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Nkw Yuck Miren 19. The tnirkcts gr-Deratly hnvc .1 BtHToalog icmlenny. Coffee i roucllnj; from tlic lethargie condition In whlch it ha been cc Conirre?f bc-aii Co tinker nt the import dntics. Prime Rio has advaaced lo 2'Jceold, and rulos flrm. Suïars have npprecialed fully ,c thclftst sii dnys. nnd holdors are -ot push' iDSMlttt. ltaw cottoik hasadvanccd to '-'2;, but la dull. Dry cood hnv taken anothcr bullooDing nt, nnü V-e principal slaplc nrticles have beeo nvirhcd ap withm ihree days, Utlc:i 6-4 blcarhed MTtïtgt, f.r lustance, beini; held at 3T!i. The m:rkel quite activo 11 mesa pork, which 2 dayi siuce was dull at 19.009U.TX, is now flim at 1S.5S. Kcttle lard has deelined too awt Is flrm but not active at 9'4' Best westeru buttcr 23i32C. Chcese flrm at '20 for Klour Is at lïist active and firm. Wheat alo dolog better: white wesit-rn, 1.7; amber, 1 73. Cota lirru at 6J. Oats qalft at 37(3138 f r Midii-.m. MoDey is tight at 7 per centón cali ar dio 011 long paper. Gold toiichid 10JJ to day. Exchanro, owing to a hcuvy forolgu (iemand for trie stock, feil ofl' ,ini. liKTiüHT, March 20. The most notable changes sincc last Wednaada; aro a decline in tho fur uutrkct, anti further advauces in irun producís, Skunk and raccoon skins have e;ich fullao off 10@20 per cent on the botter qaalItleS' The former, however, continue to le ÍA iliing in Miníame Fashlon's cstimatlon, mink having been TOted vuljjar. Bilt tlat tho tyramiictü cr.mocan for ai.y length of time cuforce that choicc is doubted by oue at leut, Tin platea have advanced to$15 p.r box fnr 10x14 I. C, and $18 for I. X. Sheet Min has advanced 2-10ths, and nailt aie in obcdieiicc totha dacMoo of au iroa-miikers' convention held latt week, momeutarily eüpected to ndvancc üicper ke Jobbers still sell ludatís.üí. bat are notireeal that ratc. Groc;ries are quitj active Thouh sudara are lirm cast, dealers ecll at about oíd rates. Cofi'ce has made no change, and now tbat thcre is 'i stroner feeling at the east, prices will bo likely to remain steadv. Flonr ia iu bettcr (iemand and flrra in pnce. Wheat Jllc turner all ar uiirt, but subject to daily flnetuatious stock in sto'e is about the Baine as last week, soine Ï25.000 bushcls Thouh theru is no poseibllity of shipping to Nw Y'orkt the least advance at that jjlacc süfl'eus the views of our holders ; while. to show that t'uerc are rules whlch work only one way, a decline in New Vork pro inccd uo vitiule effect hcro. This is because wo depend more upon tho outh and west for a market for our spccinlty, nd becnuse every riso in New York aiTects the sout h and weet, which are comparatively bare of and must have white whcat. o the tbeury goes. Closins ratus: Kxtra, $1.63 : No. 1 whito, 1 67i ; Treadwoll, 1.ÍIX ; amber. 1 {3. Corn flrm at 49c, and oalg quiet at 39. Barley. l.G0g1.65. Oreen apples, í3Xi3.T5 per bU. dried do. Hrm at H per lb. Butter, flrm at ■.'4i'2."c. Egt; up to ao. Cranberries, $12@l 7 per i.l.l. Maple sugar wonld comraaud lic per lb. Po tatocs flrm at 'JO. Live shcep flrm at $7.5(@8.50 beeves. $3 .7S'$i 25 ; hog, H.'y$4.&0. Uresscd hog, $5.606. '0. Clover seed.Vi ü5@410. Timolhj-.$.1. 43.5. Asx Abbor, Thobsday, Match list, '72. Apvlüis- 5080c [wr bu. Bkef- Bring !@8c. Boltkd Mem.- 12.03. B-xrEii- Price remain at 18SJ20C. llucKWHEAT- Kone in murket. $1.75 per bu. in paid fox gooíkquality. Iirings53&5licperbu. I Chickins- Drossed 12, Sic. Eücis- Command 15e. Flook- xxx. $4.00 per cwt. Hat- $13 1" per ton, acoording to quality. IIonky- Ín cap, lÏOc. Laiih -The markot simula t "@8c. Oats -33@S6. POTATOK8- $1 80. TOKKETB- HC. Whkat- The market nrjuiet. White wcqootet ll.O91.i0'; mbír, 1.401.4S red tl.85l..


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