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Estáte of Kufua MattU OTATE OF Mi, ÏÏKAK, o,,unt. '7of WhUw, holde ■ , & &.. city oí A ,rb.,r, or, ■L '"l; 0.&, Mnreh, i tho olJe tuiu "' flfl'.th,i PraMt, i tirara J. Btko, j1N.t„„, „ "" rtar be licenwd to !! the iíB ,pr"'"w tfi?1.1 (h., piooeed, oí „uc:: s.,l, i o „ ln unid istulf. lUo PMwrrt inu1! Tiioreupon t is orderwj thatAf i " ! '"■!' April „oxt, .{ til 'W1Ulv thelejtalee;. devine. A5Sr."tl.Sfe ?? jtíred to apnnr nt n maion o? J, id '"'C' bu, , and how won, lf .in u '" '= or " H persons ,Mr,st,,l ■„ „J," "kTA (A true copy.) nriíi ' U6S ?ÍJ-BEAKt - Jl"!'tel' Hortgage Foreclóáure Not;,„ "-- i)EFAL-LÏ I,avi,,g U-en mtóe in ,he Ot'C(1 mortgngemKd. „„d ex,.c,,tPll ..í, CUiik Sutton, bcoring d.,te ti,0 fou,?h',0 .,?' the ouwe ot tho ]'..-:,:■ ,,i i "', ' "" 'won pagofour hmidred and tvá,u, i, """Wni toenth diy of June, A D i-hf? i ' on " 2T ínatitated to cover thedett,ecu, bJ'.-t1" or imy part tli. ro-.,f ; N.,iic i, t í "tai given, tlmt 6„id mortpoRo will fe" Ï';"? , i' ! o? t'je mortBca J-ndíiad „S? 't torth, 01 pnrt the.eof, on Sai ÍZ .? í dayol June ncxt, at eleven o'cl..iík .7 ,i "" at the .outl, door „f tho Court U J" 'l? 'ií Ann Aroor. rhnt beins tho place ot hoidS. é Court !oi the t-ounty of wL.ut.,, ■ ffi"1'1 % igrd preinúc bo ío 1o wld, by vin 0 .J? ■' ■ak ,n uid morteage. nre dcaoribíyl ín ';," " usfullow: "AUthattraet or pared SÜ in tl.c ton-nship of BridgewatVto oJ1 WMhtonaw n,,,l Sute oTMichLiiï "ÏÏ""1 desenbed a. beiiifr the north-f "' ! " -,( townrfup Dumber four ( ) „outh rfSSSlï four(4 eart, tóntainiiy aero, ot Ei "! same more ,r cís, i"4 U DnteJ, Aun Arbor. March I4!h ÍS;} Attorney fov Mortgapce. .j,. Chancery Not'icé " 0 lhe Circuit Court lor the junta of tKSt1 In chanten. ' ""'loit: jAcoii ï. wïafe. i vs. ( JEANNETT A. WISE. ) lt i.iüsfuctorily appcariiiK tumi j'n. iji. dovit, that the aífeaSant. Je.,nJtt Á ff ' it of the State of Michigao, bot HatiïA Jt Santa Cía a California on nwio" „ 7' I-iiwi-L-ncc, Solicitar foroompIniiiRDt ítiiorimí tho.lefcn.Iant, Joannctt A. Wise w k??"' anee to be entered in this cause trithin h ïïï from the date of this order and thï inwï?1 appearance shc causo her trasver to the comttóL? bul of coinplaint to be tiled, and n cjny tbmrfü. served on the omnpliunant' Soliriiur iiibíitJüí fier servici; of -a eopy of said Wil jtd rL tlus order, and on default thenof thnt theaiT Si taken h.s confeised the suid dcfradint JtmMti' Vise; and it is fnrther orderc.1 t)is( withmimt days tlic :nd complainant (Miie a copv oí u T to be publULert in the iliMgan jw , - " paper, pnnted and published in the city of At. L Wiwhtenaw oounty, Michignn, and thtnekLl tiou be continu.' 1 in enid puijtr once ia eoch irtfc sJxmcosMiTe wtk, or that he cause rtio(L order to be pnsonally wrved on the said .í Jeannttt A Wira, at least twenty dy1 beiooii time abovc prwjeribed for her appcnrADH. : Dated, Ann Arbor, March lth, 18T2. K. BEAHAK, Circuit Court Connniusionn I.ICOwG WaalitenwCouiity,Mi(. Commissioners' Notice. JTATE OF MICHIOA, CountT of Wulitmtn -' The undsnigneel, haring Iwen apixHotul fyi, Probate Court tor said (xunty, Commismonentoft ceive. examine and ndjust al] claim and dtmiaW all persons ntiiiist the estutc of Jane Bnjp, ki of aaul county, deceused, hereliy give notkctkttí montlisi fwm date are allowed, by order ot uid P bate Coirrt, for creditora to pivsent tiwir eüiri ngainal the eai .ite of n.iid deoeaaéd, uod thuttierrir mi I it the office of (.'liarles H. Wnllncu, ia tlKtitip Of Saline, in Raid county, on 'Sutuiday, th {ntis.nd dayof Junf, and Snlvilay.thcUentyhièf ofHepiemb r next, al ten o'dork a. m. of twbtt mi iuv-, tu reoeive, examine, and idjuutsaidcUiiB. D;iied, Miircli Jlst, A. 1) 1S72. EVEREÏT B. CI.ARK, AI.llUtT M. CLABÏ I3f (■■ I 1 1 nüuafem Êteal Estafa for Sa'e. STATE OF MICHIGAN, ounly of (, In the mittt-rrjf the Ettateot Hufiu Kotfir, 4.' cca-((i. Notice is hereby giv?n, that ia puríinotoí 1 : ■ .: ■ granfc 1 to unlcr iníil, P'wrairiioí tí e tn oj'" snitl deesa-seJ, by the ii'r.i. JulsreoiPpibiie forth.fcoun y of Washtcnaw o i üiif!jittmit)idT if llaroli, A.'I). 