 'ou on the snout," screaincd the man. At this juneturo a pólice officer seized je belligerent husband and led him way amid much laughter. Butler, turnïg auddenly, saw the mischief maker. " I say, Cox, did you do that 't " " Wcll, yes, í'm afraid 1 did." " Well. I owo the terrapins, and I'll pay 'ou, mind that - I'll pay you." And the two walleed lovingly away.


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