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Eeal Estáte for ÍSale. STATE OJP MICHIGAN, countyoí Wasbtonaw, s. In tho matter of esUté of Pöüy G iven, that inpursunntf m , AdliiiliifitliH ui1 ül' by Éne Hon. Judgeof Prothe coanty of Waahtenaw, ou t ï ■ ■ - twelfth i..y pf Febrnary, A. D. 1872, thew v.ill hv sold at ublicvendue, tothe r, at tho dwulling inaftei described, ín ;onnty i i , ou Satniday tli lay of Maich A. Ij. 1872, atoneo . ■ ymortgftgorothorwise existfng at the Ij, the following de 1 -wit: Thaensf half of the southwr-st qnavter and the uortl otion fcw im-, ■ :he cast part of tho wi i birtst quar ter oi said ;'i:i ton tweul j liall ot the northwcst quarterof Becion twenty-aix, oqntgining ■ moro or le&s ; half of the i ■ ■-■, linty-nine. oonteining tMbt-y neres muro or m townhip three Bouth of range three east Dated, Febuor; I2th, .. I. 31872. N J. ROÏUSOX, 1S01 Administrutor. 3í;il Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Wiwhtcnaw, sa. 1 ii ti.i mat U-r oí the estáte oí Samuel i!. I B. Tborn, Lewú J. Thora, ttbenezer ÉL tfaryThorn, Eupheniin Thorn, AliceTharn, i horn, miujxs; sutia isheteb) - that in pöfaóiincé oí anofdS jranted tb the ntóofnaid minors by tho lion Jodgeol i l.euounty of Washtanav, ,:i the eleventh dav . ■ ; . ;. there wrill bc gold ;it public venduc, to tbe highesl bidder, at oii the premises hereinafter descrïbed, in tho coanty oí Watóteñaw, in said State, ou vjuil. A.. D. 1872, it ten oxfóck In the forenoon of tbat .;iy, (vubjsct to all encumbran . ooxotberwitoexistintfat thofiine of jale, a&d .. ïgbi of dover widvw of Charlea Thora, d, the following described r Lowit: Tlinndivir1d eigltt-mnths [8-9) of eacb oí i he follöwi ibed pareéis of land. viz.: Puvt of lot A or liTiSionof the souUiwc-st ffaetional quartnr ■ oreren, beginniag at the mitbouat corner of sftid lm a, running aouth une degree and tbirt] mintbirteen eliaJnvtf&A two links to n ataïéin Lmeofsatd ]L A, thence south eihiy-iiinc had tbirty minotej webt twenty chaia thirty-eiffht ünkM to a s!:ike on tfe -wart ïme of naid scetion wven, thenoe aloiig wid line QDftb enedegretf .. : j i L t wo linS , -■.-■olio con) r, tb owealang tberpiarter line DOi-thaihty-nine and thirty mniutes wt tweaty chaina and tiiirty-ont; link to tlio place of beffinningt containins ■ ix and &0-100 acres. Also íut A, or west subdivisión of the Dorthweat fraeflonal qtiartcr ot" snid aectiuu sevcn, contuining cighty-unc aLd 6frHQ And also of tho south jxirt of the west part of the Mrathwcst íracíioiiíil quartor of se il forty acres ; ixll in townsliip four aouth oí' range thxee ea-st, in said State. I, Ftbruaiy Hth, A. 1). 1819, 13(J1 SA BAH C. TilORN", Guardian. líoal Estáte for Bale. JTATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Waahteaaw, 88. J In the matter of tbe estftte of Jacob IIíiusít, 'aroline Hauser, tud KUzabeth tiauBcr, minors: Kotice i hereby given, that in puisua&ce of nu order rantcd to tho undersigaed, Guardian .i the éstate o minors, by the Hon. Judgeol l'nji.itcforthecuunty of Washtena-vf, on tií twelíth duv of t'ebruary, A I. 1872, therö wiU be sold at puolio Ten lüe. to the li door of the (ourt jEEouse iu the city of Ann Arbor, in tho county of Waata tenaw, in said Btate, on Wednesdav ihetcnthda of April, A. 1). 