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The Same Old Story

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The Buffalo Storen says: A painful inciJent in New York harbor on Tuesday evening shows how badly protected the travcliug community are against disaster. As ono of the Uuion ferry-boats was Crossing from New York to Brooklyn tbc passengers suddenly raiscd the cry of "man overboard ! " The engincs wero stopped and search was made for the man, but he could not be scen. He could be beard distinctly, and tho passengers were thrilled with emotion as tho poor wretch cned, "Help! Help! Don't give me up for God's aalte !'" Some of them tried to throw lifo preservers in the direction of the piteous appeals for help ; but as happens in nine cases out of ten, tho preservers were in sueh a situation that they could not be easily reaohed. An effort was then maTle to lowor a boat, but that had to bo abandoned also. It then becamo certain that the poor wretch must bo leftto his fate. Finally the voice became weaker; tho faint tono showed that the suffercr would Boon be bpyond the reach of huinan aid. At last tho fecblo cries died away, and the story was told. One poor unfortunate gone to his rest. Now, is it not reinarkablo that a boat upon which tens of thousands are oarried evcry clay should be so destituto of evory incans to assist the passengers in the event of accident ? But that is "the way wo go" now-a-days. When disaster does comes thero is a spirit of publicrage, and a strong domand for ampio proteotton for human Ufe. But as the exsitement dies out, so does the rago, and birt very iavr caro to press the demand. And sa men go, and 80 they probably will go on forever. A Jlerald Wasliignton dispatch sfci+es that giuctí tho arrival of Ailrairal Inglefield in this country, six weeks ago, as a naval attaché of the British Legation at Washington, ho hus beon incjuiring minutely and tboroughly into our naval and military condition. Ho has hal ovcry íacility from our govnrmncnt. Ho lias already inspccted th! deíeuses at New York and along tho New Kngland coast, and was lately directod by Ministor Thoniton to yisit New Oileans antl inspoct the detenses of that and other sorts. All this excites mush conimont araong army and naval officers. Only bíx incites of snow has fallen in Dacota Territory this winter. Tho prairies ara now bare, and all tru,nsiortatiou west of Chayara il dono on -wheel Tho gX'Rss is green and gome yoints are found in splendid oondition whioh hadsubsisted ou buffalo gras all winter.


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