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Easter Eve In Moscow

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Qn Enstur Evo Moscow buooiues qoii I very carly. liy nino o'clcxk tha Btreete apty, and there is lmnily ;m üvoatchiek to br. h , 1 tho usual prioQ. TKe nigbt is perfeotly Uiu-k, and but fow lights urs seen in fhe wiinUu's, na we start out ;ibout lialf past eleven for the Ki-onilin. [n the ereat suaro between the óathedrala Wefiadauxass of " silcntly wiiitin;. Iuside tUo chni which ivo alao E kyeï c two is siiid, ar.d then all ra itill. 1 the towcr of Ivan Veliki otter viow oftha soene, gr n way up tho wincling stairoaao. A foW minutüs more aud tho dook strikes twulvo. A violont trembling o the towei tolls us that the grent bell is struck, thougli we Loar lio bond. Iustantly every bell of th four aundred ehurchos of líoscow begins to i! í-? joyl'uUy r.nd rapidly; a hundred camión bobm out from thuTaiuitzky tower. As if by magie evory spire and domo is illuminated, a circlu of lights is seea abont every church, and the linea of light aloug every streot make Moscow ín t blazu At the same moment a procossion of elergy and torch-bearers in thoir most brilliuntgoldand silver robes, with choirs, incensó, and banners, makn tho circuit of overy church, walking over branches of cvergrr on that have baen strewn iri the way, and sining tho E'aster Hymn : - " 'iirist ia :u it;n, ig ariirjn from tho dead " The square of Kremlin is now as light as day, and. we soo the Metropolitaa - a licurty, halo old iu;tn, longtiirieamis'siohury tnshöp in Siberia and Alaska - in his niagtiificerit robes, with his train-buarera, his cross of crystal, and incensé 8n'(} can3 In; goes about the ' öathcdral of the Assumption. At th nearest churches we can also distirictly gee the processions, Vnit in the distahci they secm merely a train of glimmering 8parkg, We descend agaiil to the square, and every onc rushes into tho chnrch to light his candió, and kisses hú ricigb,bor th'reo times, saying Ghritios vósíres - Ohrist is arisen ; to which the roply is returned, Vo is'inc voskres - Ha is arisen indeed. In tho Cathedral theru is no.v n surviue butmatins, ihe Grand Masa being at seven in tho morning, so ton through the iüuminiited streeta t: somo oüier church where Mass wilt fjllow tho mitins immudiately. Small earthon dishéa oontaining a lighted wiek ftoating in meltud tallow are plsced on each of the low posts which are the detestable substitutes for curb-stones in thu Moscowstrsets, so.thitt the shadows are all cast npwards, producing a singülav but beautiful cfïoot. The smoke and sincll are rHsugreeablo. Tho churchosare f all, and all around them are servants with dishes of Ojjgs and othfir entables peculiar to Qaster, waiting to have them blossed. The bella are everywhore ringing violently and joyfully, aud the fari get from the Kremlin, the louder arathfftonea of tho " Assumption,'" oí i!. It was curious that when wo Btood in tho Kremlin square and saw tho bell stiuek, we lid aot hear separato dirided alrolccs. Tiero a low, dcof. united sound, not at all disagréeablo,' wliu.h S'.:o:aO'l to serve as a backgromut tor :i!l the othor bella. This bell weighí sixty-i'jur Uns, aud ia tho lirgest in tho WOrld. Tire most fashionable churches on great ■ Univereity, tho privato chapéis ui tb áe belouging to the P'.ace and to tho public institutidns. . go to the Widowa? Homo, which ís jusi iniiv the rcndezvous of tha most select ar - y. Tho matins havo already begun, and tho salqons - for the chapol is si:i:ül, and few re there bosides the wiiiows - aro full of Lidies and gentlemen in full evouing dross, all htHding candles, while the priest and deacon mako a tour of all the rooms, exclaiming Chrixtox f o which the cpfigrogation ; !imo they come from the sanctuary thoy h;ve on ncw robes of a different color, and the choir-boys sing continually the Easter Hyiin. When the matins ar,a over tho candios 'are blown out and hatóï-' ed to the boy who oomus to receive them on a silver salver, and every ono kissej and congratulates liis f.nnily and frinnds.' There is but a brief intermission, and tho mass thon commencos, though tho crowds in the suloons continue laughing and talkLng as if tht:y were at a rout. W stav, heie ti!l v:o have co'ngtatülated 'all 'o'irf acquaintanoe's, r.'nd theh go to the private


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