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An English writer, who has latuly visited this country, s;iys : " There are two kinds of public gardena inwhieh the Amenosas soeuied to surpass us immensurably, viz., p.irks and cometerles, lt i aniazing to wituess tho grandeur and oxtent of frur paiks, aud to hoar of the vast -HB1}' xpend upon thein, while Uu-i:JMWius aro ag far before any thinTive seen in Europa aa the tomb O Ií poleoa ia the Inva i les 'u befoio ono of tho oells iu Pere-la-Chaise. I was dolighted to soo suoh noblo parks in so yoang a country. Thoy augur well for public gardoning there when the nation ih&ll have attained groator developinent. "Iu most civilizüd countries cuuiuteries are sotuotimes so disposed that they boar some rcsemblance to gavdens ; bul in Amurica they are so large and park-like and so well-plautod, that they aro reallv public gardens of a liigh class. In Ciucinnati they havo recently inado a great improvement by causing all the boundaries oi' the lots to be hidden undor the turf", and by not allowiug more than 0110 slab, or monuuieut, to each ownor ota lot, on whieh tho names of all tho persons buried in it inust be iuscribed, if they are to bo inscribed at all. In this way tho unpleasaut eíFccfc which resulta írom covering a large extent of ground with thousauds of monuuieuts will bi in a great measure removed, and the designer will be able to get a very happy, park-liko efteut, and quiot, green lawns hure and théro. "The Central Park in New York is truly niitgnifieent. There is not niuch line gardening in it, rightly, I think ; but iu point of design, it certaiuly is much better than aay park vo have in London. "Tliero are in many places nice, quiet breadths of open grass, aud I uuver anywhere saw so many great broadths of pic turesque, natural rock erop out ; fortuuately these have besn pruserved, and OW offer the finest position I know of for planting with rock-shrubs and Alpine planta. One thing seams a inistake - tho making of many bridges over roads, with a view to separate equestrians from pedostrians. This is thj most expensivo and needless crotchet I have ever seen. In the Bois de Boulogno and Ilyde Park we havo a far greater nuinber of oquostriuus, and no such. thing is or ever will bu nocessary. " The uew park at Philadelphia, tho ltiverside Park noar Chicago, as woll as the great St Liuis Park and Prospect Park at Brooklyii, aro all very noble oues. This latter, with a grand prairio-sweep of open grass, is especially wtill desigued si, nu: of tho approaches to this uew and large park aru very broad and dignifieel, and tho whole is truly worthy the great country. If othor American cities go on in this way, Europe will soon be left behiad in the matter of public gardens."


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