1872, wülbisoMrtpiikSemi. l:i-, ï i --i hif'iest bialer, a t:i. - tt dirofiM Cour [Ií)msi i i theci'.y of Ann Arwï,'wHetowy of Wroatcnaw, in said stjtte. on TneVl.'Wfrti dayo;' May, A. IJ. 1S72, at on? o'iJotl ratkealM no in of that day 'ailUjet-t to all nriim'jrtfis .' m friu'ajre or-otheiwïso existing at the of t deuth ol said il c :i-:. the fniiowlnt: rletttital mi estáte. 1o-w,t : Themu'h foriy rolsia ïridth!' we1 li-ilf if the southoast qunrtel' of swiifla tbinyionr. i:i to-nolüp two .o-Jtli of rulKC fiT ut ni Btutèf i:orit-iini:iLr twonty acrw more or les: : liffK lmlf ol' the nortlwnsl fractionnl qnirta d nét three eontaininir x r-throe acros o cast liulf of the northwest frac ionnl q'itfa o(l seeti in tliree sixty-threeRttepiwinirii; and tl.e west half of the poutheast qiaitcr of mmíjp; lkn thvee [axciptini; the twelvc acres hcie'ofcn to James Ptfrker] cbilt.inii; sixty-eiht ufrjuwa li'Ra in township thiee south of range fl eat 'a tt Slate. Dated, March 18th, A. D. 1371 LAMIKA KXIGHT. HARIIIKT K.VIGDT. 136(1 ' team INCOME AND SPECI4L TAXES. V. S. Aksistant ApPEfison's OTIKt, 4lh Divinos, 3d Diit. MïK. A.nn Ardoi!. MarthHAnnual Taxea for 187a I mn now rendy to roeeive income return fuf lrand Apccinl Tox [1. loense) returns for IBt WJJ pnrpoao of ficcommoilatins? Tux I'ayers ofthMDi visión, which tonsists of tho Ccmntv oí WnihHM I win lx' ut the office of Knex-h Yoet, Iq.. H'3" storcj in the CITY OK YrSII.ANTI, On Momlnys, the ISth and 2áíh dny of Mrt, 1H IX THE YILI.A iE OF JIAXOIESTÍB, At the l'cople's 13an!i, Wednsday, the ÏJthöi llurcli, 1872, in THE VILLAOE OF SALINE On Thursilny the 2Ut day of March, 1872, ittta of C. 11. Wullnoc, Eoq., u tlie VILLAOE OF DISXTER On Friday, the 22d duy of Mnrch, 1972. tthc A. IJ. Crane, Esq., and at the üunkiiíSuffi" 1'. ll;ii!ier, l-SHj., in the VILLAGE OF CHEI.SEA On Saturday, the 23d day of Murt-h. 1S7!. rt Tax paye in the several purtsot tliis J""rjL do not wish lo cörnc to Ann Arbor to m1'l? Ineome or Special Tases, can ni:ike theK"1 One of the noove mentiond jilucef. .J í fniling to make returna by the timo reqttind W will be lmblo to bo nssessed üfty per cent, P""H in addition to the proper tax. . .- K. ' HAV.UY, AMistant Au W6iwi ____. (jü QG IWHATDÜES ád,Zd!iTiii; This qneeüon ha been nsked raany Ö" ; and om; of F.rin'8 son snid, " It wonld Uke" , ented mon to teil tht." Bnt lt aai' " I COLBV, who hto for the last threc J t partner In laree wholesalc home In ■ ' ' and lthough the terrible flrc of M' that city in niins, he etill livcs, and lik BARNABY'S CBOW, tiever sy die, bnt ha opened a toe slMk o :lean GROCERIES, rt Na. 29 SOUTH MAIN & betweeu the fasliionable Üry Good Stort ion & G tt, nnd the y.nmmoth Hardwi'1 Lcwis C. Elidoü. I wlll say to cMt""iVgi Artor and eurroundiug countrj-, thit ■ (irocericw, ProvlKion, CrockerT) ware, nt low Usuro for C .h or reflír P1' „ 1 alw.iy3 pal Cash Down for Good.. nd ■" , lor Ihem whcn dcllvcrcd. Do cl " trust you, even if yon are worth mlH'0"1 BIT I WIM. SEI-I. eOOES LOWER TH' MAS CAS W UO TARES ÏUEDIT F0 r All kind of Produce Uken in Fh"i'Cllo4 -i lelivcred In the City freo of charge. KEADY PAY CUST0MLRSl md eramine m; gods. I will SHOW YOü Altoos rith the rrpntcst of plcannre, n lf 0 , „i uy.Ipromi..cjoIwill not look "V ulncinniite lo BonrdinK Huuses utt ■ r tho ign of the 0. D. and V Big 20. Murch Kth, 1ST2 _____ L-- - _ " "T GotoB.W.ELLlB&COj forstrictly Pure Digs " Mediciaes .PaintOi


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