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- The ííew York Evening P)xt says: ( " Y(! have not boon saüafied with fhe ministration of Gen. Giant. 1 its authority as thu naüon&l E - , gcvitive, it has mode ut least ono capital ( error in our foreign - tho Sin Domingo schoino, it Iris failod to socuro u 1 amnesty, it h;n broken down in ■' tu reform tho ivil sorvioe, it has entirely forfeited all its eirly pr uiouaati 1 promisea in Lhe matter of revjmu) reform," and "we do not loo'.c upo-xi the re-èleotion of Ghjn. Qrant, with his it viows and pplicy, as in itsolf a desirable event," - and ranch more of tliu game sort. Yet tho Post has suoh a horror oí' "tho oopporhoad.-:," of another flood, or of anothor calauilty insoine g irdcu of Kdou, that it is inaking roady to support Grant for fear that tha Domoerais iiiay co-opo:'ato with, th,n Iliberal Republioang in a:i attoni]t tj defeat h::a. Thu Pvtt roaiinds ua oí' tho story of the girl who ao;ountod for an agonizing outburst of grioí' by saying ; "I va3 thinking: if I shotfld got marriod, and should liave a baby, and the baby Bhould die, boo-hoo-o!" And the Post, " Oh ! tbose terrible copperheáds! boo-hoo-o!" - Thoro is a capital cartoon in tlio March nnmber ot' tha Pcoples Pictoria', y,')1, ropresenting "Alorton & Co. c-utting oLf Sjhur., Trumbull and Suinner from thu Iiep'.iblio.m pj.rty." An oíd -probably oae of th ; aam i oak undor whioh tho iïjpublioan party was organizod at Jackson - roprjscnts the party. Fixcd íinnly upon its brtiuches, le ming againet ita tmuk and taking it vc.iy coolly, are Mussn. Trumbull, Logan, Penton, Sumner and Sehurz. Morton, Shorman, Conkling and Nyc oceupy a single projeotiug linib, and Morton is vigorously sawing awiy at tho saine, and betwoun himself and the tree. BjIow ara rocks anda river namji " Salt." Logan Üaa i-iiistíd. his hat iu military stylo, Btunner extenúa his vory graoiotlsly tow.vrd the loppors-off, wlúlo Sehurz significan tly projocts a llngwr and lojk-; bclow. Nast c in hardly beat k. Ihere ara also other goj 1 pictures iu the samo nainber, reprosonting " Civil Sjrvico llofonn " and " Proteo tioa." - Goorgo Vr'. Curtis waa an carly, if not the original, i I .- ■ 1'. 1 of civil sjrvioo reform ; Graorge W. Curtís is one of thu civil sorvioe roform cotnmissioners pjinted by President Grant ; Geo. W. Curti3 reportad the civil service reform progrannne whioh is defended by Trumjpull, Sohurz & Co., itnd 1 in un iel by Cirpcntor, Mortou, uu.l Xyo as a humbug, whioh lattur Seaatara avo algo tiio exclusive friends and keepe Grant ; George W. Curtis is also tlio editor of llirpo's Weelcly, whioh contiuirilly caricatures Sumnor, tíühurz, Truuibull, and thoir Ropublioan cu vfrorkers. Put thai and t!i it and thut togother, aud balievo, if yoa eau, that Graiit is honestly in favor of civil survica roform, anl roally does not mean to squolcb. it, or that Goo. W. Curtis is not tryiug to ride two korses. - The New Yoi-k Tribune is opposod to Grant's renomiiiation and ro-oloction, bu can't tliink ot' workiug with the Domo crats bocause the Djmooracy inclina t revenue reform or free trade. Tho New York JEvenmfPost is buthalf a Grant jour nal, favors amnêsty, revonue ïeform, etc. bui c;m't bo defiled by assoaiatiug with Domocrats bocause somfi Domocr:i1s vcr on oopperhoads. Aud so these two journals must nueds pocket their prinoi pies or conviotions, shutthoir oyos, greasc Grant and swullow him whole. - In Harper'n Weeldy forthe 16th, Nas ■has a full-page picture, " What tlio Sonatorial Cabal C:ui Not Blow over." refraetory Uepublican Sjuator3 blowing through pipe-stüiiui or something elfla at President Gfrant, ho-smokmg away, meanwhile, and looking ascool as a cuoumber This specimen of artist wit or ':sarkasuni' the Washington Chrotiide, a Grant or.ju.ii is pleasod to cali -'b.ise anl vulgar." I3 the organ out of tune, or why is Nast, the main roliauce of tho Grant Eopubllciua snubbed thusly ? - The St. Louis C'hrktian Advocate (Methodist) don't take much stouk in fe malo proachew. It says : " We havw heard a number of fora aio preaohars, bu wo confesa wo havo never heard 0110 wc desired to hoar again." And thon, as a 'elincher : ' Whatever interest muy be os citod by tho novelty, wo aro satisiied tha tho continue! ministrations of a female proacher wouldbu vory dulland anedify ingto a congregación accustüiucd to a masculino ono." According to Gon. Porter, Qrunt' private socretary, the President didn' want Leot to take tho general order busi ness : but Leot used the President' let ter to got him a slice of that business from GrinnoU, procured tho ramoval of l.irhiiicll beoauso ho wouldn't give hin tho wholo of it, got tho wholo of it from Murphy, and keeps il ye.t. PUrt that and that and that togethor and decide how much Porter's testimony beforo tho whitowashing coinuiittcu is worth. O'Connor, who assaultcd Victoria, homeopathically, by flourishing au empty pistol at her, now says that " he only desin:d to frighten the Queen into compliance with bis demands ; that any fataV reeult af