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Wo aro told that the extremes of both largeness and smallness of stature aro not favorablo to the strength of intellect. Giants and dwarfs ore generally deficiënt in this respect, and excessive corpulonoy or meagerness is seldom astociated with mental activity. Arigtotle and Bonaparto, howovcr, were short. Charles James Fox was exceedingly fat, Daniel Wobster both broad and tall, and Lord Nelson a living skeleton. A largo head is gonerally the acconipaniment of a great intolloct ; but a sinall one with a coniparatively oxtensive forehoad is quito consistent with mental capacity. llaphaol, Charles XII., Fredorick the Groat, and Lord Broughani were illustrations of tho latter fact. It is said tliat any noïc which is loss than tho height of tho forebead is an indication of tüu defootivc iutelloctual powors. Tho eyes indicate character rathor by color than form. The dark bluo are found most commonly in persons of a gentío and refined charactor. Light blue and gray in the rude nnd cnergotic. Lavater says : - " Ilazel eyes aro tho inore usual indioations of a mind masculino, vigorous and profound : just as a genius, so-called, is ahnost always associated with eyes of a yellowish cast bordering ou hazel." Tho higher tho brows riso tho more thcir possessor is R'ipposed to bo under tho iniluonce of feeling, and tho lowor the better oontrolled by bis resson. A very sinall oj'o brow is an indication of want of force of charactor. A tolerably largo mouth is essential to vigor and energy.and averysmall mouth is indicativo of woakness and indolence. In a manly face, the upper lip should" extend bevond and domínate tho lower, and floshy lips are oftener found associated with a voluptuous and meuger ones with a passionato naturo. Tho rotreating chin indicates woakness, tho porpendicular strength, and the sharp acutencss of mind. The Secretary of tho Treasury lias authorized tho Assistant Theasurer at New York to purchaso ono million of bonds on Thursday, the 1-lth, and ono million on Thursday, the 28t.h inst. ïhe Seoretary sells no gold this month in consoquonce of tho heavy paymeiits to be made on account of callcd bnuds which fnll due on tho 6th inst., to tho cxtont of $ 10,000,000.


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