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DBFATJTjT hating baan mud in the condïtions ot ;i morttfage ftsscuted by Duniel Kent and Marthu Kent to Silüs IL. Douglass, Administrator f iho ost;it of ilfniv W, Wrliort, deeosjrad, btwring date the tw.-niy-rtïtbd.'iy of Aïiil, A. D. 1863, nd reeestitd ia tnoe of th Begistex 'i' Dsedi tor Waahtenaw County, Michifran. on the twentj fifth day of April, A. D. 1863, inubor 30 of mortgngee, on page 71(1, by whioh dufüiiH the power oí" au Ie coutained in naid mortgwgc has become operativo, on which mo . i (o bo duo al thia date the som oi two hundreU uut fbrty-aeren dolían and si.vty osassand twenty-flve dolían aa an Attorney fee aa provided in suid mortgage, and no sui( rat luw or in Bhaneery naving boen instittited to recover the débt kci ïm-ii hy sald sajartgageor any part then ol ; Notie-' : th rel , noreby given, that by virtneof the power of Bule oontfiincd in said marfgage, and of tlit: statute in feuoh oase made and proYided, mm moi i'■ { cm S;i( uriliiv, the elsrenthday of Siay next, at ten o'doek Intheforenoonof thnt iT;iy. at nouth door of tlie Court EEouse,in th city ut Ano Arbor, in 8üid OOUnty of Washtenaw (suid Court House beingtne place of holding Uw Circuit Court for said County of Washto nan , by Mie fttpublic auution to the hignest bidder, of the premisea descriforö in said morteage, which said mort 'w-d prentLsei are dcscribecl in sóld mortgage as rouows, vis; Ail Utose CürcH.n ptocea or pareéis ol land eituatcd in the county of Wutfiiteiiuw, in the 8tate of Hichigan, desoribed na fbllows, viz: The west tweniy-nix and foity-six hnndredthn acres ot the nocthwest (juarter of the norihwost fractional qnoxter of seotlon number toni, and two sores of ïmul ia the northeast corner [on number ftve, kring bótween tho nnll pond and the seetion line, all bmg Ín township innnbor throe outU of. r tinge nwnber threo eaet : ii the righl and privilege of ftowing ao nraoh of the northaast (pnirtiT of section number live aforesaid aa muy e overflowcd by ntisinjr the water at the dam on tho Bral desoriltcd parcel thirtecn feet ; ilsö the easl pari. ot lot iiuinti v tour (4) in block number thirteen [ISlf in Ü0 YUUvge oí Nylvan Ín theoounty of Washiiimw, and State of Mfohigtm.ftooordinff to the recorded plat of said viHago, boanued and describcd (is foUowi : boundcd on tho cast by tho enat line of taJd lot running thence west on the northline of said lot tlttynine feeti thenos Bonth to a point on tho outh line of I said tot flfty-six. féat weel from the southonst corner o.f, ñ:d lttt tUeui'e eaat to thei iflinthamti eomey of sitwi lot, wiid last dewribed parce] being the sama land oonveyed to snM Daniel K 'i if by Beckcx Pruttand wife by deed. doted Mtirch ütii, A. I. 1863. Ann Arbor, Mlch. Pob. I2th, 172. SM. as H. üOVQLAhS, Administrator of thO LsUte of Hcnvy W, WcUt, FXXOB & ífitANT, decei(od, Xlortfrngee. Attorneya for ktortg ■ ■ ■ - i,il Mortgage iSale. DEPAXJIiT having been made In the condihan of a mortgage execut_ed by David DeForeal and Marianu DeForcst to PbilipBach, bearing datotheSOth diiy of NoYembeXi A. n. 1963 1 and recordod In the otnee of the Register of Deuda for W afihtentní on: ni y, MirOntran, on the 221 May oj NqveiQber, A. D. 18E7, in i;Ur .'V of motTtgams, ui page Bü9, and duiy aaifgnod by aaid Philip iï:ioli to Enuu M. Dongiam, by naaignmeni '■ thethirdday of May. A 1.). SU, and recorded in the office of the said Reguti r oi Doedsfoi Wiisliifiinw romity, on the 7thday ut Mv, A. l. 1870, in liber 2 nl aasignmeutB of mortgagefli h page 511, by which default the power of aale contnined i m said mortgage hat beeonu operntive, on which thcro is cluimol to bO due ftt this dnto ÖiE Hinn of three thousoud i;vc hundred .