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jlc out tor new mapie sugar. fBufy -local polUielans . pulllng wlres, 'fli; wcatht-T Is pll( with. a storm "'ifcsuming lila öod habit oi earl,L..ülüSol. It is golng lo cost the Methodist Socle "500 to pet their bell re cast. ,TIh' üniverslty Junior Ezhlbltfoq has ue ,vtiere the woodbine twiuetU." 1 Bishop Bobgrss, (Gathollc) is ta offl' (lt st. Thomas' Church the coming ïiaDi.KV F. Gkanokr has filod hls ie and entered upon duty as Collector 1 ,[uteriil Klvenne for district. _ Ncxt öuiiday i.s St P.arick's Day, (H ti,c. usuul (.-elubrutiou ol it by our Irisli uos 'il take place on Monday. The Senior Law Kinl .Medical studeuts very tjusy ust now prepariug forcomenceiueiit, whlcl) occurs a week froru next fcdnrk'iay. _ The Alpha Nu und Adelphl lltorary jucieticsof the University are to hold :i bl!c discusbion in the Unitarian Church Frlday) evening. _ ffe wcrc nol present nt üouon's lecjreon Tuestlay eveaiug, but having conrteiifei" onr correspondent, " Aüdienck," comtneiKi Ms severe strictures to all iiuerThc trial of Jacob JHOHS, In progress ïttlie ti;ne the lust Argus was put to ritss, resulted íq a verdict of guilty. Bentmee has not yet been prononnceil and a uotioii íor a new trial Is iiei).liiij. „The letter -head, bill-head aud circular hwk wblcli Ib belug done t H'is office, is ponouuced "tip top "by all vvho geelt, lío, jost before the rush of spring tradc wimncuces, is the ciur.e tQ haud iu yopr ■dei. _Iu the snit of N. H. Drake va. 8TBrBO M. Wi.üstkk, to recover license mourj.ihc cali for a jury was witlidnuvu, aud lleevideuce was heard by Judge Higbv on friday last. The arumeut ha uot yet lei! had. The Chronicle is responsible stating the "cathole" has lisiem-d to one Jinior speech. Happy " Cat hole !" ücMfd Junior ! Yt:t how f ad the thought man cars sliail ncver be accorded a pi privilege 1 - La iv and ordr, or llqHor and disorcli v sthe general theme of conversution upon oorstnets, and every elector will be cnllcd jpou to deoidc whlch )ie prefers on the Ut ■ j of April m:xt. In glvlng his decisi;n : iilu: rc-morribrr that the welfare of our ind lts good name abroad, Is at stake, mil tliat a vote given for law and order is litepplng-ton to good results.


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