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LOOK HERE ! To rr.y frk-tula and ratrons in tu DAYS OF AULB LANU SY.NIi, And to the Public Keruraliy, I tako tliia niotliod oftaylug thm hftvuif parchasod th inturcöt oí Mr. L. il. Tuylor, in the old and wcll kuowu TOBACCO STORE ! OT HÜBON STRKJ") 1 tivo dooi west of Cook's Hotel, (at the sIru of tr. Hij? Ini,riu.) I m preparod tu offer tlnra as good a islut-k of CSOARS ! TOBACCO, BNÍJFP, JPIPES, fco. At as reasonafole ratón ns can be found at any Store in Ai, ii Arbor. By keeping a full Htopk and payin2 atrict attention to b'jblncsH, I hopo to merit and roccive u fiür sbare of publig patroauge. PLEASE (ill'E 1 A CALI C. L. PACK. J357ID3 s k püiladï 'M p a I I a r II AHItlSít'S uufl liaisod !■'! "-p-t; rutcis and iiis-Iiii'j, uitsurpuss od in Ifeuuty of Dcüifn niitl I'inisli. XTarrion' indirect ribbed srUAJI ltAUIATOIt for IliIi and Low Pressure. P, A. BII.I.I !YGS, Detroit, 1355143 Solo Agenta fcr liichtjjqn. ff FA1.SEIIEP0IIT! THAT A. A. TERRY 5ASG0NE0ÜT0P T8ADB HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A LARGE AND COMPLETE 'STOCK OP HATS & CAPS ! JUST THE STYLE, AND AT PEICES TO 81TTT T1IR TIMfiS. AISO A FDLL LINE OF GENTS' FURMSHING GOOWS! DON'T PUKCHASE TOUR SPRING AND SÜMMER OUTFITS DNTIL YOU O-I"VB X-ÏI3VE -A. O-A-ILJ-.15 South Main St., Aim Aibci. 1BS14Í. detroítXdvertisements ÍIOLDSMITH'S Buyant & Steatton Bes" iNasUïuYHnsiTT, Detroit - Business practically taught after the CoiiDting House systcm, the only trneancl practical Bystem for illnstratinj real baslueB8, requiring Banks, Store, Business Honscs, Offices, Board Df Trado, etc. ïo institutlon ever took a prtraium for liook-keeping and Business l'rnctic over thtsiustitution, and any assertion to thocontraryis false. Picase address as obove for pipen aud documente. piT-A-ILVETiGJ-F.- I will place $500 n the V hands of nny reepouslble party whouevcr any BilHard Table mannfacturor 19 Willing to test the merits of his Billiurd Tablee, as to durabiliíu. exact toorlenuuuhip and $tylet comtctries& and qiiickiwss of cuíttoní, ïie yenturlng uliko nmount on the decisión. Amll further proposc that tho winner sliail dispose oí the mouey wt. u by giviDa it for uome cuaritablo parpóse C. SCHÜLENBTOG, Billif.rd Table Manufacturer, Detroit, Mlch. KV GOODS, WlfOI-KSAI,!;. ALBERT D. PIERCE & CO., WHOLESALE DRY GOODS, 35 WOODWARD AVENUE, DKTHOIT, MICHIGAN riACTFBELL, LllvM & CO., DEALEBS IN DRY GOODS and MILLINERY Hl & 113 W.iodvfard Avenue, coruer C'ongrcse St. Detroit, Micb, DRESS MAKIXQ A SPEPIALTY. Mre. CLARA B. DARBXMV would repectfully announce to her former patrons, and o Uiers interoated that shewill resume bcr lnstructlon in Vocal and instrumental ilaslc. Sjlxe will alsoform n class .for Instruction of children In the elementa of Vocal Muslc and Rotding ana Singing b.y.noí'. Addres her al retid :oce Xq. Í6 Fonrth Street, Ann Arbor. March "th, 1S7Í. 1861m3 'pfiOPLE'B DRUG 8TOiü( R, W.ELLIS& CO. ■A.ITIJ ABB0B


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