-nul thirty-flyi dollars, and lift y dolían us nn Attornoy fee ;i-= pro vided in sutil mottgoge. and no snit or proopeding m luw or in ohancery naving been Lnatitutëd to recovej the dt'bt Beoured i-'', or ony piwt thereol ; Notirc is theróforc heroby giTen, h; by Tirtui of thqjxwer of sule oanrumii ín ntid Dsorteago, am of the stittutc in Hur.h oase made aml proviacci, saÜ mortgage will be foraelosed on HaturdAT, the twentyaercnUi day of April noxi, at ten oclock in the foro noou of tlint duy, at th'1 sonth door of the Conn Koiisc, in the city of Ann Arbor, In said county o Wnalttenaw, (said Court HausQ beiug the plaoe o holdixurthe Circuit Court, for aaid oounty of Wuahle n i' , by i-ui'1 at nnhUa anetion, to tha higheat bidder - yf tho pr;mi(iR desorilK1!! in ftaid nortAgo, whiol Biiid mortgaged pramises dosorfaad in snid nort gage as foHtiws, vis: AU the fnllowtng lc.-cribe( of land, idtuated in the city of Ann Aibox Washtenaw couniy, Hiohigau, vi.: commencing n the tntersfction of the south line of Korth i i ÜiAoastUne of División BLrect, in said city of Am SArbortand running enst on the nou'h line of Nurtl streel abont two hondxod i-t tothe athblic' hurcl lotfthenos santh ftvo tods. t pnrnllel t N'ortii street u.t Dirition Rtrect, thence north to th place "t beginninfr. Arm Arbor, Midi. Jan. SOth, 1S7?. BtLAÖ il. DoUOLAHR, Asajgnee. ! :. n ft QbamTi Aitorneys for Assigneo. 13S Obttncfiry Notice, STATE OFMICITICiAN. Tho Circuit Court for th County rif Waabtenafi ; LnOiancery. MART E. COVELL, l omplainant, ) ''S, KKXUY K. COVELL, Dofendnnt. ) Li h itisfaotorily appcnrinR to this Couri by nfflda i that the defendant, ttenry E. Covejlia npj . of this State, bir ttte State ■'' towa, matton rtf Jnu 1. King, Solicitur tor complaínant, i is ordaxod that the defemdfint oaune hia appcaranoe t be entered wiUiin threo montlu trom Ui; date ot tin order, imd that in cüsc of ha AppearanCG he ciuüo hi uuwer to the complaiimnt's bil! to be filed. und a oop thereof lo be serrad on the oorapbiinanffl Bolicitt wiihin twenty daya af ter service of a oopy of pnid bi of oomplaint and notioo of thia order, auu In defanJ thei eoi Hint tlie said lill be taken w oonfessed by th B lid dofeudant : And it is farther ordered that wllhi r twenty daya tho said complainant canse a oopy of thi order to be publiahed in the Btichfaan Argwf, ■ nawi paper printed in said oounty i,t waahtenaw, and tha the puoliCHtion continue ;U loastoncA week for si weeks in suocession, or tha1 sbe cause n copy of thi oxdei' to be personall; served on the said defendoc accortlinpr to the rules and practico of f hi.s Court, Dated, February SOth, 187Í. R. itKAHAX, Circuit Court Oommissioner, Zixa P. KiNO. Washten&w Conniy Michlgax Complainant'a Holicitor. 1362w6 Chancery Noticfi. STATE OF MÍCIIIOAN, Fourth Judioinl Cirouit lp Chancery. Soit pending ín the Cirouit Cour for tlte countv of Washttnuw, in chiuit ei y, wlieivii Nathan II. Vhecler is cuiiipluinant fVid Elizabet [Wheeler isdefeudant, at Ann Arbor, t}ii riiistdayo Maroh. 1872. On réoding aml filincj duo proof by alKdavit thatlh iiaiiR-it defendajit rtfsitl out of thi.s state, on residen in the State of Nebifu-ka, and on motion o Ninde & Crane, Solioitcus for oomplainAOt, it i-t;i (iwed tliat ufd defondani oanse her appenranoo to b entend in said cause within three muntbs from tï date of thi order, and ín default thereof that the bi of coniplnint in s;ud eausebe taken us oonfessed b said dal eiidant j and it is further ordered that withi twenty dayfl said comphiiiuint CiiWsP ft OOpy pf tin urdcr to bc puiiUshcd in Om.' MicUiyan Armat a news paper printed and pobushed in the city of Ann Arbor in said county of Washtenaw, and that sueh publica tion bc eontinued once in each wceklor six successiv weeks. Datod, Muroh ist, 1872. J. WILLARD BABBTTT, Circuit Cuurt CQUUnJssianfir, NlNHE & Crank, S ashteiKift ( 'uunly, Buch tígl'ra, for Corapl't. ISG4w6 Commissioner's fótico. CTATK UF MICHIGAN, county of "Wushrenuw, s Ö Tho unitorsiijncd, having betm appointed by th Probate Court lor suid county, C'omiuissiouors tore ceive, examine and adjqst all elaima and demanda o all persons u ga in si the QhUÜe ot' Matthew Scbaible luto of sai4 county, deososed, hereby give iiia eix inonths froru date uya ollowfin by order of salí l'robate Court for crediions to present tlieir claim against Iho estáte of said dceeaned, and that they wil rmeet at the re-sidenee of said deecased, in said county on Saturday, the twenty-seventh day of April, nm on Baturday, thü ■BTOnveeath day of August, next ot tn olclock a. m. of eaeh of said duys, tq roccirp uKumijitv uil udjuttt anuí eluitttë. Datcd, February Ï7th, A. D. 1S72. GEORGE IvECK, JOHN SCHAIBLE, 1362w4 Coinmissioners. Estato of Luthcr Boyden. