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The controvorsy on thia subjpct lively at Oswego, N. Y. Xho Adsertüer publishes a letter from an euraged parent which is good enough to copy. It is as follows : I have read several piccea in your paper latoly, and I don't know whether I agree with thom or not. I do not claim to bo miich of n judge, butif this object System is all right I am for it. Otherwiso I am not. At all ovcnts I don't comprehend its boncfits - not fully. Still it may be a defect in my oarly "develop ment." If 60 I would like to be '-devoloped." If my little girl comes from school and tells her niother she has 24 baekbones, I a.m amused at tho attempt to teach anatomy to a girl of aoven. But it' I ask lier to spell Oswego and she begins to puff, and splutter, and blow like a porpoise,. I am slightly liuzzled. If I ask my boy of 8 -what he fias loarnod to-day at school, and he tells me that glue is mado of oíd groase, I say wonderf ui ! What a Btart that boy has got ! TIow wonderfully ho has developed! Then, when my boy of thirteon reads an artiole in the evening paper about something which occurred in Halifax, and I ask him where that is, and ho locates Halifax in South Carolina, I am considerably disgustcd. Thon, if I go and ask him what zone South Carolina is in, ho says : " Wo haven't had zones." I wonder why ! When he comes home with bis monthly roDOrts marked high in arithmetic, I am very proud of him, and look forward to. tho time whon hc is to becouio a profound mathematician - a great engineor, perhaps. But when his cousin from the country makeshim a visit, and I wish to show off the superiority of our "systom," and give him a sum to do, and fiad out, to my dismay, that he doesn't know a thing about a fraction, then I'm mad ! When my boys can toll me nll about 1 woodpeckers," and "mammals," and "climbors," and "birds that p#pch," and " birds that wade," and "birds that gwim," I am doHghtod with Buoh profiuidity in one so young - but when hu ooines home at tho end of the term and Btends ü6 in snclHng, and 42 in arithinetio, and 50 in writing, and 39 in geography, and 70 in drawing, and, on inqiáry, I learn that ho must stand 75 in oach of these studies to pass, and, therpforo, is put back a whole year, then I am madder than over !" Steamed Potatoes.- Potatoos aro much moro nutritioua and palatablo i f they are properly steamod than they ure boiled. Wash them clean and place them in a steamer over boiling water. If the pot ;itoos aro of a good quality, the secret of having them mealy and palatable is in steaming thetn rery rapidly, as without a rapid condensation of steam and deten - tion of steam in the steamor by a close lid, tho potatooa will bo hard atid appear not to be done, howevor long thoy havn been oooking. They ghould steaui until tho sliïn fracks, and a fork will casily penétrate the center. If not to bu brought to tho tablo soon, thoy should continuo to stcam until wantod, as steamed potatoes becomo eolid much sooner than boiled ono do.


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