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Jobbery In Federal Buildings

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The ccoiiomy of the Grant lulmiuistration, so admirably illustrated by au expenditnre on the Vongremonal Olobe of ?4l57,869.09 for the first two yeare of Mr. Grant's term agsinst $270,318.87 for the samo purposo during the eight veara of Lincoln aud Johnson, is agaiu demonstiatedbythecost of public buildings fioiu 1861 to 1871. From 1861 to 1868, both inclusivu(excepting 1805, for which no figures aro given), it olfloially appears that $1,859,412 were expended oa the erection and furnishing oi' United States custom-houses, post-otKces, and courthouses, and for the same purposes for tho samo puiposes for 1860, 1870, and 1871 the sum of 7,513,207, or something over tour times in threo years of Mr. Gnint the amount oxponded in oight years of Lincoln and Johnson. Of courso it will be said that Lincoln's four years included thu war time, when work of this kind virtually ceased ; and we niay therefore leavu the expenditures of Mr. Lincoln's time, $204 304, out of the question. We have then a cost of $1,590.108 in the years of Mr. Johnson, no figures Leing giren íor 1805, against one of $7,613,207 in three years of Grant. W'hy this enornious iucrease of 500 par cent. 'i Purhaps it maybc said that on Mr. Grant's term Toll the bordea of rebuikling or repaiririff tho ruined or injured custom-houses and post-oilices of the South. It answers this to s:iy tbat the only places South in which custom-houses, &o., have 'baen built orropaired in 1869, 1870, and 1871 aro New Orluans, Mobile, Charlost.. n, Savannah. Petersburg, Knoxville, and Columbia, thu entire outlay being bnt $646,000, or ubout one-twelfih of tíie total exaendilures of the kind during Grant's ad ninistratiou. Tho faet remaina without defenoe that the ereution and furuishing of Fedoral buildings which oost but 1,ïOn.000 under Johnson have called for L7,600,000 nnder Grant. Why tho inr orease of $0,000,000 ? -And why the astounding item of $0,500,000 in addition for the same purposes in tho fisoal year ? Is it not patent that the military ring at Washington is jobbing the Federal juildings as Tammany jcbbed the new Court-house V - N. T. World.


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