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahtenaw, ss O Notice is hereby Riven, that by an order of tlu) l'robate Court for the County of WashtenaWi iuadu ui the fifth day of Mareh," A. D, 1S7i Bil months from thrtt date were allowed for cyeditora feo their claims aainst the t-jtte of Lathor Boyden late of said eounty, dpr-eased, and that all creditors o: aai'l deosaaed (we requiied to prosent their daúna tu said l'i-oiwite Coiirt, at the Probate OtJioo, in the City o: Ano Arbor, for cximin;t,tion and oJlowaneO, on or before the fifth day of September next, and that stich luims wiU Imj henrd beforo said l'robate Cmni.nn Saturdny, the twenty-flfth day of May, and on Thuraday, the flfth day of Öoptembar next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of exeh of those duys. Dated, Ann Arbor, Míirch 5th, A. D. 1872. Hl KAM .1. BEÁKE8, 13G4w4 Judge of Probate. Coiiimissioners' Notice. OTATE Oï MLXCHIGAN, County of Washtenuw, bs. 3 The undersined, having been appointed by tho Probate Court for siiid eounty, Commissioners to reOelvo, examine and adjust all claims and demands of al; persons affïiinst the estáte of Edward S. Booth, late of said countv deceased, hereby grivo notioo that six months from dato are allo wed, by order pf Bajd Probate Couri, for creditors to present their claims against the estáte of said deceased, and that they wil! meet at the office of Üeorge C. Pape, in the villagfl al Dexter, in said county, on Katurday, the eUrhtwnth day of May, andou Tliursday, thcflftli daywBeptember nèxt, at ten o'clock a. m. of each of said days, to receive, examine, and adjust said claims. Dated, March 5th, A. J). 1872. GEORGE C, V4GE, 13C4w4# ALEXANDËli D. CRANE, Coramiösioneru . Estiitfi of Philip Eiding, OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of "Washtenaw, bs. O Notice is hereby given, that by nn order of tho l'robate Court for the County of WashteOAW, ruado on the eixth day of Maroh. A. 1. 1871, six months from that dato wcre allo wed tor creditors to present their claims agniunt the otitate of Philip Ktding, lato of said county, deceased, and that all creditors of said doceased are rviuired to present their claims to said Probate Court, at the Probate Omoe, in the City of Ann Arbor, for examination and all ov mee, on or belbro tho sizth day of September ;;.] that aiich claims wil! be heard bcfoi-c said Probate Court, on Saturtlay, the twenty-fifth day of May, und on Friday, thesïxth day of Septcnber next, at 10 o'clock in the forenaou oí. eaoh of tbose days. Dated, Ana Arbor, M&reh 6th, A. 13. 1872. HIltAM J. BEAKE8, 13(iw4 Judffc of Probate. Estáte of William A. N"owland. otate of Mi H1OAN", County of Washtenaw. ss Ö Xotiec is hereby given, that by an order of the Probate Court for .the County of Washtenaw, made on the fourth day of Mareh, a. 1. 172, six niontlin from that date were nllaweil for cveditors to inaent ) luir c!;iiiis tLTuïu'it the estáte of William A, Kowlaud; H il, and that all creditors of utiid' de ■ ■ luirsd to present their claims ['culiati' Court, at tlie Probate OiËce, in the 'il y ui Ann Arbor, for examinntion and allowance, on Or 1 ■ tor the fourth day of September next, and that sueh claims will be heanl bcforo said Pivbate Court, on Baturday. thfl twenty-flfth day of May, and on Wednesday the fourth day of öeptembor next, al tsa o'elock in the forenoon of eaoh of those days. DaWd, Ann Arbor, Maroh -Ith, A, TJ. m -'. UKAM J. 1ÏKAKE8, J3fHw4 Judge of Probate. T IVEÖÊESE FEATHifiRS J ÏIBST OUALITT , 6ontantlonhnd and for sale ly BACn fr ABEL, GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's for9trictly Pure Drugs and Medicie6,Paints,0iis,&c.


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