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Tricks Of Wedding Present Givers

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A New York letter to the Utica Observer has the following : Tt is said of weddiugs that a new way of making bridal presents has buen dúcovered, aml one fair bride at least, hatv boen enligUti'iK.d regarding "the tricksand tho mannors" of wedding gucsts. A newly made wifo, having had a ïnultiplicity of salvcra given her ou her wedding day, claimcd the privilege usually aecorded to tho recipiënt ofsuch f a vore of exclumgiiig whatover duplicatcs slio might possess for &í whích she stood in greater need. Witk tliis end in view she repaired to Tiffnny's one day with a diiplieato salver and raade kuown her wish to exohange it. "What was her surprise, howcver, to aea tho .hopman glanoo suspiciously at the and deny thatit had ever been purchased at that establishment. "Wherodid it como from, then? " the lady askod somewhat indignantly. "Doubtless from soms dollar store, madam," was the candid rcplv. It woa in vain that tho ludy assertod that suoH could not bo the cuse ; in vnin thatsho oaDed the suopman's attention ■iD-tho elegant cuso beaiing TifFany's own ttade marie. "That ïuakes no differeneo, madam," ho replied. " Thero is a groat demand for mr emiity casos ibis season, and this is probablytheuse to which they were put. A Ealvcr likc tliat can ho purebased for a few dollars un any of thoavenues; wliei-oas, were it tlio genuiuu artirlo, it would oost a hundred, and tho fancics lunas tho credit of lxna Jidc gift, if it is sent in one of our casus." Tlio bride probably left Tiffany's satiderand a wiser woman, and it is equally probablo that anotliür "wedding guet" was shortly made to "beat bis broast" with mortification and chagriu.


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