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The Xow York World on Monday publishod au articlo pointing out in detail tho discrepancies betweon the roports of Treasury oüioials, and the gross misrupresentatioii ot' Sacia by which the Adiiiinistration has deceived tho peoplc as to tu tbe oondition of tho public debt. It will ropay carcfuA pérusal by all thoso who caro to know the dopth of dishonesty to which tho adniini&tration of national affairs has been bronght by the corvujjt oab'al which rule at Washington, and tho falséhooda with which thoy have undeavored to impose on tho people and mako capitiil í'or thoir campaign for a new loaso of power. ïho writer shows by transcripta and comparisons of official reports pi tho Treasury Department, that whilo iSocrotary Boutwoll has been boasting of having reduced tho public debt ncarly $300,000,000 sinco General Grant's inauguration, his own figures provo beyoud coutroversy thut, on the firat day of July last, it was only $39,661,225 lensthan on July 1, 1868- a rodaction of but $13,220,416.83 1-3 per aunuin ! Is it not about time that tho hangers-on of tho "Washington government and its rnouthpieoes stopped bawling themselves hoarse over tho juggling monthly statements which the Treasury Department cooka up and scatters broadosst over tho land for the purposo of decoiving tho too careless and credulouj votewV Whon the debate on tlio French arms matter disolosed v sorious discropaney in the accounts of tho War and Troasury Depuvtments, tho roady anawer was, that the defioiency resultod from flie düforent systems of book-keeping and was ouly apiiarent! This subtorfugo will nol when tho discrepanciys occur in ür. lioutwoll's own statements. In his report for 1S71 ho recites the public debt tor oach yc-ar, from lfSOl to 1868, inclusivo. Coraparing his statements with the reports :rettuiea Cha: ', Pessendcn and McCulloch, for the samo years, and there is fouud an aggregate discrepancy of $138,528,376 Again, the annual reports of tho Secrctary and his Register (tho booki- of the goverument) neve'r ngree, tho difforenee swolling from a quartor of ft million, in 1861, to nearly a hundred millions iu 1S70. And yet this violent coullict between thoso officials suddenly disappears in tho last report, without a word of explanation, and for the first time thcy comparo precisely to a mili. In contrast to this confusión, to cali it nothing worse, tho Secretarles and Rc-gisters of the Treasuvy during the eight years preccdiug this Aóministration agreod in their reports upou the public dt-bt to the minutest fraction. The fact of tho enormoiis taxes levied upon tho countrv has no doubt aided to decoive the public in tho belief that they wero fast riddiug therasolves of the dobt. To what other purposo could tho money be legit.imately putr" Thoy know it was collected, :it t'.ü: tteavy oost oí tho prostration of some of our leading industries, and the vexation and annoyaneo of tho business of the country. The glaring instantes of rascality, tho al roady exposod frauds and emboüzlements of those who havo had the iiandiing of these funds, account for niany mülions intho aggrogato; and the peop'.o aro now wa iiag up to tho knowlfact that instead of tho honest aad cconoiuical adtninistration of whioh they have boon told, thoy have boen plunderod to supply tho insatiable maw of a horde oí' hungry olHce-holders, to v.l'.oni tho history of nations furnishes no parallel. Tho brazon impudence oi tho party that'oys claim to frugal:: integrity undor suoh circumstauees is equallod only by its shaiaoless squanderifigofthe public property, its reckles9 nxtravaganoe, and its ollicial robborios. -


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