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Scene íst: A country ton. Ftrmcrbargaininy with it&Mkeeper for a great-coat. Fa$MER - What! not. givo nio a coat for twnnty bushcls ot' wheat 'i STOBBKEEPBR -'t do it! Farmer- Why not' Stojieiceepeh- I'd like tar lqtyerhave iper, but tbe oloth is taxed (10 per cent., tbc buttons -10 por con!., tiie bruid 60 per cont., the lining 00 por cent., and the padding ipO pur cent. Xow tkeprico of tho coat is -S125. It is (loar, I know; but it's not my íault. "Without these taxes I could lot yer havo it f'or $12.50. Farmeu - Well, thi n, I'vo got to work just so íuuoh longer to produce ten bushels ot wheat to py to Únelo Sam. Howsoraever, it holps to p.iy tho debt. STOEKKEEPEaT-Weli, no, thnt ain't so, eitber ; 'cause the ooat's made of " H:irris cossiuiere," that'a pni'l no duty. FARMER - Ain't it 'i Woll, thon, llallis must íave got thom ton bushola ot whcat. 111 go seo Ilurris. Where's he live ? STOREKEErEit- At Woonsocket, R. I. ISeene 2d: Woolen-mill. Farmer and maiinfitcturcr conv4rsing. FARMER - Be yon ilr. Harria? Manufacture?. - No ; but l'm hisforeinan. Fahmeu - Yi'ell, yon see, 1 went to our storekoupsr to buy a coat, andsays he, ■' I know the coat's dear. I nuist charge you twenty bushels oí whcat í'or it; but it' it wasu't for tho, I could sell it for ten. The coat's mude of your woolens, and our storekeeper, saya he, Sarria gets them extra ten bushels - not Unció Sam. FoitEMAX - It's truo wo tako your wheat, my friend, but we can't keop it ; it al] -lips through our Sugerí. Farmer- How'a this? Unció Sam don't get it ; you duu't get it ; whero is it, fchen? Foremax - Well, yon seo we've got to pay 100 j)or cent, duty on our raw wnol, and 50 per cent, on oni' maehinory. We do not get as nmch profit ns wo formerly did under low tarifl. Iu fact, we're 50 per cont. offthan we would !.; ir.ider absoluto Frec-Xrado. "We'vo got to pay 100 por cont. on wool, and on' G0 per cent. Protection on woolens. FARMER - Cuss it' This 'ero thinit'd liko a wül-er-tln -v. . --siny ten bushels of wheat? First hore, bhen there, t!n;ii nowliere. Wh-it's I to Uo now ' ;max - Go to tho wool-jfrower and tlio maker of niachiaéry. They must hmv the whe&ti i 3cZ : Funn-'j-.rJ. Farmer Fikst Fakm;:k- Well, brothor, is that the way yo sheaf s'ucep in tiiis Jexo section 'i n-d Faumkh- Iot muchly! I'vo em '. ■: FABïfER - Whot' Kill sheop wlien wpol's protuctefl 100 por qèmh? I'm not so proen us to believo any sich yarn'. 8J5COSD Farmkk - Wool ! Doii t kt's talk aliont wool. It makes me sitk to thiuk oii't. AVhy, blo3s you, talk about Proteotioal Whjf, 'afore thm Congrcssraen put up tho duty, wool fotohtd 50 rent i per pouitd. Thcnit went sl:ipiown ■ 30 (Hitttoi Mi 1 I liad to kjli ïcy sheep ior tbeir pelts. Xow, tiioy ay3, af'.or iny ;il dead, wool's goiu' up :igin. : But ihat's no good to m. ïhoui slieep's all killed. FlBST Fi I .-■'.,7 ()ƒ ro) - x,Vt '.1, wheve's tUpsn ten lmshols of wheat ? Dmt 'cm I Ihat'a what I want to know. Secoxd i WYU 1 aiï'i got 'em. nt iih : j'-i ■;', dosed. mi:u - Wall, thia ro jiIücq don't look prospero!!!1, eiüier. (Accoits a I .'.".) Welli strriürr, wliere's the bossr MACHnaST- I was ouce. Farmer - What's tho matter with yer and thia 'ere place ? Yer don't look lively. Machinist- I rayther guess not. Farmer - Woll, an't yer protbcted enough ? Au't yer got 50 per cent.? Machinist- Yos, but the manufacturera prefer EnglisU niachinery ; they eau get it for less than I have to charge 'om, and it's better. Farmee- Why doii't yor sell cheaper them ? Machinist-. Can'i do it. Iron and stecl's too dear. Farmer - ïhis man hasn't got my ten bushcls of wheat. Tkat's certain. I'm blowod if they'ro not 'tarnally chawed up somehow. (ïurning to inachineit, rocitoe story of coat.) MAcniNiST- Wol], I an't got the ton bushels, nohow. Try the pig-iron men ! ■s' . ■"■(.■ Blaat Furnace. F ARMEE (Accosts smiling furemnn,and reciten story of coat)- "Woll, you're the first man l've seen yet wno looks pleatant. Havo you got tliem ten l.ushels of wheat ? MA N - Well, I doesn't know where I sets my profits, but I gets 'em, and I k' rps 'ia. Ha' ha! Farmer - How much do you make on a ton of iron ? Foiiejian- Ten dollars. It coeta $22 to make it, and I sell it for $32. FaritËr - Now I sea whoro my ten busbels of whoat are. You'vo got 'em, and you grow rich at my expense, and tbat of t!io torelteeper, the wöolen manufaotoror, the machinist, and evory man, wbtnan, and child in tlic country. You'ra a thief, you are ; you fátton liko a buzzard upon the ruin and dostruction of Others. I'll teach you to reform your ways, I will - I and ton million moro far:o me. Protection to you is robBry óf us. (TaUoa hiru. by tho throaf) - 'Horial Tax-Payir.


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