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Naw Voiik, Mandi I3th. Cotton is wenk at22,'3, and very email qi; . aging huida, The offsets uf tiiis is wen in the disposition of jobbers to let prioes remain whero thuj ar. Iírwy bnnvn BheetingS are firm at 14}@15c, . !.i ro lliLY wchj :v 'Avek ugo, and thoy bei ng tin uiknowli ,p '1 tandurd ofvuluos, show theooudition t' tii: ïn-'viL'it. Wool tontüuiea tg adrwtM, bat the aaautaoturen being gentitiïly wOU atoobed that rltfa the ü.-rlit demand for thcir goods and full market heyc.Nj lo to bridge ovei until thenew rop of wuol oonxefl in or relief aiTives from some uaxtor. It is tbougbt that the erop villbomuch ai'ger tlwn ia genertilly expected. Sudara have firmed p aud ure now held ;ü '.,( i íío ;ulvmce. Rio coffee ís olling praetic.illy duíy off, oompaxèd wtthfffi aya ugo ; primo, 13 . Flour favery dul(. Miehigau wlientledined3c: ohoioest, ora Is heavy tOftafloat, aiiil 00 m Btore, Oftt, íivm, Uichigau . Western butter advanced to 20 í23o for rair ;. Cbee-ae, xoited,heldat 1S. Moncy te iu toa demaud at 6 i7 pCToenfco&cail; '.'WW íiuduys. iold, liov ïbo Ebne couptVtUU is oumplctc. The ew boai"d my, if tney will, fthow thnt raecnlity nd .merican financiering are not yuonymoui. Síarch 1" f The 3ry goo .' ■ - . few chiuisred umi ■ 'lutry vs Uii"wn to ï t t ampia tor uil reauirenM&tÁ, and if furire made they wül be t' e rwult of upar glation. Even tl; hesvie t jobbere now buy with aid of hoi ■■■■ .. Whon bar and sheet iron -".'.■- i-i1 Ib. pi-i week, nailn V: . -t-- o per ku.ui'l tin 5 qI.OO Ux? it most be expeoted ■ ■ alatoiis vn b ■ uctive. As an in way euto -ythenew prfee f. f iron, I i I powner öt thwrity I r the 1 . ■ for a ■ teller four ur five weeks, nQw fiada he ■ nn ■ v. Lth ■■ oayü ■ iore. Lan) oil an M .i in ín ■ uü % quite uil I' ii pruhftble that tho op(?;iin of navíífafcion wiil m n t . 51e intime bolaen would SVheat w feverish tct is '.-i.iTi - in tl.'ï courso Of 30 daya puzziing both ■■ H . '1 !■■■■' - ■'■: ru-.v-i laiL'f-r tli : ' and N" V dulli r. SVi re it n l for n domand fi aouhw . t hu prorfpoct wotdd txB iHor inN . Y. and Lr. ■ Booh a time hut an inlir-ct hffloenoe onoar likely lo ba i ho oase bo lowj ns ■.■.lnHf beeps lown nnrl out winter wheat i- tt, Qoaing ratei vns: et, i. 1 white, 1.52. Otirn quioi al ;-:... Oat tenddownward. Barr ■.!. , ■ Le . ■ ■ ]■! Ib. Choice butler, 20@ 24c. Eggi 10(17(5. Ckeêae, ïoï'c. A NS Akbor, Thuksday, Marcli 7th, 2?. A.VWU i bu. Bkkf- Brtngí 7 á8c. ÖoiffJtD Mi-:al--$iti, 11 7TÏXB -Prfc rmiiiiin at ia@20e. Buckwhsat- Prico have declinod to 80c per bu Beans -$1.75 per bu. is paid tur goo:t riiiulity, CoKNj-Briii' rbu. 1 h mm 3 12 'e, '-Coinruand ', l-'j.-tï-it - xxx. $4.00 per cwt. Ha( -$1316 por ton, accordiug to quality. Hu.NCï-In c.íp, 18;t20c. Lard - The murkot stauáa nt 7(9 Oat- S33&GO, POTATOJC- Oíd. FoQ'K- ín breneO hogs tho market ia plnycd out. TUKKETS- HC. The murket isf[met. Whitt; tc uote ftt 1.45rl.5O; amber, 1.401.15; red $1.351.40.


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