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T Q. A, Ü.ESSIONS' J INSURANCE AG1CI. 11 is Companies Are Soumi. )II(ENIX INSURANCE CO., HARTFOïtD, CONN.l APITA I. AND ASSETS, Jdit 1, 1811 .. . .$1,781 ,000 IIICAGO LOS9W 7KO,O THE PIKENIX ■ the best conduele irc Insurance Compuyi thiliiKed tates. Alirafl ptnáeut and ound, nd alwoys proinpt in paynient of loses INTERNATIONAL INURANCE CO., NEW YORK CITY. The flrst Oompnn to pa tho ordcul of th New York Icuirancö CommUloDcr0 elncc the Chicago Flrc, coMing ast Irom ttieacrero test TRIUMPHANT ! Aneocinted I'ros Dispatch, Norcmbcr 2, 1S71, THE INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANT. The Superintendent of the New York Mate Tnnrancc Depti'tmettt, wtolsiBaking acarofnl oftiial cxamfn tion of the New Yorfc City Companie o-day, certifica that the. International Company's sset"f il,50i,000 nrc sccnrely inveeted, (ind it fipitnl of $500, "00, after provlding for all llabillttes, nclndingthe Ohk-ag" üre, ia wholly nnimpaired. Thf Comptiny is payrn all lts 0hlcat}tlo8M and seoundand rcliab'e. Policios lsKticdat fairrates at my office. No. 11 East Huron Street, Ann Arhor, J. q. A. SESSI0NS, Agent. lMTtf. T1IE FARMERS' STORE WILL COMMEXCE THEIK CREAT CLOSING OUT SALE ON A.ND ATBR TUIS DATE FOR TWO MOINTHS. Our Sales to the present time having been more than we anticipated for tbe year, we propose to sell for two months jrc oost SAVE YOUR MONEY BUY YODE GOODS OF A LIVE HOUSE, Wlicre the Stock is always complete, and Priees the Lowest in the City of Aun Arbor. Don't fail to cali before mating your purchases elsewliere, as WE ARE BOUND TOSELL Aan Arbor, Jan. 2Sth, 18T2. G. HAYS, Sup't. tsatup yM. WACNER IS KOW READY FOR THE FALL TRADE nving ReceiTod.Large Stock of FALL AND WINTER O-OODS, JNCLUDIltG OLOTHS, CASSIMERES, VESTINGS, &C. of the BEST STYLES and ÜUALITIES, WIIIOH HE W1LI. MANUFACTURE od terms to sult: Also a full line of REAUY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FURNISHIM Goods. EEST STYLB1: ALSO LADIES' AND GENTS1 MOROCCO SATCHEL8 No.21 South Mia Street,- Kat 81de: CALL AND SEE THEM. WILIUn WAGNER. AnnArbor,9e?t . 1SI1. i-RAND INVESTMENT. SCIO FLOUR MILLS [ARE NOWtOFFKRED FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, And o reaionablc tennfl. Partios wishlng to buy wil] iipply at once to N. W. BRIGGS, Scio. 150ÍW4 iHYSICIAM' PRESCRIPT1ONS A0CURA1ELY AND CAHBFULLY PREPAPED BT Ii. W.BLL1E & OO.,nitUaöI8J8.


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