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Welcome To Rain

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JWp, drip, drip, fall the rrtín- The boautiful, lifo-yivinff ruin- It spa rk los in diamond On erery spray ; It joins with the brook, And iroea rippliug away 'Fhtough meadow, and vallei, una plain, 'lili merged in thoütéan'e bluo main. Drip, drip, drip, ín thedust, Como' nnture'y benetioent tvvat ; Alike on the paraon Returninff from church, Alikc on the bcgrar Who stands at the porch, Xïift ska for a mureel of craftj ft falloth on " just aud unjuat." ÏStip, drip, drip, it comes down, Hejuicinif the cotmtry ivnó town ; ïhe farmfet se in it JBroad ar.rèo of prnin, The inerchaut is silently CouiUin his f?ain ; In nati;re tïrere i not n frown, For greou is auiiplantinff tho brown. Dript drip, drip, now it pouri ! Bubmeixiug all things out Of doors. The cup of the Hly rsfnlltothobnras Tlie owl in the troo-top Sits sullen anil grim, A's be honra the wind wuko ; now it soars In solemn lugubrious roars ! While drip, dript falls the min- The joyou, frolicsome rain - it HpoTts with tho diomoixln Tlift hfrtif oh the spray ; ft kidses the strcam. And nes laiivhing awy ; Ñow iffttterea, twjwiïttered, nï v;nn, Coquetting with all in its train. Prip, drip, drip ; now 'tia plain, Convivial, turbulent rain I lost to dooorum : Borne on by the flootf, 1i waltzea ín eddies, It trailtt in tho mud, BodraKffled tbrouih guttor and drnïn, TU1 cleaneed in the Oceau's pure main. 'ibtffluám%xm


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