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ALortgugu Sule. DBF M"M" having condltions oi ti morttfntre xecu ■ ;. Daniel KênVaud Biartha K-n1 tO 8l ' . iliniiiistrator t' thfl chtiiteoï Honry W ' . . .;. bear] tw 1 --f April, A. 1. lftOS, tuu] Kêonld in ths oiüot; ol the Decds lor Waaktanaw COUII ! . ï r 1 a (;ty of A}ilil, A. I ' ■ ■ gnget , mi page 7K;, by whic'n deul1 tne power of . morí therc ia claiiued t be duw at tb .mi of two huudrcd and forty-seven dollars ánd nixty cents, and Itwf-ni -'.i r dollars as u a as piovidedJo s.ii' ! !■■■ i DO -int 01' 1 l:v UI i:i chs11 been indtittrted to recover U10 debt seeuiod by salti moxtgage ov myy purt thi Notice htberefore, I by virtue of Ihfi power of ■ - - ad of the atétate in tuch casi' mode and providocL said mortpapc will ivo foceolosed on Battirday, tho Bioventb riay dj "■:. j n .... trt ten o'clotk i noon r hal day, t the south door of tlie Court 1 ; ■ pily of Ann Arbnr, in múd counly uf Waahtfinav . ■; l Court House ueingthe 1 1 t '■ ■ of holding the Circuit itiiirt fox aald I ■ ■ tle nt i'wifkiü1 uncí on to the higheat bidd s iloscribed in said morton] ■ , remibus ara e m ■-l in saidmori ■ e follows, vis: AU thosc oertain pieces ox pateéis 01 land situatéd in thocoimiy of Woehtenaw, in tho stut e of Michigan, described as fbUows, via: The west twenty-üix and fovty-.-ix fcundfedthn acres oJ the north woat quurtér of the northweel fraotiona] quarter of section aambei foiir, and two acres of land in the northcast corner . of rtccïii.m tiw, hing het ween the mili pond 1 aad the poctioji lino, all 1 stag In UranühiptMiDtüei1 ' toree sotith of range Hombei toree casi rigbtand of flowiug so much of the nortlif't;' 1 flve iifoiysikï aa may be ovetflom ( the tfab p at the don on the (irst (lfiicriLcd purcel thiiteen feet j also the tuutpart oí lot nirmbcr fonr (j; in block number thirteJn (13J, in thevillageof Syfran in the oounty of Washteuaw, and State oí Michigan, . plat trf paid tHIom, bouiujed iiii't aoscribed as foUown: boundedjcmü iti bTthaeos! üneofaaid lot,, runmng tlicnce WKt 011 the north lino of said loi: llLtynitie feot, thenctj aoatll to ;i BOint on tho aonUi liae oí' j hJA lot tit'ty-six f bet west lioui the s';ulÍi:íÍWc(jrner of Raid tot, theiHv, ooftt to 1 I tevnex of sivid lt, duid ctescrïbcd paroel being thaftme land convéyedto snid Dante) Kent by Beckei Pratta&fl wifoby deed, (lAted Uarota Bth, A.. D. lC3. Ann Arbor, Blidi, Feb, i-'l:. 1872. S1LAS H. VO ÖIAfiS, Adminiatrator oi On Batoie of Henry W. Welles, Feloh & Ghant, dcceiisud, Morttrrtseo. Attorneys i'or Mortgngee. 135] Mortgage Hale. DKFATJLT having been made in the comlition of a mortgng'ecxocutofl by J)avid Ue'Forest nnl ' annDeForest to PbüipBuch, boiig Uatethe20th day of NovcmUr, A. Í). 1807. nnd rcoorded in tho office of the Ilegistcr of Deedji for Waahtenaw eonj Michigan, on tlie 221 dny of norember, A. D. Í867, inlilmr 30 of mortugos, on papo BW, and duly a aijjncd by said Philip I , by assignmont hearing dato Wie tliinl day of Muy, A. D. 1870. and rocordodin theoffioeoï t'r. Deorto fwr Waenton&w county, on the 7th day uf Muy, A. D. 1870 in lihcr 2 of .-isMnmentsof mortgagB, oti page 5] 1, by which defoult the power of b tle cootained Ïin Mid mortfffl ■ ' ■ ,:i1ive, on which mortffase thera u claimwl to be doe at tlüa date the sum of three thouaand ttve hundred and thirty-five dolíais, and iifty dollar a m AtUiruoy ft;e aappovided in said moitgage, and no suit qx proooodiDg ut. Inworini'. :i" béeninstituted tb recover the debt seeured by Boíd mortgae, or any part thereof ; Notice ie the .1, tnat by virtae of the jkwci" of nulo ooatained in aid mor(fti{ro, and of the sUituU in guch case niade and provied, sriíd mortfruKP will bu foreoloaod on öatarctóy, Ütt twentyscvenlli duy jí April nut, at ttn o'olOGB in tho foreiKHtu of thai ilay, at the soutli door of the Court House, in tbo btyof Aun ájrbor, in Boldeotmtyof Washtenaw, [said Coui r, House belug tlie plac oí' 1h;]i1ih'.' tlie Ciroail Coui t Í01 wrid county of Wnshtenuwj, by ï-aic at public uuctiüii, to the hiftheet bidde, of 1 ribsd in Bftid .