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The Prayer Seeker

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Along1 tlio aisle where pruyer was mnde, .urn all ïh black urrayed. Ci m vcilcd, bafcweeii the k&eêling host, glidiog inotinn of a ghoat, Paai cTtótlu tioU and luid tliereoa A Kcioll whiuh bóW) l .ane- Truy foi me ! BHCk from the placefof vors hi ping j flided like u guilty thing ; 'I'iie o: bw draperie, stirTed IS y liuit imr ii ■.'!, i lui ie yrtut heitrd ; Vi hile, mil of ftwp, the preiichei read, Ab uut fttto thu duik aho pcd : - "Fray tur mei" Back to the niiiiit (mm wbenoe &he came, To uiuijKtint-d (riet or slinino ! Acrt the thröutold t thal ivor isutie knew the burdcn tlwit ahe bore; AUme thé lvit t)io writtcn croll, TJtifi k-goud of u troubled soul- ' Prny for me. Olidc on, poor tghont of woe or sin ! Tbou Umi-. 'sr a Qommou aeed witÜin; Knnti beun, likc t-ïieo, soniu munelesa wcight, Sume i;lÍmiy, innrliculate, Borne secret sin, lomo shrouded drefid, bumo housobold sorrow all unaaid. l'ray lor us. Pass on ! tho type of all, thou Hrt, Sad witnw-s to tne common lieart Í WUb fttoe n v. ii and seiü on lip, In muteand stnmgc companionsliip, Like thee t; wanqertound fio, Uunibly implorin us W .iï : l'ray for us. Ah ! who shall pray, linoe he who plcnds mi want perchonce hath (rroater neetï f, Yel tliiy who m;ike tbeii kwa tht-gaiu Of bthers, etanll not askin vain, And SeATen bendlotoberthe pTaycr Oí love from lijw of öclf dt-spnir : l'ray for us ! In vaïn remorse and icar and hate Beat with bruiscd hands againat a fttlc, Whosc vralls of ïron only move And open to tho touch of love. He only feela hia buidrn ftUL, "Who, taoght by aafferiiiff, pitiea (01. l'i;iy lor us ! ITo pTayeih b?t who lcavos img-ucssed The naystetiea "t anóiher' breast, Wliy cneeka irow palo, why eye o'erflow, Or béada are'whitt, tïiou flwist not kuow, 1 i.oueh touoteby many a sin. That eery heart hath ned like thine. Pray for us.


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