1812, at ten o'ctocli ín the fcrenooi of thatduy, {subject to all enouxabvancos by oí or exisüng at time oi orí bfl of each of tho fnllowi ii land, to h I ■ eet wid eight, nm the sou : ■■■; tvide af tí üiirty feel Long of lot nino, in Miwk six, in Browp . era addition ty the öjfcy of ..mi Arbor. m county. Datwlj February intli. . T. 1872. 1362 ,.-k LBER-, Guarfian. Real Estuto for Saïc STATE OF 7U fflÖAN, County of "fraabtenaw, m LuthemHttw t tojeovtate of Daniel B. Green deoeaaed, Notioe is ncreby given, that in puratianc of an order gnuated to tho underw i trator Bou. Judge o Probate for the Oounly . , ■ L'ebruary, -V. l. :■■; I ieol atPabliö Venduo, tothe higbet bidder al the dweU iaghouac on tbe premisea berernafter uf Wháhtenaw, in said Vatui Bixthdny ri April, A. D. 1872, atone o'eloc to all enmun the tim of thedeathof said deceased), th lollofríagdi ate, ío wit: 'i tu west balf of the soutiiwet qruarterol -■■■■ Ion eight ; tho east half of the east hul of Beetion sevou; and tb r Of Ui-' tiirthist quarter of the sQnthvefl rof scction twehty, in townnoip throesoath o rango thive en oontainiug one hun ■ foi ■ y . . lïatdf Februaxy Idth, A. D. 1871 :■. n Í.RPEB, 1362 Admiuiirtiutor. Kstftte of John Brewer. CTATI-: OF MICHIGAN, oounjby of SVahtenaw6i i At u - üion of t! ■ ; ■ uní j o itiaw holden al tho Probate office, inthecit of Ann Arbor, '■■. tíaturday, tin twi Dly-foui'th day o February, iu the year onj thdüsand eight hnndre veuty-two. . . i ! . i : ï in J, Beakes, Jude oí Pn In the matter oi Brever ■ Ung the petitíon, doly veri Wiliiam v. Huzui-d, Eeoutontoffefa ! and directed to oanvey to hini oertain rea , -i Aai q( r. apon it ís ordtrtsl, that Monday, the ■ doy of April next, at ten c'dooV i tUo fwcnoon, be aaigned foi ■liií de ■ to 3.' öj Ani Arbor, i mae, if anj I ■ by th . th petitioner shpuld noi begranted: And it is furi tiee i( tho }er .-.■ or Buid petition ami i be hearing tí n of, ■ bis oiader to 'u., a nowspñpcr pri: ! i ■ lin ty, fouz miooei rorioBfitosuwMiny erf beia eopy.] ■ L3B, JaUir Probate. vate of Jacob Beu tier. STAT F, OF Miei; EGAN, ' unty oí R i ht aaw, se Ataseseionoi lüeïrobn i ■ itit Oi Wasbtenaw, holdei at the Probate otüce, in tbe Oily ■!' Apn Aj ..-i, on ' .farcli, in the yeat oiM tlRxuaunjdfiqgbthttndteaMid seventy-t '.vu. Present llir.-iTn J. Beakes, Judfrc of Prol jale. n the nutUer of I I Jacob ltiutlci-, de■ :; t ï. iding and fUing the petition, dnly vcriíied, oí VliclioeJ lit.'.i., praying that Jobn Geoi! Andrés, or n, oiay be ap] oiñ i ministrator oi theestal i wedi ïhereupon it orderad, that XuesUay, the ;y of April nrxt. At ton oVín:' in the foréaoon, boaaaigned (orthohenring o ,and tbat ihbheirs aE law i I - orhci ■ . are required to tppeai al a m aion of said a tobe holden bu Öie 1 i' y ol Aun ArboV, aixl ise, if auy thére be, why wie pra - -ltionor shonld i ' : And It isfurthel Baáá petitioner giw w persene odency of snid pi I iin!. and the hearing thepeof, by cauednga copy of thia nder to be published in the imtu, u news,:nl circulntiag Lnsald Couuty, three . v.