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How To Build Brick Chimney-tops

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All tho brickwork abowthe superstructure, whether tho building is stonc, brick, or wood, should made with cement mortar, which will absorb mach los water titan ni'irtar made ot' caustic liuio aud and. The bricka for a chimnoy-top should be soaked. ia wator for a, few minutüs, so that thoy will not extract tho water from the mortar. Iu order to have mortar become very hard, it must dry alowly. By laying up wet bricks, tho mortar will set slowly, dry slowly, and eventually bocome alinost a3 hard aa tho bricks. Évery briek ehimncy should be oovered at the top with a oopestono, with an arched top, or with bricks placed over the flues, like tho rafter of a building, for the puxpose of turoing ofF the water which wouïd eo-down. tho inside, be absorbed by the bricks, and, in soino iastances soak through and wet the paper or kalomining on the inside. A chimnoy-top laid up with good cement mortar, aud overod with :í fí)pistono or cLiinneyareh, will stand the influonces cf the toi-.hp.F for moro than i hunAred ycars


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