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How The Minnesota Germans Feel

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Tho Minnesota Frie Presue, an able and innunntial (ierinan orgnn, has a lcading editcrial undcr tho hoad : "President Grant - shall wc re-eleot him Gr not':"1 The question is answered most decidedly in the ncgiitite. The Fríe Prense says: "Wliile r.-u ackno vluílfíc the military acliic-vcniciits of President Grant, and would gladly have him caaaigned his tonner place in the army, yet wc are not prepared forand will resist uny atteinpt of plaoing him at the hond oí' tho oxeen tive power of the nation for per iod of iour years. And if tho ehampiong of tho Prosidont, and he himaalf viily instigated by their fo'fishnc;, ponitf ia li'e re eleetiou, and by lliis nnd the Kepublioan pfttty aesundor, thoy must not blunie ua if we do not folli)v theú nerous and anti-Republican course." Ihe .- Mgaee atlcngth and with ibility in favor of the ono-term princijile. It suysfche party in power has "played out" as regarás ideas, and that persons and persoualities have usurped their place. It I snys furthor : "We shall not, under any eiroumstiinees, holp to ro-elot any Prosident foi u sticoud term." This dot'oction fvom Giviiit of oiie of the ablust Oennaii papurs iu thu State, is auggestive of th i chango that is goiug on in tlie niinds of a very large elumunt of the Kopublioan party.


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