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The Monopolists' Triumph

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The United States Sonate yesterday vo ted to repeal thoduties tea and coffeeThe vote stood thirty-fivc for repeal and thirteftu against it. Only nino Domoerats voted on tho qtrostion, six of whom voted tor ropeal, aud thusrecordod themselvos as protectionists ; namely, Cooper, of Tennessee, Davis of West Virginia, Goldthwaite of Alabaraa, Kelly of Orogon, Norwood of Georgia, and Vickers of Maryland. The Republicans who votcd against repeal are Amps, Conkling, Fenton, Hamlin, Movrill of Ycnuont, Schurz, Srinan. Trumbull and Wright. The jfoie was upon an amond'menfrto tho Shrïuau uiil, aud uot upon tho passage of the House bill to repsal these duties. There is still hope, therefore, thatit will not beeome a law, as the House m ly now have an opportunity to reconsider its action. The worst feature of the vote is that it was taken directly in tho interests of the Êrivate nionopolists and speculators. 'uring thedebate in the morning, Mr. Morton1 questioned tho Senators froin the manufacturing districts rh relation to the profits of special industries among their constitnetrts, and. tiie answers wore pointed appealï in bchalf of corporations that depnnd npon Icgislation fur their dividends. As if to prove more distinctly that the repeal of the duties on tea and coffeo was in the interests of tho nionopolists, Mr. Sherman immcdiately announed that, as this would reduco the revenue soino twenty millions of dollars, the bill would havo to bo araondod further, bo as to prevent the conteinplatod reduction of the duties on cottons, woolens, iron, steel and niaiiy othcr articles. The object of the proteclioiiists is to reduce the revenue duties so as ts mako it appear neecssaryto niaintain high duties on protectsd articles. But this pretenco has no forco with those who understand the subject. MV. üherman has confessed that hedoes not - litiint il II il it. Tho revoDuo of the country mili be so largely in excess of tho rtqjiiremrnts, even if this rednetion were made, tnat a niuch more thorough reform of tbo farilf than Mr. Sherman ha proposed may still be carried out. The vote in the Senro yesterday was t.ho most direct surrender toïhe nionopolists that eillier tho House or Senato has yet mado this year. It meang a tax on the peoplo to increaso the dividends of private corporations. The revenue reïormers in the House of Kvpresi'iiratives ■wno votcd for what the demagogues cali "lie brt'akfHht -table," may now havo leisure to repent, aud tlioy should tako thu fitst opportunity to correct their error. Blit however this may be. they must not allow "free tea and coffeo" to intertere with the plan for ubolishing the priirate bountv svtem whicli onc-uoiburs the


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