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The First Carpet

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I was once very much amused at an inecdote an oíd preaohex told oí himsulf. It occurrcd some sixty or sevcnty vean ago. lío liad beun Taised in the backwoods, andknew but littlo of the ways of the world. Having been adniitted into the Conference lm was sent to a circuit, mul un a certain occasion was invitad to diñe with a wealthy man. Oarputs were not nearly so coraraon theu os thcy ure uow. Most peopla had tlicir floors scoured very clean, and nico white tand sprinkled over them. Sornet.imes an extra touch was raven the floor by sprinkling black sand about in streaks and figures over the white. This wealthy man with wiiom the young preacher was to diñe, however, had aearpet, but it was not largo enough to cover the floor, so there was a naked placo all around the room about tho width of a chair. It was the first oarpet the preacher had ever scuu, and he thoughtit would not do to stop on it, so he took a seat near the wall and drew his fuet arouud on each sido of his chair, so as not to touch it. After awhilo a servant carao in, and spreadiug down a pieco of linen in the iniddie of the room, placed the diniug table on it and began to set it. The preacher was greatly troiibled. He did not know how ho was to get froni tho naked placo whero he sat to the pieco of linen on which the üiIjIci stood. Hoknew he eould easily juinp it if ha had a fair chance ; but how ho was to manage with the ehair between his feet he did not know. Bijt then tho thing must bo dono in sonie waj' ; so, wb.en ilinnor was sn. nouniiod, he aróse frorii his chair, aml sunimoniiig all his énergies, he mado, a desperate loap, and to bis great joy He made the trip in safetj. - Pacific MethOdht The Radioals claim that tncdisaiFoction of such mea' as Schurz, Sumner, Trumbul and Tipton is of no consequeucp. Porhaps I uot ; but of that the future will teil,


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