the assaott would havo brought the Prinoo of Wales to tho throno, and that evont ho does not delire to occur. IIo wishes Queen Victoria to bo tho last English monarch." And yet tho medical exaininers pronounco him sane ! - The obstinate Oïeeley would not ign tho oall for a Ropublican National Convention, and now John B. Claek, of Missouri, another member of tho oomiuittee, li is thrown a firobraml into tho rauks of tho faitnfiü in tho forin of a letter deolaring lus opposition to the nomination ofGrant, aud assigning his reason3 "in languago that's plain." At last our friend Don Ilondcrson has mast-headed the names of Grant, Colfax, and Stockbridgo. ■ Wo know all tho time that ho would havo to como to this, -that h3 couMn't resist tho efforts of the n Citizen, WEarsharll ThrooRivers Bqwrter, and lïistings Banner. Now, " let us havu peaco." Grov. BaMwin ordered special elections in one Sonate and three Represa ntative list i iets. ' Tho Democrats elected tho Senator, Mr. Brownell of Mooomb, and one of the K'.uTesentatives, Mr. Hodge of the Juckson County district. Xhey lailed Ln tho other two, probably beeause not iioiniuating. Fo3ter, the car-hook murderer, has got a stfty of groceedings from Judgo Barrett, and his c;iso is goiug to the Court of Appeals. Ha dies hard. - -Mrs. Isabfella Heocher Hooker ha iued an address to hor "Deai FríendV íu i Donuúcticut, denounoing tho ' oans of the woo Ion nutmeg Statu and of ] the Union, Hii'l urging f hu woman-suf, male and female, to givo thoir couutenanco, aid, support and votes to the Democratio oandidate . - :?27,OOO of tbo moneya appropriatc 1 by Congreas for tho State Depitrtmont mildiúg were used to ereot a "modest ni'l unosttmtatious " stable (r Qraat's studoif . 80 the arohiteot in cluirge relt is fortúnate th it no moro hor se3 had boea gi ven Graat, ur the whole ippropriatiou migbt havo booq paryeir t"l and oxhausted. - Ohas. Halo, Ropublíoan, a Sjiiator i-om aBo3ton diatrict - in tii ■ ?.l issa -'ausetts Ls:slat(ire - haying raaigaed to uocopt tli.: position of AssUtant Soci'ctary )f St.ite, ut Washington, Praaois W. Jacobs, Domoorat, was elüütud his suocessor on Mon liy. - A u vil has b.;.--.i Lasued ir. K naaaa for ,1 conveiition of "Liberal Eepnbhcans" to oncl du!cg:ilos to tho Cinoinn&ti Coavoution. It i.s aigued ly ex-Senator Hoss, cx-Ui)V. Cráwford, and obiior equally prominent ltepublioans, - Naat haspaid ürooley for withholdiw his nam'j froui the c-.ill for a Bepublii- ui National Uonvjntion by labjlin a caricaturo oí' him "What I Jiaow About Bolting." - Loet, Stocking aud Co. still run tho swindling general oil.;r business at New York. Sv-.i reform frota Washington. - Tho Union l'.u;iii(j ron! i roported olear of anow obstruotioas again. Fhom au a 1 Lro33 recently issuod. to the woiiion ofthe I lili : 1 States, y ÏSh.IsaBELLA BBEOHEB EoOKER, wc ojpy tlia following paragraphs : Tin: ftEPUB-LIOAN PARTY CSE] A growiti; conviotion that the Ripublican pirty oan;i meet coming issu s, bowever admirable its work in the past, compela DW to present a few ounsidoratioH8 coiiücruing partios and our dutios towards them. muco the resulta of the war aru acciipti:1! by both ju"ti;s, the ii i . i:., Louger which aucoinplishud rovidential work of abolishing slavcry m;l eatablisbing muuhood suïbut whitih can most hopufully be bo depended apon tu hooi the woud a temblé war, restore frieadlj relationa ovur the whole Uni singa oi' libarty a dearly bought, and administer righteOQS governmout on principies ofoquaiity and jus tice. That the party which h.13 been tha instrument ot' Vdnquishiiig and hol ling in duprusion v tilt) halt' of a great people, and foroing upon thom the rule of au ignorant class, while exoluding from oitioo their most ititölligent and üest educatüd os, and tjoje upon whaua I tstoined to rely for guidance, tuit thu party! hekwevof hoaestly ti;s'■■ui expöot to torfl jniacotul relations and gaodue aaim ysititís boru of a civil war, is unptailosophioal, and contrary to all historical preoodoiiti TI11-; PARTY Oí THE FUTURE. Tho De:nocratic party of the Xo:th was long reproached with boing the ally ot' the South. That alliauce, howuver disCTeUtajbie it may have been, gives that party a hold upon thu South thnt the Republicau party can oever acquire. With tHia advautage for hsaling etrife, every lover oí' his ooontry should rèjoice to aee it, with a in mly sacrifioe of pride, aoecptinpc the coucluions of tho advanced opinión of tho d y, and (ar trom treating thisprogressive movoiuont with contoinpt, should jive it a weloome for its a.uro proiüisc oí a botter future for tlio : .-. What wise motUer would tautjt hor erring son with his past Life, vhen he, asking her conii Iges bimgelf to begin a new life 'i It is hècause the ruothor element has be n esol'idod. from politics that cha,ractor and principies are bo little considered, while mero parties arn relied upon i'or osefuj ends long aftor they havo become fossilized and havo ceased to represent any vital principies.


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