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A Desperate Encounter With A Negro

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MeHPHIS, TeXJT., llaroh 18. A desperate flght occurred at Presid(!iit'8 Island, a few miles bolow the city, yestorday. Doputy Sheriff Rodegau wont there for the purpoae of a nest ing a dí'spenvtc negro named John White, who for soino time has been a terror to the negroes living there. Rodegan was met by a largo body of negroos, wlic' were srmed, and proposed to assist in the arrest, bu't statcd ttükt White h:id barricaded his cabin and would make a desperate fight. - Rodcgan approachod the oabill and demanrled the surrender of Wbito, who refused, sayinj; he would be murdered by the pegrOdS if he did. After some further parleymg one negro approached the cabin anti was shot doad by White, who riishol out and secured his gun. In a few minutes ho shot another and also secured his jjun, but was wounded as he retreated to his cabin, from wliich he opened a sharp fire, wounding four others. R idegan, seoing it was impossible to dislodge him, sent to the eity for assistance, Deputv Sheriff Mike Hyne summoncd a posse. went over, and proTeded to t.ikc meaos to burn White's cabin, Upn Beoing wliich bearronderred. After his arrest it was with thn greatést difficulty thot the negroes were kept from shooting him - tin ■ even threatening to shoot thr) ofHccrs if he was not iïivn up to them. He brought to this city and jailed. II" h is sorved a regular term in the Third Cn-alry, and, it is said, killed several men before.


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