-i'i'ks previou t4 ■■■■i-l day of heavinff. iMl:..M jr. ÍTuclge of l'inlüite. Estáte of William C. Church. STATKOKMIfHltJAN. County of Waslitenaw, =e. Ata -■-' Probate Cotirt for the County , holden at the Probate ' HHce,in th I k ï Ann Arbor, on Tuceday, the iU'.h ituy ol Murob, n the year oiie thousand eight bnndred and sey■uf y-two. I'rosent Iliram J. lïeakcs, Jutlg'e of Probate. ■ matter of the C8tate.of Wiliiam C. Church, n, duly ycrifi'xl, of lymg tbat a eertafn 1 Hein tbia Caurt,. purporting to bv tbc last .vül and teat'ameat of d, nmy bé itdmitted ; probatei and that he muy be apptdatcd solé Exccuor thi ipon it i. ordefed, that Tueeday, th .- Iriy of April nvxt, at ten p'cloek in the formioou, ft fot tliolwaxtegof aid petition. and that the i ■ and ii al bm of said ctaeei 5T other pi.T.-on e, are required bolden, ktthe Probftte OÜice, in thaJCity of Ann Arbur. and how cauBO, if any ihoro be, why tlie nrayer of the n'titioner should not ne praotedi And it ia fnrthex r gjve notice to the perons int ' tho ])end.iicy of aid petition, and the lioarin Üm Lafng u opy of this order to be published in uie Mn}i:x, :i i printen tüoft i'uculatm in snid uuiiiy, three sueoessiT wevks previoui to said day of lenrinv. oopy.i 1IIUAM J. ÏÏKAKKS, 1364 Judge of Probate. Estáte of lilecta Munson - minor. iTATIi()FncniGAN,ConntyofWaphten:iw.PH. J At a sassion of the Probate Court för the Countj f Wüslüonaw. holden al tbe Probate Oftlce, In thn !ttyof Ann Arbor, on Sátordny, the twenlji :' orlh aof F(ibrii:u-y, in the yoal ouc thousand ci.;.t undred and sevcnty-twn. Present. Hiram J.lïeake?, Jndgcof Prohatr. In thé matter of the Estáte of lilecta Muueon ïinor. OureadlDpandfillngthe petition, duiy vorifiod.of lebrón Hnrdi Qu ora tan, ptayfnj; that he inay h 'oi-cii to eell ojriaiQ real estáte belougiiií to ■i i! tntnor. Tbereupon ït Ifl ordsrea that Woüday, the litjb day i" Maren nrxi. ai ten o'cloch lo the ►reuoon , b ftsslgned for tho hearing of 9&ia peti on, and tbat the neit of kin oi Mld minor, nd fill other persons intereetcü in Btid estáte, ro pequlred fo uppear ::i o sesslon offlaid ( ken to bc holden at thcl'i-bnte Office, in tneOIty ol on Arhor.Miul show canee, il1 any l In-re bo.whytie rsyer of the peUtloiïer shonld nol hr prnntctf:- nd it Ufwiker ordoratf, liiaisaid petUlooer give otice to the ïifxt óf Wn ol sald minor, and al] t tier penons Intereetod Ln ia i r the ïndency of said petition, and the hearing thcroof,hy m&inpacopy of this order to bc pnbïished In the 'ichigan Argut a newspnper printen and eiren 1 ft tl ng Bald County, three snecessive weeks previews to liddByofheaflüg. IIIHAM J. UEAKBS, .py. .r.ideof Probnte. t3UStd Eral Estáte for Bale. 1TATB OF MICHIGAN, tronntr ol W-'-Amnw, ra. 5 [n tbe matter of the Östateoi ' orneliüi eceiie pil : Notiee is hereby pi ven, thut ii nursvance ited, Administra)rof tliei ■ the llon. Judpe i probate for the ocrani od VV-BshtenaWiOntheelcTntb day of Mflrch a. j. 1872, tlicre will be BOld at ubïie vendue, to the h r, ai the dwelling I ■ (■ m rïbed, in tlu uftsday, tlie ie tíiirtietb dy of Aprfl. a. i. is;-.1, at ten oVlovk in ■ ..',. encumbrnneee j mortgage or 'otherwwe e: ■ binieoi ene eath ' I tlie folios I rea] itate to-wit : The vesi baU of the southveet f r of w etien tventy-three, la I iwuship one wth of , eontaining eighty acres more or less, bate. Pntcl, March llth. A. P. 1S72. I3G5 WILLTAM BVBKJB, Aaminisirator.


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