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Planting Grape Vines

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The Boston. Jourtiai of Chemvttry Bays : It is surprising that so many families in the country aro willing to live year after year without cultivating a single grape vine about their clvrellvngs. They are eompelled to purchaso the delicious fruit for tbc table, or not tasto it during the season. There is a coinnion iinpression that to cultívate grapes pcrfectly a vast amount of knowledge and fact is required. To many the simplo trimming of a vine ia a raystery, moro difficult to comprehend than tho hardest problem of Euclid. This is an erront ous view, and ought not to prevail. Any person of coramon intelligence can learn in an hour how to trim and nourish vines, and if instruction cannot be obtained trom some oxperienced cultivator, thers are books filled witb ent and illustrations which niako everything plain. Three vines of many difforent varieties, planted in some sunny nook, or by the side of buildings, so as to obtain shelter, will, if properly oared for, furnish many a bushel of delicious grapes every year. Select a Concord, a Deleware, and an Adirondack, mako the ground mellow and rich by the use of a spade, and by employing old manure, flnely ground bones, and ashes, and set out the plants. In three years the nice clusters will appear, and in four years the produce will be abundant. It is well to have vines planted so that the waste liquids from tha dwelling can be used in fertilization. If thero is any food the vine specially loves, it is the soapy liquids which accumulate on waahing days in families, vines drenched every weck with these liquids will nourish astonishingly, and extend themselves so as to cover large builrtings, overy branch bedring fruit. We say to our readers everywhere, plant vines.


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