ïiicli ■aid nuxrteaood premiere.decrlbxd iu suid mortgage as foliowB, via: All the folowúig described pieceé oflándi aftnated in the cáty of Ann Arbor, Waehtenaw county, JUiohigan, via: coattnei tno internoction of the south line oi with the eiMt line of Divif-ion Btrect, in Boid city of Ann S Aibor, and Tunning east on th ■■■■ of-North strret about two hundred feei lot] e ' ;■.■ holic Church lot, tJieiM-fi Kijut h five roda, LI I paraUol to Xorth Btreel to División Htreet, thence north to the ■;;[■■■ oi bf.i;iililit!ir. A nu Arbor, ih-h. Jan. SOth. 178. ESELAS IÍ. DOUQIA8S, Assignce. Fkih Sc Grant. Attoincys for Aftfugnee, ' Ï369 1 - . ■ - - 1 - ■■ Chancery Xotice. STATE OF MI( HIGAN. The Circuit Court for tfce ( uunty-ef Wtfahtenaw; int haiicery. M.i;v E. ÜOVE] :., Comphunact, j 11KNHV i';.'(ovKïj., Dcfendant. ) ii Batüfvètoiily oroearing to thia Court by :■. that the di-fLiiilaiii, ilcr.ry E. Coveüia not n resulent of thift Stilte, bul iesitïen in tlie State nl [owa, on m motionoi Ülina P. King, Holicitor fot coxñplainJe uorderedthal the defendani ■■.,■■ " bc -r ■ ■ Ihree mbntïu fi-oin the Saté of fchia ortié-r, uif.l ihiit incuReof nu appearance be causehia vnswir to the cnmplaiaant'M bil) re be flïed. and n copy thereof lo be wrvod on ■ I tant's Solicitor witbin tw. 1 ee of a copy of taid bUJ of oomplaint tfd noticooi Lhitjorder, ana in dcfauH tliereoi thnt the anid tU taken as conieai ad by the aid dofétidant : And i tiat witbin 1 twen t y daya the suid coraplaii , Uiia order to bb puhliöhed ii , n uewa1 in wild county of VVrtehtenaw, and thoi the publtCAtion continue al m k for i:; vree. ■ ■ . , ■ ■ .-. ■ ordei' to be peraonaUy sta ved on tl fendant aco rding to the ruli 5 an ; practii : oi this l'ourt. t Dated, February 2Oth, 1 a. BRABAN. f Circuit Cou ioncr, Zina r. [Clnq, .. Connty Michigan, kinant'a Solioiior. ncery Ko1 QTATE of MierriGAN, Fourth .Tnoïdd ('inuíí: . O InChancery. Bui the Circuit Court - for the county of Washteuatr, in clmncery, whorein ath;in II. AV'lieelor is COinplaiiiant üir.i' Kliinbeth Wheelcrisdefendantt at Anu Arbor, thia ttrst day of ■ Majen, im. nroof by affidavit that the above named del ,■. and j. ■■■ . .i] i he ' uta oJ ■ . a ct Nlm ■ . ; lainant, it: ia orderad thfti said defendantoau ■ ■ ■ lobe enti m the dttti) o! thJR order, and in defanlt thereof thal tin bül of coa . - ■-;! : ca uic b Baid der udimt ; and it ia fmther ojvlered that vrithin tii-i:i ■ l;iys said camplniuunl canse n :.'%■ of ih]g "i lert ) '.'■■ ptiblished in t)ic ." .!, va paper printed and ptfoti I Cnn Arhor, in si vi !-.!'■ !mv., himI ttuit aich pitl'Udttion bc coutinued once in cach 1 v, ■ ik. . ia72, J. ■ "Tier, Nxkds ft C&akx, Waalitennv Cumity, Micli. tjQl'rs. for CompVt, Sheriff 'a Sale. STAT' OFMIOHIQ Üf.oonnty "f Wftsfcjtewnw, h=, !$ƒ of one execution, issued out oí :md tin dei the s&al of the Circuit Court for oountyof Wusht: -nitw, State of Michigan, dntcd the tii '-a of Murch, A. ]. 1872. ana tq me directed and dclivc1-:!. afftfinsi t lic kooqs, chaUles, taitds nnd tenements of David L. $atosf 1 did, on the ftrsl day ot' BLarebt A. D. 187a, scize and ïovy upon all thonght, Utleand interest that David L. Oatesbns intheioïIovïtij; dcsciiljed real t'üto, to wit : The ea&t twciitysoven ïois ín width of the south sfxty-one rodstn lengthof i hc wett half ol the aouthwesi gtuarter of seotion nux&bor two, m township No. two south in rango six eAftr, oontrttültt"ten acres of land, bq the Húne moré or test, "whton above dosoribed huid being nitunte and lving iu towoship oL A uu Ailior, county of Waahtenaw, and State of Michigan, which íitnd i i&nll expose for snlo, at public tlie hijíÍMfst bidder, nt tho BDntib door ot" the Court üouoc, in tho city of Ann Arbor, on the l(th dny ff April, A. J . 