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An Incorrupt Judge

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" Whilst tho King was staving at Hyèrtw," Joinville s-iys, " in order to procure horees to taKohim into Fr.i'ice, the Abbot of Chiny made him a present of' two palfreya wbich were wortb quite 500 livres, ono for himself and the other for the (úeen. When t!i: abbot had made this present, he said : " Sire, I will come toinorruw tospeak of thintfs whicb concern me." Ou the morrow tho abbot retarne.l ; tlic King listeaed very attentively, and for a very long time. When the abbot had taken leave, I went to the Kirg and said : " Sire, if you will allow me I wiah to ask you whether you have not listuned moro graciously to tho Abbot of Gluuy beoauae he guvu you those two palïreys yesterday 'i " The King reflected for soine time, and then sai(ï : " Yes, truly." "Sire," said I, "do you know why I put this qaeation to you I'" " Why? heaskedme. "Brcaose," I auswered "'. wam you and advise you to forbid you Bworn councillors, when you. oome 't France, to take anything from tho wli have to plead before them, for rost assurec 1 1 1 r 1 1 . if thoy rooeivo anything, they wi 1 sten more patiently and attontivcly 1 thoso who give, as you have done to th Abbot of Cluny." Tuon tho Kin sura rnoned his council, and repeated what ! had said, and thcy told him I had give


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