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"playing The Piano."

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Tho Poot of tho Brcakfast Tablo gives thia vivid doscription of the manner in which a girl of tho period inakoa ready to play and plays her grand piano : It was a yonng woman, with as many white muslin flounees round her as tlie planet Saturn has rings, thíit did it. She gave tho music-stool a twirl or two and flufTod down on to it Hkn a whirl of soap suds in a hand basin. Then sho pushed up her cuffs as if she was going to fight for tho champion's bolt. Then sho worked hor wrists and her hands, to limber '(ni, I suppose, and spread out her fingors till tlicy looked us though they would pretty much cover tho key-lioard, froiu tho growling end to tho littlo squeaky one. Then thoso two hands oi' her's made :i jump at tho koys as il' thoy were a couplo of tigors coming down on a flock of black and wliito sheop, and the piano gave a great howl as if its tail liad boon trod on. Pead stop - so still you could hear your hair growing. Tlieu another jump, and another howl, as if the piano had two tails and you had trod on both of 'om at once, and ;i grand elatter and scramble nnd strings of jumps, up and down, back n Qd forward, ono hand over the other, Hito a stampede of rat and mice inoro than like anything I cali music.


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