187}, ut 1 1 u'cloik a. w, 1 f a iid ttay. Dnted, Ann Arbor, Viureh. Gth, A . 1. 872. UTKOM WEBB, Hhcriff, 13G-Í By JoiiTiN PoEBEtí, Under-SheruL Estáte of Luther Boydon. QTATB O BI 10HIGAW, C Eitenitw, fw. 0 Hotiee is heroby uiVLn,t)i;it by anorder-of the l'robatoCouri i"r the County oi ■ made on the fiftli dny of March, A. l. 1872, UW ïaoutha from that date' wem nllowed fot ereditors topresenl thoir olaima ñgainsf tiio estáte of Luthar Boyd lato of said county, deo 1 . alJ creditors of Brtitl deceascd areTeqTtircdtoivretseni their claixaa to said Probate Uoürfc, al the Prowte- tífico, in thcOü ; A nu Arli'if. for Qxaniinatioi] and oJlowuncfi) on oz b fote thefifthduv of September nest, and that such claims will lw honrd befbre said Probate Cdurton Saturday, the twooty-flfth day of May, and on Thursday, tho flfth day oi September ncxl, at ten o'dock in the fbrenoon ofenchofthoa Dated, Ann Arbor, Mnrcli 5th, A. I. 1R72. UIKAM.I. BBAKE8, ia01w4 Jodge of i'rol.ate. Conimissioncrs STttice. STATE OF MtCHIOAX.Oountyof'W' The undereiffned, having been nnpointed bj the Probate Cour! forauid eounty, fomr 1 receive examine anfladjui -'t deuHndsoi all persons against l)w ejstato of Bdwwrd S. lïooth, l:i'r of gfti . ised, licrcb;v I hal sixiaontl ftana as ■ .-v ollvwed, by order af said l'iuimn1 'ouii, for creditors to preeent thcir olainis against the cstnte of said van that they will ïmvt at the offioe of Goorgc C. Page, in the villAgo of lexttT, in fail eonnty, on Saturday, the eighteenth day of Muy, andón Thuredny, the-üfü itemext, attonocloci v, te. of eaoh oi snid days, to 1 ir. .-.!■, 1 ■. ■unirle, and ndjnst said olainiB. Dntcd, March ótli, A. 1). 171'. ■ ÜEOKGEC. V. . 1864w4# ALKXA'll-.!.p D, rii.VNK, Commiasionen. Estáte of Philip Eidinr. STATE OV MICHÏOAX, County of "WMhtemaWjfts. ■ 'm heréby fuiven, that by an order of the Probate Couri (br uie Ceuntj of Washtenaw, made on the eixth day of Maroh, A. 1. IS72, six montha from Oiaj dat were ftllowed for creditors to 1 .-rti-nt tinir claims against the estáte of Philip Eidii iid countyj id that all creditors "f said deeensod are required to present thoñ' elnims to soul l'robato Court, at Uie i Office, iïi fch ityw Ann Arbórfor examinatïon and rll')-.v;.i,ii'. on or befare tlie sbctfi day of Heptember next, and that such rlnims wil] be heard before said Probate Conrt, i1 Saturday. tho twënty-fifth day of May. and on 1" liduy, tin ÚXth day of September n :t. at i o o'clock in tflie fbrenoon 01 each of those days. DAted. Ann Albor, March 6tli, A. I). 1S72. II1KA-M J. REARES, MHv,4 Jndgeol Probate. Estato of "VVilliam A. Ñowland. STATE OF MICHIGAJT, Counij ofWashtonaw, ss' Notiw? f liereby given, tnat by an order of the Pro1 . (e ( f!l,i : for the bountyoiWasJitenaw, oxadoou the fourth day of Mnrch, -. 1). 1S72, ix montfaa from that date wei nllowed for creditora to pruaent theirclai ns ngainsthe estáte of Wiliiam A. Kowland, iateofaaid county.deoi ied, andthai all creditora oi baid decoused are ifquired ■ ■ 1 ir claims tomi : tlie Probat Oflfl 1 , n the ('ity of Ann Arbox, for examination and aUmTAnee, on ■h 1 ï : 1 - of Öcptt mot ■■ n Nt. and that will be heard beforoBud Probate Court, on Paturday, the twenty-flfth 'lay of May, and .-n VVedneBdny tne foorth day 'ï September nexi , at. ten o'cU'ok in fercDooo oi ench of those days. D ited, Ann Ail or, March -lili, A. D. 1872. . , U .!. i-,;.. ; ISG4w4 Judge of Probate. PÜY8IC1ARS' P8ESCBIPTI0SS LOÖir&AVÈTiY AND C AREFTTLLY PREFABED BY ! R. W. KLL1E & VO.,VRUOGIS1S.


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